Chapter 4: Sweet and Smooth

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Chapter 4: Sweet and Smooth





For the first time in my life, I was introduced to the modern technology that I was deprived of, the Social Networking Site called Facebook that gives you access to people around the world which allows you to post and chat to people you agreed to be friends with.


I just made an account a while ago using my phone because I'm free to do so. My personal maid is not here so no one can tell anything to my parents, no one will check my activities and no one will decide for myself but me. I smiled at that.


It's actully easy to make an account. I don't even have to disguise myself as someone since I know my parent will be super busy to check it. I'm sure they won't find out so I added Yeri knowing that she'll be at my side no matter what.


I was about to type something when suddenly I heard the notification sound which means someone sent a message.


I immediately look at it to see my friend's massage.



Can we meet?


I look around before typing a reply to her.



Of course. I actually wanted to talk to you.


It lasted for a minute before she could reply.



Good. Let's meet at the cafe near the park. Is that fine with you?


I hesitated to type my answer because I'm thinking if we would go to a different place far from our house for someone might see us there but then I remember that I pretended about sleeping on Yeri's home so I shouldn't worry that I will be suspected of anything. It's not like I lied for commiting a heinous crime.


Me: No problem. Just give me an hour.


Yeri: Okay.


I don't have to hurry. I already took a bath when I woke up. I didn't care to eat for some breakfast prepared on my table. I'll just eat when I arrived on our meeting place.


Well, I'm not that hungry but I can't reject to buy sweets and when I see one. It's too tempting just like my feeling for that Kyungsoo guy.


When I arrived, I already spotted my friend with her back facing me. I walk quietly and surprised her by blowing a liitle air on her neck. I want to laugh when she almost scream at me but she realized it already before she could even react.


"Oh Sohyun you're going to give me a heart attack!" She said holding her chest, her face looks red. It's like she was controlling herself not to get mad.


I laugh and avoided her hands that I know would reach my lap if only I'm not fast. "I'm so sorry. I just want to surprise you." I said when I already sat on the chair facing her.


"Alright I don't wanna get mad on you because I don't want to spoil our moment today but promise me you won't do it again, Sohyun."


"Promise I won't." I answered, and her frowning face slowly transformed into a smile.


"Did you already get my order?" I asked when a man in a uniform put two plates on our table with cake on top of it. She nodded at me.


Yeri ordered diferent flavors and she already knew what I want to have. Chocolate is her thing but she ordered strawberry just to be different  and mine is blueberry chees

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Nicole121314 #1
Chapter 15: Good that SoHyun is accepting Kyungsoo as friend not forcing to be her bf right away. Good decision SoHyun....
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SoHyun is definitely a different girl. She's too obsessed with Kyungsoo...
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Chapter 13: Chanyeol is still soft for SoHyun even he doesn't like the idea ..
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Chapter 12: Dohee is making a scene but im sure she's the one cheating. Im sure of it hehe
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Chapter 11: They mert again.. and it seems Kyungsoo is interested to know SooHyun more...
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Chapter 10: Kim Sohyun bad... it's not good ok..
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Chapter 9: Ohmy. Jiyeon will be in trouble because of Sohyun
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Chapter 9: Ohmy. Jiyeon will be in trouble because of Sohyun
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Chapter 8: Im not sure but i like Sohyun standing for herself when she is being bullied.
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Chapter 7: This Dohee might be using Kyungsoo...