seulrene- vampire au pt iii

like spring that suddenly comes (i keep feeling like love will come too)

Joohyun sat quietly outside the door, hearing Seulgi’s panicked snarls just on the other side.  She could hear the other girl pacing like an animal, an occasional growl ripping from bared teeth like a trapped tiger.  Glancing down, she watched the savage bite on her wrist slowly heal before her eyes, the ripped open flesh clearly knitting together to not even leave a scar.  

“You’re still here.”

Joohyun didn’t look up at Yongsun’s voice, instead the blood off her wrist in one clean of her tongue.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because there isn’t much you could do inside or outside of that room.  I thought you’d be gathering more blood or something.”

“Her body’s rejecting it again.”

“Again? She’s gone nearly a week without vomiting it up!”

Joohyun let out a pained moan, rubbing tired eyes with her hands.  

“Joohyun… have you thought of maybe…”

She pulled her hands from eyes, assessing Yongsun’s unsure face.  She could tell what the other woman was about to suggest and she pulled her lips back over pointed canines in a silent snarl.

“What? Should I give up?”

Yongsun’s face, which had been contorted in a rare display of humanity, flattened at the open display of confrontation.  They were old predators and although their human pets made them softer with flashes of human emotions and kind words this was what they really were.  Vengeance incarnate.  Demons in beautiful bodies.

“If you feel anything for that girl, you would take her out of her misery.  She was never meant to be one of us.  Your selfishness is the reason she is suffering instead of blissfully moving on to the next life.”

Joohyun said nothing, just listened to the sound of Seulgi staggering against the side of the brick wall of her prison.  Both Joohyun and Yongsun listened silently as the other girl vomitted again, slipping to her knees and whimpering miserably.  

“… please,” Seulgi rasped from the other side of the door.  “Please someone… kill me.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to kill her while she still has some of her humanity left?”

“I’ve damned her.  If she dies now she will go straight to Hell.”

“And that is something that you will have to live with until the day we are both ash.”

Joohyun snarled as Yongsun began to walk toward the door of Seulgi’s make-shift prison.  

“What are you doing?”

“If you won’t kill her then I will do it for your sake.”

Joohyun bared her fangs as she rose angrily to her feet.  She vaguely heard a flurry of hurried steps in the distance but she ignore the possible threat to her own safety.  

“Byulyi, don’t come closer!”

The steps obediently ceased.

“Is that what you wanted for Seulgi?”  Yongsun mused quietly, glancing down at her feet instead of meeting Joohyun’s defiant gaze.


“Were you hoping that Seulgi would be like my Byulyi? A companion for your forever?”

Joohyun said nothing but her silence spoke volumes.

Yongsun tipped her head back and chuckled.

“You always were more of a dreamer than I was, Joohyun-ah.  Always had your mind wandering and thinking of something else.  It makes you an excellent long-term strategist.  But you weren’t thinking logically for the short-term.  Byul-ah.”

In an instant the other girl was beside them.  Joohyun quietly regarded the other girl who stood silently, face carefully blank

“Joohyun-ah, you seem to have a delightful fantasy about what you and Seulgi could be if she could spend eternity with you.  But don’t you know that being the sire to your lover can be one of the worst curses you can ever inflict on them?”

Byulyi’s eyebrows furrowed but she said nothing as Yongsun slunk behind her, gripping at her waist and pressing against her ear.  Joohyun watched silently at how Byulyi did nothing as Yongsun trailed a tongue along the shell of her ear, suddenly pressing her face into the nape of her neck.

“She’s completely vulnerable to me. I could tell her to kill herself and she would do it without a second thought.  I could tell her to kill anyone for me and she would do it.  I could tell her to have with me and she would say it was the best she had ever had.”  Yongsun’s voice quivered and Joohyun’s eyes narrowed as she looked at the subtle way that Byulyi’s jaw clenched but still stayed silence.  

“We are the same, Joohyun. Selfish.  Greedy.  Hungry.  So I know you will not be satisfied with this arrangement.  Because how quickly does it get old to hear not a modicum of resistance or conflict.  She still has thoughts and she expresses her feelings but it drives me mad sometimes because I can tell some things are harder for her to express now that I am her sire.  She cannot fight with me the same way.  She can’t make love with me the same way.  It’s not quite the same and yet here she is saying all sort of lovely things that I can’t help but eat up.”

Joohyun swallowed and looked almost with pity as Yongsun let out a shaky breathe, pressing her forehead against Byulyi’s shoulder.  She heard Seulgi give a pitiful whimper from behind her but she didn’t move.  Instead she watched Byulyi’s face contorting desperately wishing to say something.  

“Don’t you dare,” hissed Yongsun. “We both know that no matter how many times you deny it, it’s true.  You don’t think that things are different?”

Byulyi bowed her head and Joohyun watched silently at how she pulled her hands into tight fists and said nothing.

“Human lovers make you feel young and fresh with humanity, Joohyun-ah.  I know this.  But us vampires need to realize that when you pluck a flower from the garden it was planted and try to dry it to keep it alive, preserved with you forever, it will never be that beautiful lively flower ever again.”

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