Chapter 5 : After Mass Stalk

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Chapter 5: After Mass Stalk





It's Sunday. Quizzes are over and now I could invite Dohee for a date after this afternoon mass before she eventuallyleft for school. It's only less time we have for each other because she is attending a different school not from this town and all I can do to be with her is balance my time and study.


It's not easy because I have grades I need to maintain in order to get the results my parents wanted. They expect so much from me since my brother married his long-time girlfriend without even finishing his college and their expecting a twins coming this month. I have to work hard so they would stop blaming him for our families shortage in money. I have to be successful so that I can give my family the assurance they needed.


Sometimes, things doesn't go the way you want it to happen that you just wish you wasn't that responsible son and brother. You wish you wasn't that good boyfriend who will make an effort just to give his time for the girl he loves although he has many things he needs to finish first. It's tiring to have that kind of life actually but do I have a choice to make? I love them all and I chose to 'suffer' for them so that I could pay them with good things.


Whatever. I love both of them. My family, my study and of course, Dohee whose existence is like a butterfly that colored my dull life. Yeah, they can annoy me at an extent but I'm happy because I have them all.


I brushed off all the present thoughts that playing in my mind and instead type a message for my girlfriend whose I'm about to meet later while standing in front of the mirror.



Are you finished? Should I go pick you up now?



Not done yet. Please don't hurry for me. Have your time while I'm still preparing.



Alright, I'll try to look as good as I can.



No need for that. I love you just the way you are.


I smiled after reading her message. It still give me flutters when she says things like that. I wish I could give her all the time she needed to make her happy as what she make me feel right now.





After sending my message to him, I let my phone slipped from my hands to my bed. I'm actually done but I wasn't prepared to meet him right now. If only I could cancel this date but he already put an effort just to give time to me that I really appreciate him to do.


I couldn't stretch my lips up  and put on a smile. I don't  know what to do.I feel like being stuck for loving DO and at the same time, keeping this feeling I have from the past.


After he came back, I thought it was over but unconsciously, I'm still falling for the same reasons and now, I don't know what to do anymore. I know this is wrong but I can't let go of this feelings. I'm stucked.






My eyes widened after realizing that today is suppose to be the day I'll meet him. I look at my phone and panicked after seeing the name Hoya registered on the screen of my phone. He is calling me!


I fight the urge to answer it even inside I'm dying to click the answer button just to hear his warm voice. I  hold on  to my phone, my hands shaking from the excitement that I was trying to stop. After a dozen of rings, the sound stopped only leaving me with a feeling of relief mixed with a little regret. I heave a deep sigh. I know a time like this would come but I'm not ready to face this.


I heard a beep after a long silence. I look up to my phone's screen only to find myself smiling with what Kyungsoo has sent me. His picture getting ready to go outside of their house and his hair is just so cute not to notice. It was geled upward making him look like a smart kid who loves to spent half his day playing on the computer.


I replied with a heart before springing myself up on my bed to get myself ready. I don't understand what this feeling is for but I suddenly realized that I can't lose a guy named Do Kyungsoo, especially now that someone is getting interested in him.






It's Sunday. I'm listening to God's words together with my parents and right

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