[jinjin-oc] Hidden Feelings

The day we met (oneshot collection)
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~ Hidden Feelings, Jinjin ~



“Rapmon hyung, you know I respect you very much,” Jungkook broke the silence in the practice room, “but you know very well Yeojin is like a sister to me, you have to stop messing around with her feelings.”


“Jungkook-ah, I think you’ve misunderstand something-“


Jungkook held on the taller man’s shirt and raised his voice “don’t you dare to say there’s nothing between you two. All of us can see you guys are in a relationship. Where’s Yeojin now?”


“Yah Jeon Jungkook!” Jimin stepped in between the two tall men “are you going to fight your hyung for a girl?”


“I’ve said she’s like my sister and I would not just stand still and watch her being bullied,” he shot a dead glare to the shaky leader. “Bear in mind, if you don’t treasure her, there are other people who deserves her more.”


“Just let him go first, Jungkook,” Taehyung stepped in to help Jimin separating the two tall men. “We promised to talk things out instead of getting into a fight.”


“That didn’t happen when you quarreled with Jin hyung,” Jungkook spat, eyes still hard on Namjoon.


“Jeon Jungkook don’t go overboard,” Yoongi got up from his seat.


“Oh man, you gotta let me clear this up first,” Namjoon heaved a restless sigh. “I and Yeojin ended our relationship way before her grandmother passed away. We both ended things in a good way. I seriously don’t know where she went after the funeral.”


Jungkook frown deepened, not wanting to believe the older man “she wouldn’t have hide this from me.”


“Come on, she was all stressed with her grandmother’s sickness, do you think she has the time to tell you about their relationship? Taehyung tried to reason with the youngest and short-tempered member.


“Guess what, I found Yeojin,” Hoseok barged into the room, trying hard to catch his breath. “Jin hyung know her whereabout all this while.”


Jin who was standing behind of the rapper sensed the tensed atmosphere in the practice room. He walked in slowly and turned to s who were looking at him with a rather intense stare. “Did I miss something?”


“What Hobi hyung said earlier, was it true? You know where’s Yeojin?” Jungkook crossed his arms before his chest, waiting for the elder member’s reply, impatiently.


“Erm…you see, Yeojin wanted to have some alone time and space. Since she has a month break and she wants to stay away from everyone.” His voice turning low as the members’ stare turning into glare “she came to me and wanted to stay at my empty apartment during the break. I just respected her decision and not tell anyone…ahhh…yah Park Jimin, let go of me…”


Jimin attacked the oldest member as he circled his arm around the taller man’s neck “Namjoon hyung and Jungkookie almost fight because of this. You could have told Jungkook about it and stop him from going near Yeojin. You idiot.”


Taehyung too joined the fun in messing with the older hyung “that rascal even brought up about our argument during the tour.”


“Why are you all attacking me when Jungkook is the one who started all that…ahh…that’s painful, don’t poke on my tummy, Kim Taehyung.” Jin shouted while struggling to break free from Jimin and Taehyung.


Jungkook sighed while watching his playful members, at least he felt better after knowing his best friend, Yeojin is fine. Before he could make his way to the door, Namjoon stopped him.


“Earlier, you said someone deserves her more. What do you mean by that?”


Jungkook eyed at the struggling member who is shouting out loud for help, Jungkook said “one of us actually had a crush on that foolish girl since before we debut. He just didn’t have the courage to confess.” Turning to Namjoon over his shoulder, he asked “why did you even asked her out if she isn’t the right one for you?”


“Three years aren’t a short time, but we both know we are not the right person for one another. We may be a good companion to soothe each other during hard times but both of our personalities are too dark.” Namjoon said as a matter of fact, “we are draining each other. There’s boyfriend material and then there’s friend’s material. We are better off as friends than lovers.” Shoving his hands into the pocket of his pants, Namjoon said “I know she needed someone by her side now, but she shut me off completely. I hope you understand she needed time alone.”


Jungkook forced out a smile, “friend and boyfriend’s material…maybe that’s why she went to Jin hyung instead of any of us.”




“Spit out,” Jungkook muttered, eyes still closed. He was comfortably resting on the sleeping swing at the rooftop of the office building. “I know you’re Jin hyung.”


Taking a seat on the wooden bench, Jin sighed “I know you are all well-built now, but you could have just asked politely instead of starting a fight. What you’ve done just now, was a mess. Thank goodness the crew weren’t around.”


“I didn’t know they broke up,” Jungkook sat upright from the swing, sounded defensive. “All I saw was Rapmon hyung all cool about Yeojin’s disappearance and it was like he doesn’t give a damn about it. Yeojin never miss telling me anything about her relationship with hyung. How would I know they are not together anymore?”


