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Momo sit in the regularly cafe that he and Mina come, he just realized that he wasn't  ready to the wedding, but Mina was afraid of that step too. But she take the step because she loved him. "Why am I so stupid, why I did not ask her that. Hirai Momo you're really the people who are very insensitive" contemplate of that while looking at his drink. Seems to me like I'm just scared of never feeling it again, But I know it's crazy to believe in silly things. I remember it now, it takes me back to when it all first started. But I've only got myself to blame for it, and I accept that now. It's time to let it go, go out and start again. But it's not that easy for him. He sat there for hours, he was musing on the problems he faced. He take out his phone, press number one make a one touch dial.


"Would you come to here ? I need you. Please" and he end of call


A girl in a rush come in to the door, she approach him from the back she knows that's him from his body shape. Stand in front of him, he just looking his glass. And then she knock the table, after that he looking at her.


"You really coming" make a little smile to her, suddenly she hug him tight

"Do you know how I worried about you ?" tears falling down from her eyes then Momo hug her too. They are like that for a few minutes, after that they sat opposite each other.


"Do you know, it's easy to help those who are hungry. But... it's hard to console those who are heart broken, because they tend to lie that they're okay" she told him and Momo hold her hands with teary eyes


"The truth is I'm not okay, this tears resembling my sad heart" he crying bow his head to the table. She his head "I'm here, just cry as you like. Don't worry I'm not going nowhere"


Night coming they headed to Momo house, unlock the door and enter the house. Sat in the living room. "Do you want some water ? If you want I will take it for you" she offering to Momo. No wonder she know about a lot of things in his house, because she usually come to there. He withdrew her hand "It's okay Sana, just stay by my side. I need you were here"


"You give me a strength to get her back. You know, God rules the way of human life, we have to try, and yet we have to always believe in. My own desires, I will continue to pursue. I’m sure that her is the one who can make me happy, sometimes I cannot believe others could. I want to be together with her forever, but the truth is my hope is now only a meaningless hope. The truth is, the reality is not aligned. Maybe this is the time for me to put this hope on the table, although my heart wants to be together. I just felt I could give up for this" he explained everything in his mind to her


"Loving someone is such a painful ordeal. The pain may hurt, but it will pass. If you bear it for just a little bit, it will pass by. It will all be in the past. They say that people are born with an invisible red string tied to the one you are fated to be with. The hardest thing about relationship between a men and a woman is the timing. If the love doesn't begin at the same time, it's unlikely to ever begin at all. Open your heart, someone will come. Someone will come for you, but first you have to open your heart" while putting her hand to Momo's chest and patting it


"Whenever you come to me, all my problems seem to become lighter. So, how can I live without seeing you ? For me you are my miracle. As long as you're there by my side, it's like a miracle to me. I can't stop myself from going to you"


"Instead of waiting for someone who isn't coming can it be me ? the one right by your side ? If you want , I can live the way you want me to. As long as I could, very carefully, right next to you like this" she confess her feeling, their eyes meet each others.


We didn't know who fell asleep first, it was long and tiring day, and I was in his arms. Lying there, I sparked all night long, like a woman being loved. I wonder if the movie we didn't get to see had a happy ending or sad ending. As of now, I like Hirai Momo the most out of all the man that exist in this world. I drank tea with that guy numerous of times, overcame work life problem together, we wrecked three cars when I learn to drive, won dance competition and also see his another side too. Despite all of that Momo is the guy I like very much. It's because he is honorable in every moment I see and is handsome every time I have seen him. Kiss on his forehead and I leave first before he wake up. At sunday morning I'm doing my routine which is running around the park. When I'm in front of the house after running, I saw Momo leaning back in his car while crossing his arms and smile widely.

Sana :"Oh !" Momo walked over to her

Momo :"Have you been doing well ?" he ask but Sana covered her face and avoiding his eyes

Sana :"Why are you here already ? There's two hours left till our trip. I'm not mistaken, right ?"

Momo :"I came really early. It was pretty nice to have someone to wait for"

Sana :"How can you come two hours early ?"

Momo :"

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