moonsun - canon (ANGST)

like spring that suddenly comes (i keep feeling like love will come too)

Byulyi’s mouth twitched as she watched the tv screen.  It wasn’t normal for her to watch the Korean channels on her television in her remote apartment in Sydney.  But today was one of nostalgia she decided since Yongsun was releasing a new album in honor of Mamamoo’s ten year anniversary.  


Although Mamamoo had unofficially disbanded ever since Byulyi had fled for Australia, the rest of the girls seemed to be active in the music community.  Hwasa was an explosively successful solo artist who was hailed as the next Lee Hyori and Wheein was doing a mixture of features on famous and unknown singers’ albums as well as producing stunning art exhibits.  Yongsun was making her way as a solo artist as well but she had been popular on variety shows after a particular endearing appearance on one of Produce 101′s seasons as a vocal coach.  


One of Yongsun’s stern glares from the show had been a popular gif used by netizens for the rest of the year.  Byulyi had used the image as a reaction gif so often that her sister had officially banned it from being used on the family group chat.


Byulyi crossed her arms over her chest as she continued to stare at the screen, her heart pounding a little quicker as she watched Yongsun’s hands glide over the mic stand.  She belonged on stage.  The way the woman commanded the camera with a delicate twitch of and smoldering eyes captivated Byulyi once again.  


She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts as she felt a stab of regret.  She wanted to be on that stage with Yongsun, performing together.  But that had changed when they had been faced with a dreadful choice.


Byulyi still remembered the sinking feeling of her stomach bottoming out as she had been tossed a thick folder of incriminating pictures of her and Yongsun, just a little too close to be called platonic.  When she’d looked up from the damning photographs and seen the hopelessness in the other woman’s eyes, the decision to leave and save them both from a devastating scandal had been the best option.


After she’d arrived in Sydney and holed up in an address that only her family had known about, Yongsun had kept calling and calling.  The buzzing would wake Byulyi up in the morning and be the lullaby that helped her sleep at night.  But then that had stopped and a few years had gone by.  


It seemed the group had been able to carry on without her, Byulyi thought with a bitter sigh.  


“Long time no see, unnie,” she whispered to the bright screen.  She met Yongsun’s eyes through the television and they shared a smile. 

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