You're My Little Universe

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"You're terrible Baekhyun. From the day you came in my life you've been nothing but terrible to me, you forced me into this marriage, it was because of you. It was all because of you, you took my life from me just so you can get yourself some benefit. Do you have any shame?" Baekhyun clenched his jaw tightly.


Excuse my grammar! English isn't my first language so bear with me.. and it's my first time writing so :') 

First few chapters are from protagonists' point of view. But later on it will be from third point of view and the story will get better. 


I know the cover is ty. Idk how to work on that... If someone willing to give me a cover so hit me up :)


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95-03-10 #1
This is so far the best arrange marriage au 🥺 it was so fun to read it....the humors of author nim😂 👏
Endzii22 #2
Chapter 27: This was such a nice story. I really liked the dynamics between those two. The end was super cute.
Chapter 27: What a cute story, especially the Jihyun
neenah_03 #4
Chapter 27: Aww this was such a cute story i love how their relationship developed from hate to love and how they’re happily in love at the end??
mitaki2 #5
Thank you for this cute story !
Lindailee #6
Chapter 27: I just finished your story and I found it so cute , thank u
Chapter 27: That was the best! I wish to have a husband like baek here. Lol. The whole story was beautifully written. I'm glad they learned to finally love eachother.
Chapter 27: Just coming back here because I miss one of my favorite AU's couple. <3
Chapter 27: AMAZINGG!!! the ending is so fluffy loved it♥️♥️♥️