Chapter 14 : Sweet Sixteen

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Chapter 14: Sweet Sixteen      
{ SOHYUN }    
“So I cry, and I pray, and I beg Love me, love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, fool me
Go on and fool me
Love me, love me
Pretend that you love me
Leave me, leave me
Just say that you need me”   I was already on my long pink shirt and shorts, chewing the cherry-flavored gum as I listen to a song by The Cardigans playing on the radio. The maids are very busy right now because of the preparation for my sixteenth birthday and my heart just feels so light and warm because today I'm happy to announce that I will be a year older. I always feel proud every time I aged.   Was it because I’m getting near to my legal age or because I like the feeling of people seeing the changes in me? I always wanted to look mature in front of everyone else, someone who can strongly stand by her own decisions without needing someone to guide her.   Well, both can be my reason.   I look at the mirror in front and saw the little changes showing on my nasolabial crease getting clearer and my face getting nearer into the shape that I desire.   Of course, it was a bit surprising, for a locked up girl like me to be able to celebrate this big event in my life with larger guests than expected, I couldn’t help but think about what changed my parent’s decision. Does this have anything to do with the occurrences lately? Was it because they took pity on their daughter for coming up with stupid ideas? Or maybe it’s because they realize their big mistake! I hope that was it!   For me, it wasn’t just a party for my birthday but also a celebration that I needed because everything in my life turned out better. First, Kyungsoo and I are closer now, and second, I can slowly feel my parent’s tight hold loosening bit by bit. It won’t be long and I can explore myself on the years I had lost.   I smiled when the maids came rushing inside my room and each of them is holding a different set of accessories for me to choose from. The dress I’m going to wear for the event was made by my Mom's favorite designer who had been serving our family ever since when I was a little kid. The purple dress cloth is made of satin with small beads meticulously place around the neckline, same on the waistline and the edge of its flowing skirt. When I first saw it yesterday, I immediately made a call to Mr. Jo Kwon to thank him because I loved his design. I even made a mental note to remember to give him something as appreciation for always being so dedicated to his job, I mean, the dress doesn’t even look like it was rushed, aside from the complicated design, the equipment used is with quality.   Oh, I can’t wait for it to start! After choosing the best accessories myself, the makeup artist and hairstylist flocked inside my room together with the photographer team who were assigned for the photoshoot that will be used on my birthday presentation. Knowing Mom and Dad and how they handle social gatherings like this, I have to be prepared even though it would be held privately,  it’s highly expected that at least someone from the media will circulate photos of the event and as the main focus, I'll surely be in those photos. What if they publicize it? Will my parents be cool enough to face the question about the identity of their only daughter who mysteriously went out of the public eye, disappeared and suddenly came back after all these years. Reporters will ask questions and for some people who don’t know my existence at all, they will all go curious about me and someone might end up digging into my past issues. I hope no one would dare to talk about the past.   Everything’s almost perfect but these thoughts get me quite worried for myself, I mean, I'm not even sure if I’m able to handle this. Social gatherings and parties are a time of long ago and to be honest, I’m not confident about how I will bring myself in front of everyone at my event.   When I feel a little anxious or scared, I will call up two of my most trusted friends, Chanyeol and Yeri and luckily, I have no other than them because I can’t imagine myself being friends with other people. Who else should I be friends with when they are the only people I could trust in my life?   I lie on my bed and looked at the two names registered on my phone. To whom will I first talk about my worries, Chanyeol or Yeri?  I pressed some numbers and waited until I heard my friend’s voice on the other line. I decided to talk to Yeri first since what important to me the most, at this moment, is to hear someone’s opinion from a girl's point of view.   “Hello.” She greeted me happily, her voice reminds me of the past when she’s excited about seeing me or talking to me. She has always been so cheerful but today was a lot more that I can sense how happy her voice sounded and I know for myself that she’s genuinely happy for me.   “Yeri I missed you!”   [Oh, didn't we just see each other last week?] Yeri chuckled.   “A week is a long time,  don’t you miss your best friend?” I pretended to feel hurt but smiling with my cheeks shaping into circles. Just simply talking to her relieves all my worries.   [You’re such a sulker, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I'll come over before the party even starts and I have a little surprise for you to see.]   “Really?” I can’t help but wonder. “Oh, I can’t wait to see now.”   “Don’t get too excited. You might disappoint yourself later.”   I heaved a sigh. now I should speak. “Yeri, I know it sounds stupid but I…” I hesitated   “What?”   I took a deep breath, I felt like saying this to my friend would make me look pathetic. But Yeri had known me for so long, I’m sure she understands what I'm feeling right now so saying it all to her would be just fine.   “I’m so happy but actually… I’m also scared…” My last word trailed off then I slowly broke into tears. If I will describe the exact emotion I’m feeling right now, it’s quite funny to say that I’m both scared and happy but somewhere in me, there’s a distant emotion of sadness that only my heart could explain.
