[vrene] It's Christmas Now

The day we met (oneshot collection)
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~ It’s Christmas Now, Vrene ~

[Bangkok, Thailand: 9.50pm, 8 September 2018]


“Thank you very much for your hard work,” Joohyun bowed to the crew as she placed the mic on the tray while attempting to remove her in-ear monitor. She turned to her back and looked over her shoulder to check on her shorts, “Is it stuck? Why is it so difficult to remove this?”


“Unnie, you looked funny with this bunny hairband,” Yeri teased the leader while playing with the hairband on Joohyun’s head.


Joohyun took the hairband off and pouted “Kim Yerim, you’re too talkative today.”


“Let me help you,” Joohyun’s dedicated assistant, Sera walked up to the annoyed leader.


“Komawo, Sera unnie,” Joohyun smiled.


“Joohyun-ah, someone had been calling you non-stop,” the lady whispered to the idol silently. “You didn’t tell him about your schedule in Thailand?”


“Did you answer him?” Joohyun surprised and held on to Sera’s hand.


“I basically turned off your phone before anyone suspect it,” Sera turned Joohyun a little and removed the in-ear monitor.


“Looks like someone will have a hard time to do some explanation,” Seulgi laughed at the perplexed Joohyun. “His buddy texted me to complain that man of yours is making a big fuss because you cut his call and even turned off the phone thereafter.”


“Jimin?” Joohyun widened her eyes.


“Yah unnie!” Seulgi covered the older lady’s mouth, “should I give you a mic so that everyone in the hall can hear who texted me?”


Pushing her arm away, Joohun eyed at her assistant “it’s just us here...Sera unnie what exactly did you do to his calls?”


“When he called for the nth time, I have no choice but to answer it and coincidently your manager came in, I have to hung up and turned it off immediately before he gets to know,” Sera explained. “He may agree with your relationship but if it affect you during your working hours, Kim Taehyung is so doomed!”


“I’m really doomed now!” Joohyun pouted and walked into the artists’ room.


Seulgi followed behind before wrapping her arm around Joohyun’s shoulder, “what’s so wrong with hung up on him?”


Joohyun took a seat while taking off her earrings “we promised each other not to do that even if we fought ever since the first heated argument, we had years ago.”


“Why?” Seulgi was curious, she pulled a chair and waited for the elder lady to continue.


“Remember there was once we fought so bad that I thought that’s the end between the both of us?” Joohyun reminded.


“You mean the time you cried so badly till you cancelled your schedule?” Seulgi remembered.





[Los Angeles, USA: 6.30am, 8 September 2018]


“Great, she just hangs up on me!” Taehyung looked at his iPhone X while biting on his lower lip, irritated. He then tried calling the same id again but to his surprise, the phone was turned off “Wonderful, she just broke 2 of our promises in one go within 1 minute. You’re great Bae Joohyun!”


“Yah Kim Taehyung, why are you talking to our phone?” Jimin frowned before handing his buddy the bowl of cereal. “Why are we up so early anyway, our rehearsal will only start at 12pm, we don’t even need to prep anything.”


Taehyung turned to Jimin who was comfortably seated on the couch while munching on his cereal, “your turn, call Seulgi.”


“What do you mean my turn and call Seulgi?” Jimin’s brow furrowed.


“Because he just forced me to call Yeri just now,” Jungkook yawned as he stretched out his arms.


Jimin snorted, “you two jokers, they are in Bangkok now.” Checking on the wall clock, he continued “their concert should be starting soon.”


“Their concert is tomorrow,” Taehyung argue.


“Idiot, is now. Didn’t you check on the time zone?” Jimin brought out his phone where he had set 2 regions timing on his phone. “It should have started already.”


Taehyung was quiet for a short moment before leaning his back on the couch while hugging on his watermelon cushion tightly. “But still, she shouldn’t have hung up the phone. We promised not to do it!”


“You mean that damn promise you made her agreed to when you crashed into her dorm?” Jimin shook his head. “It wasn’t even her fault then when you were the one who ended the call first. You made her cried so badly that Seulgi thought Joohyun’s head would explode. Her eyes were swollen.”


“The time when noona got too close with Bogum hyung?” Jungkook joined in the conversation.


“Yes,” Jimin was still munching his food. “It was all scripted and this idiot can pick a fight with noona because of that, how childish.”


“Come on, I changed okay,” Taehyung protested, “I knew I was wrong to shut her off that way and ever since then I changed. I became so much more mature, I'm learning.”


Jungkook laughed, “is it that difficult to like someone older?”


“It’s not hard at all, it’s all about how you choose to communicate and trust, that’s the most important thing, Kim Taehyung.” Jimin side-eyed at the taller man.


“But the gap between Taehyung and noona is rather big though,” Jungkook said.


“We don’t feel the gap, age is not a problem for us,” Taehyung sighed.


“Well when he doesn’t pick a fight with her over trivial matters, these two are the sweetest couple on earth,” Jimin stated.


“Yah Park Jimin, since when did I pick a fight with her?” Taehyung complained.


“Just how heated the conversation between you and Jin hyung on the choreography, it tells us a lot,” Jimin pointed out, “you could have resolve it in an amicable way. Imagine if Joohyun noona is not tolerating with you.”


“In short, don’t fight over petty things,” Jungkook chuckled.


“Sheesh, I really hate you Park Jimin!” Taehyung wrapped both his arms before his chest, grumpy. Just then, his phone rang both Jimin and Jungkook knew who it was.


“Remember, no petty fights, hyung” Jungkook held on Taehyung’s shoulder.


“You said you’ve changed,” Park Jimin patted on his other side of the shoulder.


When he answered the call, before he could say a word, the sweet voice he had been missing and longing for melted his heart. The corner of his lips lifted up unknowingly.


“I’m sorry Taehyung, I don’t mean to cut your call and switched off my phone. I’m really sorry...”


“You know that’s a taboo for us right,” Taehyung tried hard in controlling his laughter.


“I know,” he could hear her long sigh. “It wasn’t me, trust me Taehyung. It was Sera unnie who answered the call and manager oppa went in right at that time and she was so scared that she ended the call without a word.”


“then why was your phone switched off?”


“Baby, because you called too many times...”


And that’s all it takes for Taehyung give in, “Joohyun-ah, why do you have to be so irresistible, just listening to your voice is enough to kill me.”


Joohyun giggled, “so am I forgiven already?” she said in her usual teasing, seductive tone.


“Babe, if you’re not going to let me feel you, stop teasing me.”


She laughed “so did you mixed up my schedule again?”


“Why did you have to know me so well?” Taehyung his dry lips, his habitual action whenever he’s nervous with his girl around.


She laughed again, “spill it, you must have something to say to call me at that hour.”


Silence filled the gap between them, Joohyun found it unusual as most of their phone calls, Taehyung would often be talkative however, the strange silence made her worry. She wasn’t sure if something bad has happened to her lover.


“Taehyung-ah, did something go wrong? Why do you sound weird, should I video call you instead?”


“My love, I'm sorry for being petty at times, not mature enough,” Taehyung’s raspy voice echoed in Joohyun’s room as she turned off the loudspeaker and placed her phone near her ear, listening to him. “At times I wonder, how different would it be if I'm older than you do.”


“Pabo, what are you talking about? Age was never a problem for us, don’t you remember?” Joohyun voice resonated in his ear. “Everything about you made me fell for you. Throughout the years, it’s all the petty quarrels, our imperfection that have made our love stronger. Kim Taehyung, don’t ever say that again.”


“Bae Joohyun, I love you! Don’t you ever dare to stop loving me.”




Taehyung smiled widely, “So have

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