like spring that suddenly comes (i keep feeling like love will come too)


a series of drabbles from whatever fandoms suit my fancy
(points if you know what song the title comes from)

Also if you like a particular drabble enough lemme know! I may just make it into a full fledged fic~


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WolfieGrowler #1
Chapter 11: The police one is just so good. I’m praying for continuation XD
esined-rm #2
Chapter 11: More of police prosecutor story au?
Ve4withsun 263 streak #3
Chapter 1: Oooo a lighthearted one to start off with
Taitai84 36 streak #4
Chapter 2: I have read most of your stories and while the stories and plots were always very varied, the tone of the stories had a common undercurrent of melancholy.

Was it from the words used, or sentence structure that conveyed this quiet sadness? Did you intend for it to be so?
Star1221 13 streak #5
Chapter 10: Ohhhhh authornim, please make part 2 of this :)
passerbyz #6
Chapter 10: Aw wow. I wish we could get more of this.
Another great one. All these updates have been really making my day.
Chapter 10: this is angsty geez this is amazing ,looking forward to the other one shot
Chapter 10: Damn. This is great too :O
Chapter 9: This is too short like im begging for longer and more chapter ,i feel incomplete reading your story but it was great and your amazing ,hope to read more of your story ..Ohh i though someone use your one shot cuz chapt 9 seems familiar .
art3mis_ #10
Chapter 9: the selkie au is so cute!!! i need more :(((