Devastating Love

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"If that's the only way that I could have her, I would lock her inside forever." "Our love is devastating all of us but yet, I am selfishly holding on to it dearly."


Characters Description


//Kim Taehyung (26)//

He became the sole heir to YJ Group due to his brother's only interest in classical music. Taehyung is the second son of Kim Young Jae and Min Hae Sook. At the tender age of 26, he obtained the architect license and became the Vice President, decision maker of the group. Donned with a dark and dangerous appearance, very few people dare to approach him. He is often feeling suspicion and insecurity to the people around him except for his closest friend who served as his confidant and personal assistant in YJ Group. He hides a dark secret that only his mother and confidant know.


//Bae Joohyun (26)//

The only daughter of Bae Seung Hoon, she was loved by her family except for her mother. She was often mistreated by Mrs. Bae but well protected by her father and brother. Because of her family overprotectiveness, it caused her grew up to be a timid and introverted person; easily bullied. Her dream is to become a violinist of Boston Symphony Orchestra but this dream shattered when her family business faced crisis. She is a caring person and a good listener but she never tell anyone her problems which made her close friends worried badly.


//Kim Seokjin (27)//

People around him often addressed him by Jin. Following his mother footsteps, he became one of the main violinists of Boston Symphony Orchestra in United States. Jin is always smiling brightly to the people around him and is friendly to everyone unlike his brother. Despite his father's insistent for him to join the company, he refused.


//Kim Jennie (24)//

An arrogant and self-centered woman, Jennie is the only heiress of Seoul Investment Bank. Born in a chaebol family, Jennie lives her life without any hardship. In spite of her rebellious personality, she agreed to her arranged marriage that was her crush in high school.



//Park Jimin (26)//

Jimin is a warm and caring person. He became a chartered accountant in order to assist his best friend. When his girlfriend won her first international competition, he proposed to her.


//Kang Seulgi (26)//

Seulgi is a straightforward and short tempered person who loses patience to everyone or everything she sees but always dies in her boyfriend's hands. She is a renowned street dancer.


//Son Seungwan (26)//

Growing up with her childhood friend, she knows everything about her but as they became adults the latter began to draw back from her. Seungwan owns a coffee shop nearby YJ Group main office. She is an international awarded barista who shared an ill-fated love with her first love.


//Jung Hoseok (26)//

He often behaved nonchalantly which gave his group of friends bad headaches. It was because of his unconcern personality that caused misery to his love ones.


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~ Devastating Love ~ Foreword~

(21st February 2018, a winter’s rain story)


Walking down the road that was covered with shriveled leaves; the restless lady placed her hands into her trench coat pockets. This autumn the temperature was low; she could feel the chilling breeze brushed through her bangs. As she walked into the park nearby her house, she took a seat at one of the bench; her head hung low with her ebony curls touching her arms. The memories of the night before gradually flow into her mind, haunting her with not even a tiny bit of mercy.

"Why do we need to sign a contract, you told her that you only wanted one night," her hands were half trembling while holding on the document.

He got up from his seat and sauntered towards her direction with a sarcastic smirk, "one night to save your father from bankruptcy?" he held on her chin bringing her head up to meet his dark and mysterious eyes, "do you not know how much money your family need or you are really that innocent to think that you worth a lot?"

"You know I can get his help, it's not necessary for me to listen to you," her eyes were challenging the man before her. His grip on her tightened at the mentioned of that man, he remained composed "You never fail to remind me how great of a you are. If that's what you wanted to do, you wouldn't have come here. Furthermore, do you really think he is able to help you with that huge amount of money involved? Your family had protected you too well in that glass castle."

Avoiding his eye contact, she stared still on the floor before murmuring carefully "I don't know how does it work in your circle, but how many nights do you need or would it increase my value if you are the first person to take my ity?" she was holding back her tears as she didn't want to show him her weakest side, at least not at this moment.

The stern man's eyelid raised before looking into her eyes as his breath hitched for a second when he heard what she said, still not receiving any eye contact from her. "What I'd offered you is the best," he said before releasing her chin. He walked back to his desk and took hold of his ipad, "I'm having a meeting, it would take an hour and I believe it would be sufficient for you to make a decision. I've said enough and I want an answer when I return." he said without looking at her before leaving the room.

A tear fell on her pale hand as she recalled the chain of events that had happened for the past 8 hours. Holding on the keycard of the apartment, she knew she has no room to escape but to fall deeply into the hole that filled with darkness.

She looked up to the autumn sky and whispered "dear god, for the past 7 years, I did all I could to avoid him but how could you tie us together once this cruelest way?"

Little did she know that he had always been by her side watching each and every move of hers. For her, she had used all her might to avoid having their paths crossed but for him, he had always wanted to be near her even if it meant to devastate their life and ravage their souls.



"If that's the only way that I could have her, I would lock her inside forever."


"Our love is devastating all of us but yet, I am selfishly holding on to it dearly."


"This feeling is know that I don't stand a chance right from the start..."


"How could you be so cruel to me, if you don't even want to try why did you agree to it?"


"I wish I had done this earlier; perhaps it could have been better..."


"That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard in my life, you know nothing!!"


"You lose your matter what you do, it would be futile..."


"Your exterior looked like you have changed a lot, but inside there, it is still the same."




Hi everyone, newbie here. Recently I got addicted with Vrene and Bangtanvelvet, so I decided to write a story about vrene. English is not my first language so please bear with my english. This is a complete fanfiction and has nothing to do with their real life, all readers are welcome especially bangtanvelvet fans. Dropby at the comment box to feedback!!!

thank you alllllll....achieved 800 subs milestones....thanks for supporting and reading "Devastating Love" working hard in writing better and to update real soon <3


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