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like spring that suddenly comes (i keep feeling like love will come too)

Byulyi glanced at her phone, smiling at the selfie Yongsun had sent her.


“Hey, eyes on me, Moon Byulyi.”


She rolled her eyes at Hyejin, face mask lowered so that she could show off to Wheein that it was possible to eat fried chicken and pizza at the same time.


“I think I don’t want to lose my appetite.”


“You’re a noodle.  You could eat more if you wanted to.”


Byulyi scoffed and glanced at Wheein who was flourishing her beer can.  Her cheeks were a little too flushed.  Then again they all were a little less sober then they should be.


“What is this? Like our third round of the evening?”


“It’s not our second?”


“No, for our second one we went to that seedy bar where you tried to kiss me for more drinks,” Wheein corrected, tapping Hyejin’s mouth with a smirk.


“I saw that it worked in a movie once.”


“A very non-Korean movie probably.  We’re lucky Byulyi-unnie grabbed you by the shoulders and got us out of there.”


“Yeah with her little noodle arms!”


Hyejin and Wheein cackled at each other and Byulyi just sighed into her beer.  The three of them drinking was a special thing.  Usually they paired off or were all hanging out as Mamamoo.  But drinking was something that Yongsun could barely stomach so she always politely declined the invitation unless Byulyi begged her to come.  Tonight, though was a fun time for all three of them with the usual antics induced by alcohol.


“Should we do a fourth round?”


“Yah, Ahn Hyejin, your dad loves you so much.  Please don’t make him sad by doing something stupid and becoming the most searched term on Naver.”


“Byulyi-unnie,” Hyejin whined, making the mush of pizza and chicken visible in .  


“God, you’re so gross.  Please stop.”


“Not as bad as you and Yongsun-unnie.”


Wheein and Hyejin turned toward each other with matching over the top smitten expressions.


“I love you so much but I’m going to slap your so that I can have some excuse to touch you but not get in trouble, Yongsun-unnie.”


“Well I love you so much that I’m going to take all of your annoying antics and secretly look at your with lovey dovey eyes when you aren’t looking, Byul-ah”


Byulyi reached forward and tried to break up the pseudo love fest before they actually started to make out as a joke.


“Could you guys please keep it down? We really aren’t that bad.”


Wheein and Hyejin shared a look and then burst into giggles.  


Byulyi sighed, putting her head in her hands and resisting the urge to check her phone.  She knew Yongsun was in a selfie mood and if she didn’t respond quickly she’d start to get pouty messages asking why she wasn’t texting back.


“Whatever.  Well right now isn’t the time to be talking about Yongsun-unnie.  This time is for us!”


Wheein grinned and raised her beer can high.


“You’re right, unnie.  The only people that exist in this world right now are me, you, and Ahn Hyejin!”


“To friendship!”


“To not dying!”


All three girls shared big drunken smiles and finished their beer in one go.


Byulyi exhaled happily.


“Who wants to do a round of somaek?”


Hyejin leaned her chin into her hand and giggled.


“Only if unnie’s buying!”





Byulyi, Hyejin, and Wheein were very quiet in the car ride to the schedule the next day.  It was early in the afternoon on an overcast winter day, but all three of them were sporting matching sunglasses and stiff expressions.  The car paused in front of Yongsun’s parents’ apartment and the woman got into the vehicle quickly.


“How was your weekend, Yongsun-ah?” asked their manager in the front.


“It was great!  My mom made some side dishes that I can share later.”


Yongsun glanced at the rest of the members and frowned a little at their weak hellos.  She took her spot in the front row but sent a worried glance to Byulyi in the back.  


“Hi,” she said, watching as Byulyi leaned forward with a wince.  They tangled their fingers together and the other woman kissed her knuckles lightly.


“Did… did you have fun? At your parents’ house?”


“Yes. Moon Byulyi, are you okay?”


Byulyi didn’t even protest as Yongsun reached forward and slid the dark black sunglasses down her nose, revealing bloodshot eyes and dark circles.


“Don’t tell me you all went drinking?” she hissed.  “The day before a schedule? Are you guys stupid?”


“Unnie, please not so loud,” Wheein protested with hands clamped over very sensitive ears.


“It’s not even really a schedule, Unnie.  It’s just a festival and we literally perform two songs with a sound check.  Plenty of time for naps in between.”


Yongsun sighed but couldn’t help a little bit of an amused smile.  The three of them looked extremely regretful despite how convincing Byulyi was trying to sound.


“Fine.  But if any of you feel nauseuous you have to swallow your vomit.  Don’t even think about making us a top naver search term. Or else.”


The three girls nodded and Byulyi started to turn around but Yongsun held her hand firm.  


“Does your head hurt a lot?” she asked softly, raising her free hand and brushing Byulyi’s hair from her forehead.  Byulyi nodded with a pitiful pout, relieved of the surprisingly sympathetic reaction.


“Then maybe you should have thought about it more before you did that. Stupid.”  But there was no bite to the words, only fondness.  Yongsun Byulyi’s hair for a little while, dulling the ache pounding at her temples.  


It was times like these that Byulyi felt safest, surrounded by her members and the person she loved. 



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