“That’s when you shouldn’t act recklessly,” Jin said while dusting off the fine dusts on his pants.


“How did she approach you? And how dare you allow her stay in your apartment, you’re so dead if Bang PD finds out about this.” Jungkook said.


“I told Bang PD about it and he was fine with it. After all, my apartment was vacant for quite some time. I don’t even stay there,” Jin explained.


“How is she?”


“She’s doing fine, stopped crying and started eating as per normal again,” Jin turned to Jungkook, “halmeoni is her only family left, she needs time to recover. Don’t worry, she’s fine under my monitor for now. Sometimes, I really do think your feelings for her are more than normal friends. Fighting your hyung over a girl, that’s so not you.”


“Hyung…I never expect this from you of all people,” Jungkook pouted “we’ve been friends for so long and she’s practically Yeri’s sister. She almost strangled me for not knowing her whereabouts.”


Jin chuckled, “Kim Yerim, that girl of yours flooded my phone with hundreds of messages and missed calls. Can you just update her quickly before she starts that again?”


Jungkook laughed, “serves you right.”


“Yeojin didn’t want anyone to know, you know her best. How can I not keep my promise when that’s the only thing left that I can do for her at this point.” Jin said.


“You know very well there are more things you can do for her,” Jungkook turned to the elder guy “Jin hyung, you should have told me earlier about it. I really thought you see her as an assistant and those teases you pulled on her was for pure fun.”


Jin smiled, lightly “you fall in love with the most unexpected people in the most unexpected time, don’t you agree? She’s like a crystal snow that slips through your fingers easily.”




-2 weeks later-


“Care to share some details on your status with Rapmon hyung?” her longtime close friend took a seat next to her on the long couch. “Stop stirring it, the bingsu already melted long ago,” he took the spoon from her hand and looked at her, concernedly.


“Jeon Jungkook, thought you are supposed to be practicing?”


“Song Yeojin, you’re supposed to be in the practice room too, so why are you here?” Jungkook took a spoonful of melted melon bingsu and grimaced. “That’s sweet…” he placed the spoon on the table and looked up to his friend. “So, tell me, you’ve been hiding from us after halmeoni’s funeral and now that you’ve returned you pretend to be all okay when you’re not.”


“Which part of me shows that I’m not fine?” Yeojin shrugged.


“We’ve been friends for too long for me to not know if you’re fine or not. You wouldn’t have hide yourself from everyone if you’re doing fine.” Jungkook patted on her small hand and asked in a low voice “tell me, just like when we were younger. We never hide anything from each other, remember?”


Yeojin heaved a long sigh, “I wasn’t hiding from you all. I was at Jin oppa’s apartment all the while. You knew right, I know.”


“Well I found out about it myself, that doesn’t count as ‘you didn’t’ hide it from me,” Jungkook leaned against the couch and asked “I hope you know, we are all here with you. You’re not alone. We are your family, you’re not an orphan.”


“I know,” she lowered her head, “but the pain is too much for me to handle. Halmeoni was my everything, I knew this day would come but I was just praying for a little more time.”


“Halmeoni wouldn’t want to see you like this, she would want you to live a happy life,” he held on her cold hand.


“I know,” she lowered her head and nodded. Jungkook knew she was holding back her tears. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him and waited for her to calm herself. “I don’t mean to hide it from you, about me and Namjoon. I was finding a right time to tell you.”




“Then why did you quarrel with Namjoon?” she crossed her arms before her chest and eyed hardly on her best friend.


He rolled his eyes, agitated “must be Jin hyung, he told you everything?”


“He said you behaved like as though someone abandoned your sister and ready to wrestle Namjoon,” she chuckled.


“That guy, he exaggerated the whole thing. He wasn’t even there when I pulled Rapmon’s hyung collar.”


“Gosh, you’re not a gangster so don’t act like one,” she took a sip of water.


“I heard that you’re joining Jin hyung’s trip to Nami Island,” Jungkook looked at her “what’s that mean?”


“What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked.


Jungkook frowned, “wait a minute, don’t tell me you’re taking this as a trip he arranged for you to just make you feel better, are you?”


Yeojin blinked her eyes, not understanding the hidden message her buddy is trying to conveyed. She hit on his long arm hardly, “Idiot, you know that I’m not good with guessing. What do you want to tell me?”


“Great,” he rolled his eyes, annoyingly “that trip is an annual family trip which Jin hyung missed it for few years and this year, because we have an unexpected long holiday, his family brought forward the trip for him and now, he’s bringing you along. Don’t think it meant something? Are you that insensitive?”


“Hold on, why are you making it sound like he’s bringing me to meet his family or something?” Yeojin scratched her head. “He did tell me about his family but he just wanted me to have some fun, away from the city. That’s all, stop creating s

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