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In this Little Wonder Clovers School, while the teachers guide the students, they learn the importance of trust, love and family.


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Chapter 40: I love taeckhun relationship!! khun is the best friend ever maybe because he has to be with kids he just is so patient and understanding, gain is in her way to accept jun more I hope
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Chapter 38: this is not supposed to be very funny but I can‘t stop laughing, but that‘s good because I‘ve been crying reading the previous chapters, I‘m very excited now to read about their vacation, hopefully it‘ll be happy and gain will get closer to jun.
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Chapter 64: Woo situation is so sad. I hope he will trust Ewon and Khun so that they can be family. Also, can't wait until Ewon and Khun realized that they love each other :)
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Chapter 61: Can't wait for Wooyoung to stay with Khun and Ewon.
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Chapter 55: They're getting married! The proposal is so sweet. Finally Woo young showing up in this story :)
Ewon, so many chapters in a day, did you even sleep?
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Chapter 51: Ahhh, they got back together and Taec moving in with them! I'm a happy Taeckay shipper :D
Ewon, thank you for writing all this chapters in the last 2 days. I love this story :)
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Chapter 50: Minjun woke up from a kiss from Gain and Taec. Gain called Minjun daddy!
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Chapter 47: Hahahhahaha Uncle Guppie and a starfish on a rock. It's a sad chapter but those two phrases made me laugh.
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Chapter 46: Omg, the plot twist. I didn't see that coming. My prepared heart couldn't comprehend hahahahah. Awesome story Ewon!
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Chapter 45: Aww, Jongup and Narsha to the rescue. Now, both of you say you love each other :)