moonsun- telephone time travel au

like spring that suddenly comes (i keep feeling like love will come too)

Yongsun stared at the phone that was ringing.  Her husband had just installed it with the help of a handyman.  She had admired the shiny black metal handle as it hung neatly against the wooden wall mount.  It had been a tiring move to her new home after the wedding and everything had seemed so new.  Especially the phone that was continuing to ring.


With a sigh she rose to answer.


“Hello?” she asked, voice a little breathy.


Hello! I was told to call this number due to an issue with a package? I think I actually put your mailing address by mistake.


Yongsun frowned, pressing the cradle of the phone against her ear as she reached for a pen and pad on the table.


“If you’d like I could try to tell the deliveryman to give the proper address?”


Oh that would be so helpful, thank you so much.


Yongsun smiled at the other woman’s gratitude and carefully wrote down the proper address.


“My address is pretty different from yours,” she observed with a bit of a laugh.  


Ah well it’s because I wasn’t exactly that sober when I wrote down the mailing address.  I used to live in the same complex as you but I moved recently.  I think I got it all mixed up.


Yongsun paused. A woman drinking by herself and mailing a package? She tried not to sound too scandalized as she hummed in agreement.


“If you give me your number too, I can call you when the deliveryman comes.”


You don’t have redial on your phone? It should be a button you can press.


She frowned and glanced at the phone box, only seeing the spinning dial wheel and the hanger for the phone.


“I’m afraid I don’t have… redial?”


Hm, that’s weird. No wonder I moved out of that apartment complex.  Must’ve forgotten they had such dated phone service.


Yongsun didn’t feel like mentioning to the girl that she’d been one of the new residents to have her phone installed.  


“Well I’ll be sure to send the package your way when it gets here.  Have a good day.”


You too! Thanks.


When the other woman hung up, Yongsun realized she hadn’t gotten her name.

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