Chapter 10: A Day At The Carnival

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Chapter 10: A Day At The Carnival






Lately, Sohyun is being noticeably good on keeping up with her studies that Taeyeon always proudly mentioned to her parents how she was able to get perfect scores on the exams she had prepared. She is actually a good student even before but the teacher observed how she became far more better than the previous activities and quizzes on her class.


Mrs. Park and other maids has also became curious by the sudden improvements. The young lady was also seen praying and doing indoor activities like cooking and taking piano classes with Yeri, practicing her vocals with Chanyeol who plays along with his treasured guitar.


Yeri was happy to see her friend glowing more than ever but to the suspecting  Chanyeol who knows Sohyun better, it was a little out of place to see Sohyun being submissive to orders and vibrantly enjoying the indoor activities. It was just very sudden.


Yeri had known Sohyun for long, she saw the different side of her before and she doesn't want to put any different meaning for the change in her behavior. For her, it is something to be thankful and hoped to continue.


Chanyeol told her Mom of his observation and theory about Sohyun's action and he wasn't surprise to find out they have the same thing in mind. Sometimes, the calmness feared him more because that just means bigger storm to witness so it is wise to always be prepared when the time comes.


Lately, Yeri is more often in the mansion just to keep Sohyun busy. It is very important to see that she's getting occupied with other things too. They watch the movie together and if Chanyeol isn't working, he will hang out with them. It's like the past, a memory of their childhood that is being recalled again. Sohyun is very pleased with the time and effort they gave her like she is someone very important. That's what she always wanted to feel, more attention from them even her parents treat her more like a baby.


Friday night... Yeri is on the mansion doing her homework, her notes scattered on the table infront while Chanyeol is sitting accross the teenager with his legs crossed. They are going to sleepover in the mansion and while the maids and the young lady herself is busy preparing dinner on the kitchen, the two went talking about their plans for tomorrow.


"Picnic sounds good but we've done that many times before. Can we do another else?" Yeri asked as she stop writing for a bit and focused on the man in front of her.


"So what do you suggest then?"


Yeri have thought about it before and she doubt if Chanyeol will agree with her. "How about 'Worlds of Fun'?"


"What?" Chanyeol finds the idea ridiculous. "It's too dangerous and she hasn't been there for years, the last time we went there, the two of you had a  serious fight, can't you  remember?"


"Relax, that was long ago, we're grown ups. I know you won't like it but do you really think keeping her away from the place makes it any better? Sometimes you just have to face the reality to heal an old wound and I believe she's ready for a new experience."


"I said no. Why can't we just go to the ice cream parlor? You two both love sweets right?"


"Uughhh! I don't understand why you're being a ? I don't know if you're afraid to bend the rules or if you're just treating both of us like a fragile little kitten, I hate it."


Chanyeol  crossed his arms annoyed by her words. "Don't use that tone on me, I'm the one responsible here. Use your brain instead and give me another better suggestion."


"Wow! You are freaking annoying me right now, oppa." Yeri clapped her hands as a sarcastic response for Chanyeol being such a killjoy. "I have no other suggestion than going to the carnival. You should've told me you're still afraid of the clown instead of being a meany."


"I'm not afraid of clowns!"

(IT fan here...Idk why but I see Chanyeol in Richie child version, Finn? is so funny! It chapter 2 ending so sad :( R+E = Chanyeol + Baekhyun because they're Exo OTP)


"You were!"


Chanyeol annoyingly sighed letting himself fall on Yeri's trap, now feeling even more stupid for agreeing to just went on with the teenager's idea to go on rides. He feels challenged that he couldn't say no.


That tomorrow morning, Yeri went home after a quick breakfast to prepare for their activity later on and it's also the same with Chanyeol. When the two told Sohyun of their plans, she got excited because it's been a long time since they were able to go outside like this and enjoy themselves.


After a warm bath, Sohyun happily went through her walk in closet while singing her favorite nursery rhyme song in her pink bathrobe. She chose to wear a simple white shirt and shorts that matches her mood and after a simple makeover, she is ready to go.


Meanwhile, outside the Kim's residence parked a red Chevrolet owned by Yeri's boyfriend who at that moment was mesmerized after seeing how actually big the place is. Yeri is on her yellow spaghetti strap top and black shorts with a jacket fashionably tied into her waist. The young girl's hair is parted into a braid and Jaehyun just wears a simple black shirt and shorts which his girlfriend suggested as more comfortable than his normal fashionable cool clothes he used to wear in school.


"You didn't tell me we're going to meet the president." Jaehyun joked as he fix his eyeglasses to have a better look  at the landscape infront of him making Yeri laugh as they walk into the big gate.





"Uh..Sohyun meet my boyfriend Jung Jaehyun. Jung Jaehyun this is my bestfriend Kim Sohyun." Yeri introduce us to each other.


"Hello" I smiled at the man infront of me as I secretly compliment his charming good looks. My friend is so lucky to have a handsome guy like him standing next to her. I'm so envious and just wished Kyungsoo is also here with us.


"It's nice meeting you Jaehyun."


"Same here so...where is the other other one?" He asked as he look around the living area where we are all seated. Mrs. Lee, the cook came in serving us drinks.


"Thanks. " I said before she turn to get back to her workplace quietly. Again, I turn to Jeahyun to answer his question. "Chanyeol said he'll be here after ten minutes so let's just wait..."


I look up to my phone when I felt it's vibration from my hands. Chanyeol sent a message saying he's on the way and he's with someone. My heart leaps up a bit, excitement swarm my heart though I'm not sure if he's talking about a person I have in mind, I hope he is.


I look down outside the big window to find a motorcycle slowing down here. I'm really excited to see who is with Chanyeol but the excitement just died down after finding out that the person sitting on his back is a girl, not the one I'm expecting to see. Her long dark hair being blown  says it all. The good vibes I'm starting to get just disappeared and instead of feeling lonely that he's not here, I just sighed, still trying to get back on my mood.


"They are here." I flatly announced to the couple busy talking about their school activities. They both love talking to each other, I see them really getting comfortable and sweet. How beautiful! And here I am, feeling so out of place.


When we get to the place they said we will go and enjoy, memories of childhood went back at me that I can't understand myself for being so emotional but tried to hide it. I don't know how to describe this wonderful feeling but all I know is that I got goosebumps all over me as I watch

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