Moonrene - canon

like spring that suddenly comes (i keep feeling like love will come too)

Joohyun presses her nose against Byulyi's collar as the other woman holds her closer. Byulyi chuckles roughly in her ear as hands massage her back and waist.


"Did you miss me, Unnie?"


"Shut up," Joohyun mutters, embarrassed to meet Byulyi's eyes and see the smugness she can clearly hear in her voice.


"You didn't sound like you missed me when you forgot to sign my Monster album."


"I'm pretty busy, Moon Byulyi. You have to get my attention in advance."


Byulyi pulls back then and Joohyun grins cheekily at how dramatically her girlfriend rolls her eyes.


"You're lucky I love you."


Joohyun tries to hide how big her smile grows at the comment, looking down at their now intwined hands.


"Our four year anniversary is this year," Joohyun mentions casually. Byulyi's fingers simply squeeze back in response.


"Do you have a big surprise for me?'


"You know it's our four year anniversary, right? That means you could also surprise me with something."


Joohyun twists a long lock of Byulyi's dark hair around her finger, pursing her lips a little. It still makes her heart race at how the action makes Byulyi's eyes darken instantly. 


"You don't know if I haven't been preparing something."


"Oh? Like when you surprised my members with that rose petal path to my bedroom?"


Joohyun giggles at how Byulyi blushes at the comment. Yeri had thought Byulyi was an intruder from behind and screamed, prompting Sooyoung to try to hit her in the back of the head with a broom handle. They barely go a day without teasing each other about that memorable yet disastrous one year anniversary.


"It was romantic. You definitely didn't mind it when your members cleared out and it was just the two of us in your dorm."


Joohyun scoffs at the extra greasiness twisting Byulyi's mouth into a convincing smirk. She sighs and drops her hands to play with her girlfriends gray cardigan.


"When do you have to go in for your radio recording?"


"You want to come with me? Be my special guest?"


"I don't really like doing radio stuff."


"Because you prefer the world seeing your beautiful face?"


"Moon Byulyi," Joohyun sighs. Byulyi simply chuckles and wraps her own hands around Joohyun's.


"I'm so glad that the most beautiful woman in the world is finally going to be in a movie. When it comes out I can watch you every day."


Joohyun's forehead puckers a little at the slight wistfulness edging her girlfriend's voice. Promotions for Naughty and Monster had been pretty involved. Every day she and Seulgi had been training or running from music show to variety programs. She had barely managed to call Byulyi every day for their usual nightly phone call.


"I'm filming now but I'll always make time for you. That's why I'm here now."




"I love you," Joohyun says matter of factly. No quiver in her voice. She's different than the girl scared of her feelings four years ago. Nothing was taking Moon Byulyi from her again. Especially not herself.


"Hyun-ah," Byulyi murmurs gently. Joohyun smiles at the little pet name that she only tolerates when they're alone. She's still smiling when Byulyi kisses her, warm and soft.

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