Chapter 7: What's Inside Her

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Chapter 7:  What's Inside Her





A middle age man wearing eye glasses is sitting infront of the ten years old Kim Sohyun. She was again sent in to the guidance office for getting caught on act for hurting a classmate. The girl used a pair of scissor from the desk's drawer inside their classroom to cut the hair of a girl. Last time, she was sent in for putting a gum on a classmate she hated but now it gotten worst. It became more physical when the teacher saw evidence of wounds and marks on the girl's arms.


Sohyun held no remorse for what she did. She thinks the poor girl deserved it. She was even laughing inside her head.


"Why are you doing this kid? You are too young and I heard not just once, not twice but more than that! Aren't you afraid of the consequences of these actions?"


"They started it. It should be them you are sending to the guidance not me."


"But you did something awful. You hurt Yuju, not just her. Today another girl named Koeun reported her teachers that you pushed her while she's sitting on a chair causing her head to hit the floor. You should be thankful there's no injury or you could be expelled right away."


Sohyun got used to it. She is always getting the sermon but it should be the other way around. The bad one wasn't her, it was her classmates who bullied her and spread false rumors about her. For weeks she's been victims of their accusations and judgments and now she's just giving it back to them.



One time, she saw her boy classmates writing dirty things on her desk like and sketches that shows underneath the men's pants. It made her want to puke while writing on her desk. After class, the young girl remove the chair and exchange it from the other section. The next day, a teacher was looking for her and she noticed the weird look her classmates are giving her.


"Mind explaining what you did to one of my student's armchair.? Cleanliness is important in this school. Wasn't it thought by Mr. Lee or should I send you to the disciplinary office?"


And there, she was sent to the office and paid for something she didn't do. Mr. Jang, the man sitting in front of her at the present time was the same man who lectured her. It was always him because he is the guidance counselor.


She remembered what happened earlier this morning. It was before class and as usual Sohyun, the early bird is busy reading a book. Yuju, one of the girls who hates her confront her about something. About the thing she hated to hear the most, the time she lost the most important thing girls should protect by themselves that she wasn't able to.


The girl opened up the wound she tried to hide. Everyone knew what happened but why are they being so blind of the reality and she is the only one suffering? She is the victim here.


"You seduced him didn't you? You act  innocent wile the truth, you initiated for something to happen. Tutor my ."


"That's not true." I tried to be calm and unaffected but she still keep on fueling my anger. I can keep quiet but not for long.


"He should still be teaching here if you only didn't start that so called relationship when you two are alone inside the library. You filthy bi-" She was stopped when I slapped her face. Her cheeks got red not from the slap but because she gets mad from what I did. "How dare you." She grabbed my hair and I do the same. I won't let her hurt me and speak to me at the same time, not anymore. Girls like her were the one who deserves suffering, not me.


I remember when Mr. Lee put the scissor inside the drawer of the desk beside us after using it on cutting papers. While my other hand is busy on pulling Yuju's long and silky straight hair, my other hand  went to drawer and

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Chapter 9: Ohmy. Jiyeon will be in trouble because of Sohyun
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