It's Fate that's Playing with us

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Never has this cross their minds, he never thought things would turn out this way and she hoped that their frail love would last for eternity, but fate was playing with them. Perhaps, they are fated to meet one another but are destined to end with a horrible ending…


Characters Descriptions


//Kim Taehyung (27)//

Eldest son of Kim Jae Woo, Mr. Kim needed Taehyung to stabilized before taking over his empire. He was sent abroad to have the negative news die down after the mess he had with one of the group’s shareholders’ son and his first love. Spending most of his life abroad involving in business, he rarely gets to communicate with his parents and he always joked with his foster siblings that he looked like a foster child more compared to them. Born with a silver spoon in mouth, Taehyung is an arrogant and self-centered person. He never put his trust to anyone. An accident happened in his childhood haunted him for life.


//(Bae) Park Joohyun (25)//

Often referred as Ice Princess by the media she used a hidden identity in the world of winter sports. The nations of South Korea love her for she continued the legacy of Im Yoona, South Korea’s first Figure Skating Olympic champion after winning gold at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games despite the controversial abduction. Joohyun was exiled to US after a fatal accident. During her stay in abroad, she was accompanied by Jennie whom her father bought to be with her. She is a carefree, strong and independent person. Even with her family providing her financial support, she refused to use any of it and make a living with her own hands.


//Kim Seokjin (28)//

Seokjin is the owner and founder of a well-known publishing company who had published numerous worldwide bestselling titles in US. At a young age, he lost his parents from a fatal plane crash during their visit to Ukraine. Ever since the accident, he left Korea and stayed low profile and away from his father’s comrades. Seokjin refused to be involved in his father’s kind of business no matter how capable he is. He is a warm and caring person. For her, he returned to the place that he once buried all his pain and sadness and all ready to face his fear.



//Chou Tzuyu (27)//

During the visit by a renown chaebol family at the orphanage home, she gave her all to impress them and she became a foster child of the rich family. In everyone’s eyes, Tzuyu is known to be a soft and sweet person. But deep inside, every move she made was with careful calculations. Despite having the love of her life, she never stops pulling strings on her first love.


//Kim Jennie (25)//

Jennie had a horrible childhood when her father sold her off to the black market after her mother died. She was chosen by Park Min Hyuk to accompany his daughter in abroad. Being grateful to her savior, she was torn between Park Min Hyuk and Joohyun. She has an introvert personality and often being bullied.


//Park Jimin (28)//

Only son of Park Min Hyuk and the heir to MH Resorts, he stepped up to the chairman position when his father got involved in a serious legal suit. He loves his mother very much and willing to forsake anything for her. Jimin is a heartless and revengeful man however, he’s lovely to the club dancer who he shares an ill-fated relationship with.


//Jeon Jungkook (27)//

Jungkook grown up to be a matured man when he needed to be ready to take over HS Group from his sick father. Falling in love with the girl he shouldn’t have, he knows he doesn’t stand a chance but still, he stayed by her side and be with her whenever she needed him. An unforeseen accident in the past caused him regretted painfully even after many years have passed.




{Character Chart}



~ It’s Fate that’s Playing with us ~ Foreword~

(27th March 2019, a winter’s rain story)


Day and night, she had been pondering, perhaps everything would not have changed if only she had not stepped her foot out from the house that very day. If only she had listened to her mother’s advice and not meddle on others problems, her fate may not have changed and they would not be separated. Dreams would not be haunting her every night on the wrong move she made then. She would not have met him. But that is, if only…


In her dreams…


She wasn’t sure how long had she been unconscious and when she opened her eyes, she could only see the surroundings pitch-black darkness, there weren’t any source of light in the small enclosed room. Despite her continuous attempt in shouting for help, there was no response. The darkness reminds her of her childhood nightmare. Days later, she finally sees light when 2 masked men came into the room.


She moved back “who are you, why are you keeping me here?”


“Olympic champion?” one of the men spoke “do you really not know how many people out there want you dead? You’ve been eyed for a long time, young lady. Invincible, is your greatest sin.”


“Finish your food and don’t be a hungry ghost,” another man threw the food near her knee.


Trying hard in twisting her wrists that were tied tightly with the cable-tie, she struggled with her futile attempt to loosen it. “Am I really going to die here?” a tear escaped her eye.


With her weak body and foggy mind, she lost count on how many days have passed. Just when she was giving up, a familiar man broke into the room and pulled her up from the cemented floor. She could never forget that distinctive voice he owned.


“Don’t sleep, drink some water,” he let her leaned against his chest and helped her on drinking from the bottle. Cutting off the cable tie, his stern frown shown his vexation.


“What date is today?” her weak and breathless voice angered him more.


“You still want to compete? You almost die because of that Olympics dream. It’s obvious someone wants to kill you.”


“Then why did you save me? Didn’t you want me dead badly?”


“Unnie…wake up…”


She got up with a frightened gasp, “brighten the lights,” her voice was shaking.


“The same dream again on the incident? The first one?”


She shook her head, “second one…maybe because the Olympics is near.” She pressed on her cold sweaty temple.


