Chapter 3: Hurt & Jealousy

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Chapter 3: Hurt and Jealousy






"What is it that you need from me?"


As usual, I was welcomed by the annoyed face of Chanyeol who's busy preparing for the drinks of some customer inside the bar. I watch as his hands move swiftly and careful as he put the glass on a tray that he will deliver to the table.


"I want you to do something for me."


His eyes looks at me with suspicion before leaving my table and getting the drinks to the customer's table. When he came back, his eyebrows rise, telling me it's time to speak.


"The man who save me from that night. I believe he's a friend of yours."


"He's not a friend." He quickly replied. If I hadn't known Chanyeol I would believe that he's telling the truth but seeing how his eyes avoid mine and pretending to be so busy, I know he's lying because he knew well of my motive.


"Liar." I whispered and he gave me a warning look before putting a glass of juice on my table which I rejected. "I'm not here for juice. I'm here to talk to you about something and you know what is it."


"You can't bother him Sohyun. The guy already has a girlfriend and you don't want breaking someone's relationship right?"


I was taken a back for  a second. That Kyungsoo guy already has a girlfriend? But is it bad to know him since he helped me before?


"No. It's nothing like that Chanyeol. I just want to know him, that's all. Just help me with this once." I gave him a pleading look just in case it'd change his mind.


Chanyeol shook his head. "He's my friend and I won't let you do anything that will get him in any trouble. He's a good guy. He deserves a better girl and it's not you, sorry."

He said coldly. I felt like being stabbed on my chest. How could he say that?!


"Aren't you being so cruel to a kid like me?" I feel foolish for not being able to hide the vulnerable side of me cause what he said really strucked me.


"You are not a kid anymore. You are old enough to know better and instead of bothering me here, why won't you make yourself useful and stop giving a headache to your parents."


"Hmmmp I should better go. You're not helping." I turned my back angrily. How could he say those words infront of me. Gosh he's so frank, I want to run away and cry but I'm not a little child to do that so I controlled myself before I lost it.


I don't have to beg for his help because

obviously, he really wouldn't do it so I'll be on my own now. I angrily march out of the noisy place and thank God, there's not a

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Nicole121314 #1
Chapter 15: Good that SoHyun is accepting Kyungsoo as friend not forcing to be her bf right away. Good decision SoHyun....
Nicole121314 #2
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SoHyun is definitely a different girl. She's too obsessed with Kyungsoo...
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Chapter 13: Chanyeol is still soft for SoHyun even he doesn't like the idea ..
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Chapter 12: Dohee is making a scene but im sure she's the one cheating. Im sure of it hehe
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Chapter 11: They mert again.. and it seems Kyungsoo is interested to know SooHyun more...
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Chapter 10: Kim Sohyun bad... it's not good ok..
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Chapter 9: Ohmy. Jiyeon will be in trouble because of Sohyun
Nicole121314 #8
Chapter 9: Ohmy. Jiyeon will be in trouble because of Sohyun
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Chapter 8: Im not sure but i like Sohyun standing for herself when she is being bullied.
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Chapter 7: This Dohee might be using Kyungsoo...