Was it because of the anxiousness? I really couldn’t tell, it felt like my heart was blocked with a huge stone stopping all the feelings necessary for a teenage girl that had come to this point in her life where she turns into a lady.   [Sohyun don’t worry. It’s gonna be fine! I’m always here for you and I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you... Don't tell me your crying?]   “Thank you for always being there for me on the best and worst days of my life. I’m thankful that you were there despite my childish behavior, you tried to understand me since the beginning, from all those fights, you’re the only person that can put up with my stubbornness.” The next words became whimpers and cry that Yeri could barely understand what I’m saying but I still kept on talking, not wanting her to miss all the things she needs to hear. Rolls of tissues were already crumpled messy on my bed.    [ Oh my gosh Sohyun, don’t you dare do that, please. What I mean is today is your birthday. Today is my best friend's birthday and I don’t want to mess my makeover.]
  I chuckled still crying, I didn’t even care if my eyeliner is almost ruined. There’s a lot to say with my friend and she deserves to hear all of it.   The talk ended after a while and I throw myself onto the bed to take a little nap before everything starts.    
{YERI }     I went down on the stairs all prepared and ready for this day, and by midway down, I saw my father in his white formal suit reading a newspaper and holding a cigarette by the hands- legs crossed forming a ninety-degree angle. Once he saw me take a step on his front-view, he slowly folded the paper and starts to examine my attire from my head down.   “Dad. What can you say about my dress?” I proudly turn around in front of my Dad whom I always seek advice when it comes to fashion. He's a strict parent which is understandable since I’m an only daughter. A smirk lined up on his thin lips but easily transforms back to his serious face.   “Hmm. Perfect.” He once again fixes his gaze back to the newspaper on his hand confusing me if I should be happy or not to his reaction. My father isn’t very expressive with his words and actions that sometimes I can’t help wondering what’s his thoughts are. He’s a quiet person and only speaks a few words except when furious so I sometimes made him purposely mad for a reason.   “Dad, you are coming with me, right?”   His eyes rolled before closing the paper and putting it back with a lazy yawn on the coffee table. “No.” He just simply answered before living me alone in the living room. I think he doesn’t want me to go too but he has no choice didn’t he. No matter what happens, from the past events, over the times we fought about this matter, I never once give up my reasons for staying as Sohyun’s friend. He doesn’t like it, never liked it perhaps but I decide to protect and cherish our friendship no matter what the consequences turn out to be and my father had no choice. He can be hard and strict most of the time but in the end, respects my decisions and choices.   It’s not just about the promise and responsibilities we vowed on each other but I sincerely want to be the person who will stay by her side, to one day witness how a once stormy day for her becomes the warmth of the sun and I’m sure, that would be one of the most fascinating changes I'll ever anticipate in my life. It warms my heart just thinking of the possibility of that someday when it will all be fulfilled.   Today is my friend's birthday so I reminded myself to stop feeling worried over and over again. Nothing bad will happen. I'm sure Sohyun knows how to control herself more. From those ugly experiences, her behavior worsens from the past years but ever since I saw those small changes and the growing calmness within her, I learn to assure myself that everything’s going to be okay especially tonight on her sixteenth birthday.   I made slow footsteps inside my room to collect some things from the old boxes just under my study table. It was full of dust and weird odor caused by the years being kept on a sealed container where the light won’t enter. Exactly as the old photographs touched my fingertips, I automatically recalled those days of our pure childhood memories. I could only smile weakly but deep inside there’s a sadness coming from the thought of those wasted moments, the “what ifs” scenario that I used to blame myself for how things are right now.   Things can’t be undone and regrets are only a thing of the past. I went back to my old energetic self as I pick up the phone from the table and tell Jaehyun that its time for him to fetch me.
 The party will start at seven but because I want to make sure Sohyun is well prepared for this event, I made some adjustments to be there for her.    
Since the time my parents have learned of the invitation coming from the Kims, I immediately noticed their willingness to prepare a gift that would match her family’s wealth- not just a simple one but my father is too concerned about impressing the Kims so much that he even volunteered to use his savings only to buy a pair of expensive earrings from the town’s high-class store for women.
Of course, I couldn’t help but think of my father's behavior. I didn’t like it to be honest. I know how hard it is to work just to earn money especially from a poor family like us. It wasn’t right to spend that much just for a gift to a friend if, in return, it would cause a shortage on our budget.  My father's salary isn’t enough to pay all our debts, and what more to our daily needs and bills that should be paid. But as always, as a good son, I’m here listening to what I’m told to do because they're my parents and I have no right to question them. They are pushing my friendship with Sohyun ever n since they learned that she came from a wealthy and known family. And knowi
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