[vrene] Love Replacement - Final

The day we met (oneshot collection)
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~ Love Replacement P4, Vrene ~


A month had past since the last meeting between Taehyung and Joohyun. On the last day of work, Taehyung said his goodbye to Joohyun and begged for a chance to explain himself once she calms down. She did not respond to his question and left the office building with heartbroken, something she never thought would have happened. After parting with him that day, he kept his promise to let her have her comfort time. Two weeks into the cooling off time, Taehyung began to worry and decided to call Joohyun. Every day he never misses attempting to call her but she refused to answer any of his calls to an extent Yerim posted him a severe warning through Jungkook. Throughout the month, Joohyun was trying hard in searching for a new job but to no avail. She’s not been able to clear Yeonjun’s hospital bills and without any other options, she contacted her past clients; with a heavy heart.




While waiting at the hotel lobby anxiously, Joohyun looked around worried that she would bump into someone who knows her.




Her foot froze on the floor at the familiar voice.


“Is that you Joohyun?” the tall man held on her wrist when she attempted to walk away with the man who came with her.


“Jin-ssi,” she lowered her head. “It’s been a long time since we last met.”


Turning to the man who was holding on the hotel keycard, he needed nothing more to confirm why they are there.


“Mr. Jung, she’s a friend of mine,” Jin looked up to the man who happened to be one of his customers. He reached out his hand to the man.


Bowing low, he handed the keycard to Jin “sure thing Mr. Kim, I’ll make a move first.”


“My assistant will give you a call on tonight’s bill.”


Joohyun couldn’t bring her head up to face the man who once helped her too much. She got surprised when he grabbed hold on her wrist and walked towards the lift lobby. As they walked in the room, the atmosphere became even more awkward for her.


“Breathe.” Jin held on her shoulder. “I’m not doing anything to you.”


She shook her head, “I never thought this is how we would meet again.”


Taking a seat on the end of the bed, he asked “what went wrong?”


“Yeonjun’s condition worsened and I’m jobless again. It wasn’t easy to look for a decent job and I needed cash fast.” Tears escaped her eyes as she explained.


Taking out his mobile phone from his inside suit pocket, he made a few swipes and clicks before handing it to Joohyun, “I don’t want you go back to the past, so accept this.”


“No, I can’t,” she was choking with the tears she was suppressing.


“If I could save you in the past, I won’t stay still and not do anything. You have accepted that in the past, you should too now.”


Grabbing hold on his phone, she keyed in the digits of her bank account with her trembling fingers.


“You should treasure your new life, not everyone has a chance to start afresh and I have faith in you that you can.” He patted on her back before leaving the room.


Her weak legs betrayed her and she fell on the carpeted floor with tears pouring out from her eyes.






Jin halted his steps when someone held on her shoulder. Turning around, he smiled “Taehyung, so much of coincidence today. This world is really small, or not?”


“Do you have a few minutes?”


Jin smirked, “sure, there’s a café nearby. They serve brilliant coffee.”


“But…” Taehyung was eyeing at the lift lobby.


“I can assure you, she’s fine.” Jin squeeze on the younger’s shoulder gently.


At the quiet café, Taehyung did not waste more time and being straightforward to his former schoolmate “who are you to Joohyun?”


“Shouldn’t I be the one to ask you that question?” Jin sipped on his cup of coffee.


“I’m being v

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Chapter 1: It is so hard with distance love , chap 1 is great.
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