Chapter 9: Kim Sohyun

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Chapter 9: Kim Sohyun






"What's happening? What Sohyun did this time?"


I called  Chanyeol to ask him why did he want me to go at the bar where he works and now he said that I should drive to get Sohyun home. She went to the bar again and he can't leave his work so he needed me to go now before anything else could happen and I have to make it fast before its too late. I have no choice, I'm the only she has.


My Dad won't let me leave in this hour so I tiptoed from my room to downstairs not to wake him up. It's already 9 PM. How could Sohyun leave the house in this night? I'm sure nobody would let her leave so I'm assuming that she planned this beforehand, knowing that girl. She had escaped again from her watchers but how. Her parents made sure that she won't escape inside her room. Everything is locked. The windows, the door to her terrace and even the other rooms that can be her passage out of the mansion.


It's against their heart to lock their daughter but it's the only way to protect her. I can understand their over protectiveness that Sohyun don't. I feel sorry to her parents as much as I feel sorry for my friend.


I slowly opened the car's engine and tried not to make any sound as I started to drive the car. My mind is full of worries for my friend. She's been through many bad things, from her childhood up till now, she doesn't stop experiencing things she shouldn't went through at her ypung age. She came from a wealthy family but she isn't secured enough. She still can do things. The more she gained this power to do things, the more she lost herself and I don't want her to do things she might regret doing later on.  Nothing will happen if she'd stay like this.


It took me five minutes to ge to the place. It's a cold night but I wasn't able to cover myself with a jacket because I'm sickly worried for Sohyun. While I was walking by the entrance, I took noticed of guards at both sides of the door. I tried to avoid their eyes and continued walking but before I could made my entrance to the gate, they both stopped me.


"Ma'am, minors aren't allowed inside."


! I don't know what's inside Chanyeol's head when he called me to come here. Of course I'm not on the right age to come inside and stupid me thinking that Chanyeol already have anything under control came here a fast as I can without analyzing things first to make sure Sohyun can get home safely and stop her from doing things. I should've brought my fake id to prove that I'm at least eighteen. What the hell, I didn't think of that and just drove away.


"Mister, I took an urgent call from the inside, I'm just here to get my friend out because she's so drunk and no one can drive her home but me.


"How old are you?" The other man ask me suspiscously.


I look at the both of them with proud eyes hoping they won't notice of my lie. "I-I'm eighteen."


"You doesn't look like eighteen to me." Their eyes traveled from my head down to my feet. "You should get out of this place. You don't belong here." They said as soon as they realize something. I got afraid that they won't let me in and something might happen to Sohyun if I won't make it earlier so I just told what I want them to hear.


"But Park Chanyeol, the guy working inside called  for me and ask me to get my friend out. Please, she's also a MINOR and it's because of the two of you why she's INSIDE." I said the words in an angry tone to send them I'm serious. Who wouldn't? My friend is in a situation that needs to be watched all the time. She listen to her parents when they're at home but when they're gone, she started to hatch her plans. I can't imagine how effortly she planned her escape from her watchers. Maybe it's an easy thing to do for her.


The two men looked at each others eyes. They both doesn't look satisfied with my explanation but they nod at each other before opening the door for me. They have no choice, causr it's their fault anyway why I'm here trying to get inside .


"Be careful Ma'am. We sometimes doesn't recognize minors so be fast and go home right after getting your friend out. We don't want anymore trouble in here so after leaving make sure to never return."


I rolled my eyes when I pass by the entrance. How could they not recognize Sohyun as a minor? Well, the security isn't that strict. I should be thankful, right because I esily got off the hook





The cold and bittersweet taste of the drink they gave me doesn't satisfy me much as I thought it would.vThey said alcohol will make you forget things and turn sadness into a different type of happiness even only for a while and now see what happened, after feeling the liquid enter inside my stomach, nothing  had changed. I'm still me getting bored with the lights, noise and random people passing by infront of me. Maybe I should have some more, a glass certainly wouldn't do me good.


I look around and when I saw that no one's looking at my direction, I grab the bottle I just saw lying on an empty table, no sign and indication of being used. I first just stared at it For seconds, seeing the tiny bubbles getting upward, I suddenly feel thirsty as I gulp my own saliva, excited to drink a bottle for myself.


I poured some on my glass and place the bottle under my table in case Chanyeol will come back. I won't let him ruin my plans for tonight. As I tasted the liquid, a hot feeling lined down from my throat to my stomach. I think this is the right drink for me because it doesn't taste that bad so I sipped for more to have a good taste of the flavor. I drank continously without stopping until the very last drop.


"Excuse me. Can I join your table, Miss?"


I look to my left only to face the man who brings me so much fear and nervousness. This man again?! Isn't he already in jail because of causing harm inside the bar?

It's like all the blood in my body got drained by the shock on seeing the same criminal who tried to harass me and scare my life with the knife inside his jeans. That's too traumatizing for me to forget and seeing how his angry eyes darted on mine, made my knees go shaking. I can't even utter a word to describe how scared I felt by his appearance.


"So after all, it's not a mistake to come here because I see you wearing a beautiful dress, how pleasant."


I still couldn't speak. I want to get away but I couldn't even move my feet to stand and leave him.


"You didn't change a bit, lovely fresh and innocent. I wonder why you rejected me that night when it was very obvious how your eyes played on my whole body." His disgusting words repeated on my ears that I feel like throwing up. There's no way in hell I will think of that!


And then suddenly... I suddenly feels not normal like something wrong is about to happen not just because of his presence but to me as well.


I really want to stand up but my body is refusing me. A strong force is pulling me down while everything in my sight went so blurred that I can't understand how everything moves. The flash of the lights, the music, the people, they all just became smoke of waves and all I want to do is to get away from all of it. Is this the effect of the drink? How fast and it reacted so much from what I expected. Is this how it should work? But why can't I even understand my own movements. And why is everything turning around like a roller coaster?


I suddenly felt his hand reaching my shoulders and pulling me closer at him. Without putting much force, he already have me in his arms, caressing my face,my arms and even the  sensitive part of my body. I wanna to let out a cry but no words came out on my mouth. Even I want to let go, I don't have the strength to. I want to push him and shout at his face for making me feel so useless and disgusted to myself but his grip is hard. I want to run away and cry but I couldn't do anything even how much I want to move. I feel so damn weak.


I lost control over myself as he lean me in his arms while his dirty hands kept on violating me. I feel so ahamed of myself because I can't do anything to stop him, even just a little push.


"Here's the best part." He whispered on my ears before my paralyzed body got awakened by a force. I don't understand what just happened but not long, I feel myself being replaced by  different arms which I oddly feel safe knowing it's not the same man anymore who is holding my fragile body. It feels different and safe.


Even just his face I want to see but I still can't understand my vision.  I'm finding for his eyes but everything just kept on twisting continously before everything went dark.





'Kim Sohyun?'


Is fate playing games on me?


This is the same girl who was helplessly harassed and violated by the same man on that night. I still remember everything clearly like it just happened yesterday. But why? I know it's all a coincidence but I just couldn't believe that it was the same man, same place and same girl and again, it all happened infront my eyes who just happened to find an answer to my questions.


In Korea, it's common to share the exact same name. Everyone can be Kim Sohyun, it's a common name anyway, but all of what happened only made it more suspiscious. I just couldn't ignore of the possiblities that my intuition about this girl could be right and here she is infront of me but now that I know that she's the one Chanyeol is talking about, I don't know how to react.


Of course, this girl wouldn't stage her own . God, forgive me for even thinking of it l

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