Chapter 8: A Drink For The Young Lady

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Chapter 8: A Drink For The Young Lady





Tonight I am ready. I never thought time will come that I'll be able to wear one of the dress Yeri gave me as a gift, a blue dress with a simple yet elegant design that fits on my body perfectly.


"Hello Chanyeol."


"What the-" I chuckled after seeing Chanyeol's reaction. His eyes widened with so much surprise after seeing me standing proudly just infront of him. He can't even utter a single word while the mop he used to clean the floor remained on air.


"What's wrong? Why can't you say anything?" I asked with a small laugh but Chanyeol's eyes are deadly serious causing me to hold my laugh and make a straight face.


"What are you doing here?"


"Can you give me a drink?" I ask instead of answering him but Chanyeol didn't budge. His eyes are still the same, full of suspicion while it bores on to me.


"If you are planning for something, you better stop."


"Don't tell me what to do, oppa. I'm here for a drink." I sat on the table nearest to me and scan the whole place. There's no trace of Kyungsoo but who knows when will he show up. What's important is that I'm here to wait for his return. I didn't mind the unpleasant atmosphere that is starting to nervous me down, if there's someone who will try to harass me or violate me in any kind, I'll stay here until the time he shows up.


"Mr. and Mrs. Kim might not be home but I'm sure they're going to be worried once they found out what you've been doing all this time."


"I said don't tell me what to do, Chanyeol. I'm not asking for your help so leave me alone and just do your business."


"But this isn't right! Where are the watchers? Why aren't they looking for you? This is also my damn business you know. Why do you think your parents will give me this kind of job when they could sent me anywhere place. They have many business running around but they sent me here to this noisy place just to make sure you won't do something stupid again just to entertain your own foolishness!"


I was stopped. Who did they think I am?! A cheap garbage? A ? Chanyeol put his hands on his mouth. He knew that he talked too much. Even I'm aware of the truth that my parents doesn't trust me, it still hurts hearing from another person. It's piercing through my chest and also, I was hurt because of all what Chanyeol has said to me to think that I trusted him more than my own parents. He was someone close to me. I treat him like a friend and I know he thinks of me the same too even though his cold at times.


I manage to hide the tears and act that hearing it all from him doesn't affect me a bit. I shouldn't look weak in his eyes. "You know what oppa, I should talk to other waiters here. There are many of them so I don't need you. Bye!" I can sense bitterness in my own voice but manage to conceal it with a pretentious laugh.


I stood up and went away from where Chanyeol is. He's still looking at me with suspicious eyes that I chose not to notice. I should focus on more pressing matters rather than being affected by all of his hurtful words.








"Hey you." I called Jiyeon who is busy cleaning off the tables.


"Yes?" She turn to me with a wide smile while her eyesbwaiting for me to speak. My eyes blinked from surprise. I wasn't use to this girl looking at me with that kind of pretty smile. It made me uncomfortable for an unknown reason.


"Uh... You see that girl over there?" I pointed at the direction where Sohyun is. The girl is still looking at the bar's entrance to wait for someone- obviously she's waiting for Kyungsoo, who else? For her, Kyungsoo is like the planet she's orbiting around and she wouldn't let anyone share the same orbit. If someone dares to get in between, she won't just push it away, she'll crush it as if hitting an asteroid to the ground. She's not scared even if it will cause a crater to its planet.


"Yeah?" My mind went back to reality after hearing Jiyeon's voice.


"Make sure she won't get any alcohol, just let her drink juice and wine but not with alcohol because she's just a minor."


"Huh! A minor?! What the hell, how did she get in!?" Jiyeon looks confused but I can't explain further.


"Just do what I said. Don't give her any alcohol even if she beg for it or we will all be fired. Do you want to lose your job?"


"Of course not! I'll do as you say even you're not the boss here."


"I'm not the boss but I have the privilege to give you orders."


"Okay fine. I'm following your orders not because you are claiming a higher position than the rest. I'm just doing the right thing. See ya!" Again, she gave me that kind of smile that alarmed me. I quickly avoided her gaze and instead focus my attention to the customers who just got inside.


When I finished serving them, I receive a call coming from a friend, from Kyungsoo. I quickly answered the call. "Hello DO what's up?" I walk away from the noisy place and went to the kitchen so we can talk clearly. It's not too crowded in the bar and not much job to do so I can take calls.


"Chanyeol. I want to talk about something. Can I come at the bar right now?" His voice sounds serious. I look around to check on Sohyun. She's just quietly sitting on her table. There are five glasses of juice infront while her eyes remained unmoved. I can't make him come if she's here.


"Not now. It's too crowded. I have many things to do."


"Oh okay. I'll just-"


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