seulrene- vampire au pt ii

like spring that suddenly comes (i keep feeling like love will come too)

“It’s been awhile,” Joohyun murmured conversationally as she looked down at her phone, feigning casual disinterest.  Seulgi could see right through her though.  She was swiping around on a blank screen and her voice quivered just a little.


“10 years.  But that’s nothing for us.”


“You’re too young to be saying that.  You’re not even 100 years yet.”


Seulgi scoffed and glanced at Joohyun who was looking at her, the fake phone scrolling abandoned.  The other woman had not changed even a little, pale features framed by dark hair and striking brown eyes.  


“Whose fault is that?” Seulgi spit out through gritted teeth, watching the way Joohyun’s jaw clenched once before she looked away.  


“I hear you don’t eat often.”


“That’s none of your business.”


“You have the connections I have given you for the safety of humans as well as your own.  The blood bar is a place you can get what you need discreetly with-”


“I go there,” Seulgi cut in tersely, feeling her anger simmering at the surface.  Joohyun always loved to check up on her and treat her like they still meant something to each other.  


“How did you even eat when you were in Canada?  You had no contacts.  Did you starve?”


“Is that any of your concern?”


Joohyun sighed and crossed her arms over her chest, practically pouting.  She almost looked cute.  


“I just… you know I care about you.”


“Please don’t-”


“If it’s true aren’t I allowed to say it?”


Seulgi scoffed and she took a step closer to the other girl looking down at her.  Joohyun wasn’t wearing heels for once and it felt like for once they were on somewhat equal footing.  She knew her heart would be pounding at how close they were standing and her breath caught in when Joohyun reached up and gently grasped her wrist.


“Seulgi-yah… you know I just want you to be safe.  I don’t want you to go through what happened… last time.”


Seulgi just grit her teeth and tried not to count Joohyun’s eyelashes and remember the last time she had felt them, brushing against her cheek like a soft butterfly’s wing.  She hated how she was tethered to the other woman, forever stuck feeling a twisted mixture of loyalty and reverence because Joohyun was her sire.  A strange combination of a lover and mother in a world that had been so new to Seulgi.  A place where always craved blood and Joohyun’s touch.  


Their faces were nearly a breath away and Seulgi could smell Joohyun’s perfume, the musky scent of roses hiding the barely there irony bite of blood.  She swallowed and she felt Joohyun’s grip on her wrist tighten. It would be so easy to just give in to her instincts and go somewhere dark with Joohyun and do what her body clearly craved. 


Seulgi stubbornly leaned back, feeling Joohyun’s hand instantly drop her wrist.


“I’ll keep out of your sight and you won’t even notice I’m here.”


“Will you be leaving Korea soon, then?”


“As soon as I scrape enough money together from the jobs I’ve been doing.”


“I have money, you know.  You could just ask-”


Seulgi felt her fangs sharpen in as she felt her anger spark and a soft growl escaped from in frustration. It was the same argument over and over.  Joohyun trying to keep Seulgi bound to her even more so than she already was.


“I told you that I don’t need your money.  Just pretend that we’re strangers and I’ll be out of your hair before you know it.”


“But we’re not strangers, Seulgi.  We’re-”


But Seulgi was already walking away with the last of the willpower she had left, mouth aching ands hands clenched into fists.  She tasted salt in from the temptation to turn back and look at something that would only continue to destroy her.

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