“Young master dropped by just now, he wants an answer from you.” The girl looked at her concernedly, “you don’t have to do it, you don’t even need their support.”


“But I owe oppa too much, it was my fault…”




All he had hoped for was to live an ordinary life, a life which there is nothing much to fear of. Meeting her, he thought she could change his life and she would be by his side forever but fate was in a game with him, turning his world with a hurricane.


In his dreams…


He never thought it would be this horrible to have a time bomb in his body. After knowing the donor rejected, he finally realized money can never buy you a good health. Pulling up his mask when he coughed again, he looked at the gloomy weather that resembles his life, cold and depressing.


“I’m sorry…”


He rolled his eyes when someone bumped into him and when he turned around only then he realized the girl was wearing a blindfold, hands spread out to get hold on whatever she could reach.


He held on her wrists and suggested “I’ll get you a nurse.”


“I’m not blind…” he turned to her again waiting for her to continue. “It’s just someone I care is having an eye surgery soon and she won’t be able to see for 6 months, doctor said I should feel how she feels it helps to know better on how to take care of her. This is the test corner, are you doing the same exercise too?”


When he looked up at the signage, only then he noticed he went to the wrong area. He helped her seated on the long bench and began his story.


“Organ failure, counting my days. Even I’m rich, I can’t buy that organ from the donor.”


“Don’t be discouraged, I’m sure you will find a suitable donor without using a cent.”


Somehow, he was attracted by her positivity and when she wanted to leave, he held her back, wanting to remove her blindfold.


“No…don’t…” she stepped back when she felt his hand near her.


“How can I contact you?”


Taking out a yellow sticky note from her sweater pocket, she handed to him “DM me on this website but you’ll need to follow my account first. All the best…”


“Young master…”


His eyes opened to the voice of his driver. He dreamed again. But at the very least, it wasn’t that nightmare which he feared most.


“We have arrived, young master.”


Stepping out from his car, he sauntered towards the ice arena. His assistant was already waiting for him at the entrance.


“Her performance is ongoing and she would be giving her speech after the performance.”


Taking a seat at the VIP area, he watched the nation’s ice princess skated on the ice rink gracefully. The music finally came to a stop to mark an end to her performance. He leaned in with both his elbows rested on his laps, he pressed his lips on his clasped fingers; feeling nervous on her decision.


“Due to my personal matters, I’m here…announcing my retirement.”


A smirk grew on his face knowing his plan has succeed. He got up from the seat and made his way towards the exit.


“Arrange with Yuri, the wedding is in a month’s time from now,” he ordered his assistant.


Never has this cross their minds, he never thought things would turn out this way and she hoped that their frail love would last for eternity, but fate was playing with them. Perhaps, they are fated to meet one another but are destined to end with a horrible ending…


Presented by winter’s rain





Hi everyone, I'm back with a new fic after a long there anyone still around? Anyway, I still remember the reason why I started writing many many years ago. At that time I was really into DBSK and Junsu's duet with Jang Riin in Timeless made me became a shipper for the very first time. At that point it was because I love that ship so i enjoyed writing. But after the disbandment controversy, I stopped writing till last year, I came across a fanmade poster of vrene, it looked too real and I didn't even realized I became a shipper for this ship, what bout you? How did you started shipping Vrene? Well, i just enjoyed writing about them and epven there're not that many readers reading my fic, I'm still happy especially when a few of you leave supportive comments for me. 

The original fic prior to this, I actually posted once before ending 'Devastating Love', but in between something breaking and saddening happened so I deleted it. I wondered why did i start writing again and got myself hurt so much. I first got the inspiration from a fic I wrote back in April 2009 (woah almost 10 years ago), typical arranged marriage plot filled with angst with a light hope that fairy tale do exist. I went back to the fics I wrote then and somehow cleared up my mind and found a different direction and here I am officially start writing fics about vrene again.

"It's Fate that's Playing with us" was the title I used when I wrote my first DBSK related fic (this is really a 10YO fic LOL). That night, when I was re-reading this fic, it gave me so much idea and that's how I came up with this new storyline. I'm not sure if this would be as good as "Devastating Love" that touched your heart with the characters stories, surprised you with the unexpected turn of events, but I promise, once I started, I'll not stop no matter what happen or whatever others, looking forward to your support and opinion on the fic... ^^

Usually I can finish a chapter in a night but I tend to avoid writing whenever I start doubting the storyline, so this time round, I may not write super long chapters like "Devastating Love" i might keep it short with more chapters and frequent updates...but I'll see how, cause I usually can't stop myself from writing and every chapter ended up with many pages and thousands of words...

Will see you soon, do share with me your opinion on the foreword ^^ and not forgetting, it's our joohyun-ie's birthday!!!!!! 


PS. Just in case you all are curious how terrible my writing was 10 years ago... here's the link to my favorite fic of Suyin (Junsu x Riin)

so sorry everyone for going MIA for so long...but just to assure i wont abandon this story..just im stuck at home with heavy workload due to the severity of the virus and my office went haywire TT-TT


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