Where Should I Go? [UPDATING AGAIN!]

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"Hey," I said.

"Hey," he replied.

He seemed highly uninterested by me, he kept looking away, Rena noticed this too and stared at me questionably as she talked with Jimin. Jungkook looked like he wanted to say something, he kept quiet for a minute. A minute and a half. I finally decided to break the silence as I asked him, "So did you find traffic today?"

"No, why?"

"Well because you didn't show up to art history class"

He stared, "Actually I dropped that class and took another one instead"

"Oh. Why though?", I asked.

He sighed heavily, "I want to be honest, I did it because someone told me you have feelings for me, and I know it would've been so awkward mostly because I don't feel the same way about you. At all. We had two freaking classes together and when I got the chance of dropping one of them, I took it before it was gone"

My heart was hammering, who told him? Rena and Yenna were the only ones I told, and they would never tell anyone, least of all, him. He looked at me with anger in his eyes as if my feelings for him were a great inconvenience to him, insulting even. I was taken aback by his outburst, this was not at all how I had imagined him finding out. No, it wouldn't be.

Ari Kim is a normal girl going to college and she has a few good friends, but for one of them, she has the feelings of more than just a friend. One day he finds out and confronts her about it while saying he doesn't feel the same way about her at all and continues to avoid her until she lies about her feelings to him.

Jungkook breaks her heart, but maybe it was meant to happen.

Ari ventures with love, being confused by what she wants and who she needs to choose.

Maybe he did have feelings for her. But who is he?  

Follow Ari and her friends Yenna and Rena on a journey of feelings, emotions, and actions.



I hope you all enjoy reading. 

I do not own any of the Kpop idol characters, the story plot is mine though and any similarities to any other fics is completely coincidental. 

Do not plagiarize!

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Ari Kim

20 Years Old; Business Major; Introverted; Best Friends with Yenna and Rena

Jeon Jungkook (BTS)

20 Years Old; Business Major; Introverted but popular

Park Jimin (BTS)

21 Years Old; Business Major; Ambivert

Kim Hanbin (iKon)

21 Years Old; Engineering Major; Extraverted and popular

Yenna Lee

20 Years Old; Business Major; Ari's Best Friend; Rena's Best Friend

Rena Hwang

21 Years Old; Business Major; Ari's Best Friend; Yenna's Best Friend





Hi everyone! It's me, author of "Where Should I Go?" I really want to continue writing this story, but I got super busy and I've just felt demovitaed even though I have some ideas for it. Anyone looking forward to an update? :]
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