moonrene - a/b/o au pt ii

like spring that suddenly comes (i keep feeling like love will come too)

Byulyi levels Joohyun with a glare over the edge of her clipboard, pausing in her notes. The other woman simply shifts in the hospital bed, eyes blankly flicking from the ceiling to the barred windows.


"When I was little they used to handcuff us to the beds. In case we became feral and bit a nurse."


Byulyi frowns, finishing her patient notes before adjusting the stethoscope around her neck.


"When you were a child?"


"It was before the re-education programs were mainstream. They thought all alphas were just on the verge of madness."


"All the windows at this level are barred. It has nothing to do with you being an alpha."


Joohyun chuckles as she clasps her hands demurely in her lap. It's been years since Byulyi has seen her but she still has that small doll like face and dark hair hanging straight down her shoulders. There's a scar through one of her eyebrows though, a slit that makes the hint of an edge physically visible on this sweet looking woman.


Byulyi doesn't realize she's stepped forward to the side of Joohyun's bed until her white gown brushes between her legs and the scratchy bed sheets.


Joohyun tilts her head just slightly and her nostrils flare at their proximity. Her neck tenses and her hands clutch at her arms, trying hard to dig in and restrain herself. There is the omega part of Byulyi's brain that wants to bare her neck to Joohyun and throw herself onto the bed. She knows that part of herself is closer to the surface than it should be, knowing that Joohyun had come to the hospital after killing a wayward alpha with her teeth.


The enforcer's newest favorite attack dog.


And yet Byulyi couldn't think of the monstrous sight of Joohyun being manhandled into her ward with another person's blood soaking her dark uniform. All she could see in her mind's eye was her shy smile before she leaned forward to nuzzle against Byulyi's neck for a small cuddle.

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