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In this Little Wonder Clovers School, while the teachers guide the students, they learn the importance of trust, love and family.


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Chapter 81: I‘m so happy all couples and kids are happy and mia is super cute, hopefully people around the world can understand what a transgender actually means and accept it....
thank you so much for this lovely story ewon and good luck with more to come <3
mirailuna #2
Chapter 82: Happy ending for all 3 couples, one big families and more kids! Thank you again Ewon for writing this story, I enjoyed reading the happy and sad moments of all of these couples.
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Chapter 78: Woah finally both of them said I love you to each other!!!
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Chapter 77: Yay for first date and opening up to each other
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Chapter 75: I love how real your story is in showing the struggle of relationships and family :)
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Chapter 75: such great friends rhey have, it‘s really amazing how people can help in situations like that, thanks for the update <3
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Chapter 74: Yay for first date and adoption hearing :)
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Chapter 74: nice happy chapter I hope they‘d confess already but let them take their time, waiting for their first date!
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Chapter 73: Aww, too cute, Woo wanted to be a doctor