Chapter 2: Hangout

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Chapter 2:  Hangout







The next week after the incident in the club owned by our family, I was forbidden to get outside and hang out  with my only friend so I'm just in my room all day waiting for afternoon to come because Yeri will come a little later and we'll bond here in my room, maybe talk about something or watch T.V.


I can still do what I want.  I hugged my pillow and took my cellphone to read if there's any messages. I saw one coming from Yeri and a smile form on my lips after reading it.


   Yeri:  Hey! Sorry I'll be a little late but I'm bringing something for you. :)


  Me:  It's okay. What is that?" 


Yeri:  Surprise. 


I don't know but I'm really excited for that. Instead of feeling lonely and getting pissed for being grounded, I took my time cleaning up my room and preparing foods for me and Yeri later. I made juice and sandwich and well, I shouldn't miss her chocolates since she is born for sweets and won't last a day without eating even just a bar of it.


  While I was watching cartoons, I heard the doorbell ring so I stood up and look at the window that is now filled with raindrops. I saw Yeri standing from the gate and she's wearing her favorite shirt that I gave her on her birthday and the usual shorts.  


"Come in." I said upon greeting her by the front door.  When we made it inside my room, she put out her box that contains  cosmetic products and some girly things on my study and of course, I didn't expect that she will be bringing all this stuff in here. Does she even know how to put some? I barely see her wearing make up in school, just her bright lipstick and eyebrows. 


"Is it the surprise you are talking about?"I asked and she nodded enthusiastically.  

"You feel sad so I guess you need a makeover to brighten you up, do yo agree?" She looks energetic and cheerful as ever so I feel like I want to do it too.  


"I thought so too. So..." 


Yeri snapped her fingers "Let me makeover you. Come on sit here."


  I hesitantly went to my study table to sit there and face the large mirror to have a look on my face. I look okay, just the normal face of a school girl without  make up and honestly, I really want a change, a new me that I can be proud of. 


The time went slow as she make me move my head like this and that and then close my eyes.  "You know what Sohyun? You have pretty eyes but if you put on some mascara, it will be more noticeable. You look fine, you just need a little makeover to emphasize your beauty." Yeri said while the brush on my cheek.


She seems like an expert as I watch her hands doing magic on my face.  "It's done! You can go have a look." I look at my own reflection with pure amazement. I felt like I saw a different person, like it wasn't me at all. I blinked my eyes for a few times to look at the changes. Well, it's still me but I looked more mature than my usual face that I couldn't utter any words from my mouth. I'm so impressed with the result. 


"You look like you just saw a ghost. Didn't you like it?"  I slowly looked at my friend and gave her a thumbs up before flashing a smile. "I absolutely like it. Thanks!"


  After that day, I couldn't ignore my own thoughts about buying cosmetics I'd like to put on my face. Since the moment I saw my own self on the mirror, my mind couldn't get that beautiful image out of my thought and I want to learn how to use it so I don't need to trouble Yeri if I want to apply some.


 A week had passed and my parents allowed me to go outside of the house with my friend. Our family car is waiting outside Denver Highshool were my bestfriend is attending.


 From the backseat of the car, I can see many students walking their way pass the big gate of the school and everyone looks like they are excited about getting out while walk

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