moonseul - high school au

like spring that suddenly comes (i keep feeling like love will come too)

Seulgi moaned as she pressed her cheek against the cold wood of her desk.  It was the class right before lunch and she’d rushed to school without grabbing the lunch her mother had packed for her.


As if to emphasize the point, her stomach grumbled discontentedly.


“Seulgi-yah, can’t you just go buy something at the convenience store?  We have an hour, you know.”


“Don’t have any money.”


“That’s what you get for spending it on all on those kpop CDs.”


Seulgi turned her head to glare at Seungwan who was opening up her lunch at her desk.  Seungwan’s mom always made something tasty.  Seulgi’s mom usually did too.


“I’m an idiot.”


“You don’t need to tell me that.”




Seungwan just smirked a little before sighing.


“I can let you eat some of this.  You don’t have to starve.”


“You let me eat some of your lunch last week.”


“Yeah but that was last week.”


Seulgi opened to reply when she saw Moon Byulyi standing at the main door to the homeroom classroom.  Her dark hair was pulled back into a loose pony tail at the nape of her neck and the sleeves of her blazer and dress shirt were rolled up to her elbows.


“Hey Seulgi, Mr. Shim wanted me to let you know we’re having a sudden class rep meeting today right after school’s over.  Before you go to tutoring, swing by the teachers’ offices.”


“S-sunbae!”  Seulgi could feel her cheeks warm at the sight of the other girl and her tongue felt stupidly heavy in .  Seungwan was smirking into her rice as she bowed her head to unhelpfully say nothing.


“Sorry to interrupt your lunch.”


“O-oh you weren’t interrupting anything, Sunbae.  I um… I didn’t bring one today.”


Byulyi frowned at the words and walked into the classroom until she was standing in front of Seulgi’s desk.  A few of the other girls who hadn’t cleared out for lunch watched curiously.  Moon Byulyi was a senior that was extremely popular as the student council vice president who would occasionally fill-in for sports teams when she had the time.  The other girls were probably wondering what a cool sunbae like her was doing talking to Seulgi.


“You didn’t bring a lunch today?”


“Mm, I forgot.”  Seulgi pouted a little as she frowned at the wood grain on her desk.  Suddenly she felt soft fingers brush her bangs out of her eyes.


“Listen, I have some extra food that my mom packed me.  Would you like to come and eat lunch with me?”


Seulgi swallowed and looked up and it felt a little too teen-heart throb crush as she took in the way the cheap fluorescent lighting hallowed Byulyi’s dark hair and made her look like an angel.  


“Oh, sunbae, I don’t want to trouble you-”


Warm fingers played with the ends of Seulgi’s hair and a half-smile curled on Byulyi’s lips.


“Doing something for you is no trouble at all, Seulgi-yah.”


Seulgi swore that in that moment her heart exploded in her chest.

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