Chapter 6: Confront

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Chapter 6: Confront






"I need to go to the comfort room." I stood up and left the table quickly as I can and walk my way to a door far from the eyes of everyone.


I can't understand myself. I was almost ready to face the war, I just waited for this moment and now, the confidence I build up got chase away by my fear. I went prepared but why did I crumbled down with her stare.


I stared at myself on the mirror and noticed that my lipstick went off so I opened my bag to get my lipstick. Two swipes and I'm already finished. Yeri did a good job on choosing the right color because it looks good on me. Next, I put some powder and comb my hair. If I want to win something I have to look good so I could gain the right amount of confidence.


My smile faded when someone suddenly came inside and stop right beside me also facing the huge mirror. It is no other than her, Kyungsoo's girlfriend who is by an inch taller than me. I quickly finish my business before taking a step when she suddenly speak something making my feet stop from taking another step.


"I like your lipstick. It looks so natural on your face." She said with a smile that looks more like a warning.


"T-thanks...Uh... I need to go." I thought I could just leave her alone like that but...


"Hmm. You really thought you could get away from me like that? I saw you before and then now, having a coffee in the same place. You thought I didn't notice how your eyes stared on our table or to be more specific, to Kyungsoo." She speaks in a calm voice but the tension is overwhelming.


"It's not good to accuse people, Miss." I tried to hide my nervousness and put away the same smile for my cover but I am not aware that she could be so freaking annoying.


"You can't lie to me. I saw you the other day with your friend and I heard what you two are talking about. You said you like Kyungsoo but I'm sure you knew about our relationship. And now I 'll see your face here, in the same place where we're at?! Who are you trying to fool?! I am not stupid to let you ruin something so you better stop now before you'll regret this." I was shocked when she almost shout but I hid it. I'm not scared of her. Obviously, she has some anger issues but someone said to me, there is something more that I should be afraid of.


She face me only to see the smirk on my face. She came here only to storm me with that crap. Who is she by the way?


"Uh. Miss I don't know you or even your name so I don't know why you are talking to me like I did something bad to you.. I shouldn't be here anymore."


She tilted her head and face went closer to mine. Our eyes are only inches apart so I could clearly see how angry it bores into me. "Keep playing pretend but I won't give you what you want. I won't allow it to happen."


"See. You keep pushing that idea and you don't even have enough evidence to point me out of stalking you and your boyfriend. Why? Do you have any evidence to prove?"


The was stopped for a minute but still determined to make me speak. Instead of saying something, I got my phone from my bag and shove a picture infront of her face. It was a picture taken from the coffee shop before she saw me stating my feelings for Kyungsoo.


Her eyes went wide with surprise. "W-why  do you have a picture of that?!"


I look at her closely, the same way she stared at me directly in the eyes before flashing my innocent smile. "Oh this? I took a picture of my friend and you were accidentally captured there with your ma-"




Before I could finish my last word, she pushed me causing my back to hit the wall and she quickly took my phone away from my hands. I wasn't prepared for that.


I tried to get it from her hands but she 's so strong that I have no choice but to hurt her physically by grabbing the nearest thing I could...her hair. She shrieked in pain but also manage to grab me by my hair too. I can feel the roots of my hair being pulled up from my scalp so I tried to match her strength by stomping on her feet. She let go from holding my hair and while she's recovering at it, I took the chance to steal back my phone. I was relieve to see that the picture is still there.


"Excuse me. Dohee what's taking you so long there? Are you alright?"


We both flinch when we heard Kyungsoo's voice outside.


"Uh... Kyung

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Chapter 9: Ohmy. Jiyeon will be in trouble because of Sohyun
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