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A lot of work make Momo forgetting about Mina, his work at the end of the year so many. His job to make the financial report and decision for good profit to the company for next year, he always overtime in his office and go home over midnight. Until one night he comes to the bar for releasing his stress about his job. At the bar, he saw Sana sitting alone he decided to join with her. Approaching her table and greet her.
Momo: "Hi, long time no see you. Are you alone?" Sana turned her face looking at Momo
Sana: "Oh Hi Hirai, good to see you here. I like drinking solo, so I've come here alone" Momo is surprised by Sana's statement, he does not know if Sana likes drinking solo.
Momo: "From this day and another day I will be your drinking friend, not fun if drinking solo" his statement dilute the situation, Sana just giggles about it.
Sana: "Ok, promise me?" while extending her finger for a pinky promise
Momo: "I promise" they make a pinky promise "Cross my heart" their laugh about it.
Momo: "One huge beer and chips please!" shout him to the waiter, soon the waiter delivered the order.
Waiter: "There are other additions?"
Momo: "Do you want something else?"
Sana: "Later on, my drink is not finished yet"
Waiter: "Ok, just call me if you need something"
Momo: "Thank you" the waiter go leave them, Momo immediately drink his beer
Momo: "Ahhhh.... so refreshing. My energy was coming back"
Sana :"Indeed where is your energy getting away?"
Momo :"Getting to my job activity this several days, I was very exhausted and stressed with the number spinning in my head"
Sana :"But, you have Mina to make your energy coming back"
Momo :"I was broke up with her"
Sana :"What ?? Why Hirai? Mina is your ideal type doen't she ?"
Momo :"Because I'm not ready to be married with her. I'm just feel worry for that decision, I worry if we can be divorce in the future and what happen to our children know that their parents not loving each other. They must be hard for choosing between me or Mina"
Sana :"Your mind is too far away for that. A great relationship doesn't happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how well you continue building love until the end. And now because of your pesimistic habit, you just lost the person that love you than yourself love to her."
Momo :"I don't know my feeling right now, I think it's too fast to getting married. Maybe you're right about building relationship but my paradigm is building a career can make a relationship and happinees following it. When I was focused to organize my career she wanted to get married quickly, and I realized that lately our mindsets have been different. So I made the decision to end this relationship and just focus first to pursue my career. Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss--" before Momo finish his word Sana immediately cutting the conversation.
Sana :"And you don't wanna to miss the opportunities"
Momo :"That's right, you know me so well Sana. Let's go party dan dance with me" 
Momo draging Sana to the dance floor then he show off his dance skill to everyone on that club, everybody shout out of his dance skill was so amazing. In his deep heart, he feel uneasy but he hide it from Sana, he doesn't want the other person know his true feeling. In his mind if he be a successfull person the happiness and love will be following it and for now he just keep focusing on his career to make him richest man and bring the happiness because money can bring everything. On the count to 12 am Momo and Sana shout together and their very drunk.
Momo :"5....4....3....2....1..... Happy single day for me"
Sana :"And Happy New Year everybody, cheers..cheers...."
Sana and Momo have been hangover but still want another round at the bar
Momo :"Hey, give me another drink again. Give that a big tequila for me" talk to the bartender
Sana :"I just want the cocktail with cherry, it's sweet and i love the taste of the cherry" request her to the bartender
Momo :"You are very drunk Sana, stop drinking the alcohol. Just give it to me, I'm your bestfriend in this world volunteer to drink all of your want"
Sana :"Sssssstttt..... I'm not drunk, but you are not me. Give me that cocktail"
The two of them become crazy and talk with nonsense each other
Momo :"What time is it Sana?" with sound of drunker
Sana :"It's 2 pm Momo"
Momo :"I must be back to my office because the lunch break is time out"
Sana :"Hahahhaha and why I be in your office right now?"
The waiter saw of both of them very drunk and think that they can't take the way to go home for their home
Waiter :"Hey the two of you are hangover, where is your address Sir ?"
Momo :"Do you talk with me or this girl, that girl is really drunk I'm not" pointing Sana who is pass out because she can't control herself
Waiter :"Give me your ID, I'll be call a taxi for both of you"
Momo :"Whyyy......" nagging Momo then the waiter call a guard to take out his wallet and see the ID to know the address, and then drag both of them out the club. Suddenly the taxi come and the waiter tell the address to the driver. The taxi arrived of front of Momo house
Driver :"Sir we just arrived, do you can get up and carry your friend ? If not I'll be help you" Momo open his eyes with some headache and confused
Driver :"Sir.. Sir..." touch Momo shoulder
Momo :"Ahhh.. yes just give me a minute" shout him to the drivers "I take some energy and this is take the change to your tip"
Momo carrying Sana in his back to his house with some trouble walking and finally safe to his home. He take Sana to the bed, took off her coat and her shoes.
Momo :"Goosssh... why she so heavy but her body is thin" nagging Momo while observed Sana body then he walk to the kitchen get some cold water from the fridge. After that he walk to his room on Sana laying on the bed, he remove his clothes and sleep beside Sana. At the morning a loud yell coming from this house
Sana :"Kyaaaaaaaaa......" that yell make Momo get up 
Sana :"Get up Momo, what are you doing to me last night ?"
Momo :"Whoaaaa... why you can be in my room ?" confused dan realize he didn't wearing clothes the he jumped from the bed.
Momo :"I don't remember what I'm doing with you last night, but I'm very sure I don't doing that with you. You see this, I still wear so we're not doing it. Right ?" pointing his pants and confuse with this condition
Momo :"Can you check your clothes ? You're still wearing it don't you ?" then Sana check her clothes under the blanket. When Sana checks her clothes suddenly someone walks into Momo's room and opens the door of his room.
Dahyun :"Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I think I hear someone scream. I'm sorry for disturbing you, I just inform the breakfast was ready and I'll be waiting outside. So enjoy your moment hyung" with some giggles and clenched hand. Momo and Sana looking each others they realize they must be explain that situation to Dahyun so Dahyun did not misunderstand. In the dining room just the silence over the room and finally Momo speak.
Momo :"So Dahyun, that you see before it's not like you think. Last night we are very drunk and then I don't remember after that, but we did not doing that you think" 
Sana :"Yes, we're not doing it. Please trust us Dahyun" suddenly Dahyun explode with laughter until his eyes teary
Dahyun :"Ya I will keep this secret from the other especially our parents, right hyung" with some wink to Momo. After breakfast Dahyun out first from the house to the college because he get appointment with his proffessor for his research in this morning. M

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