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Mina is still crying in Jeongyeon's arms, she has not been able to calm herself. Her nose was snotched from her cries, then she wiped with her hands. After an hour, she felt calm. The sky at that time had turned into a dark, sparkling light garden lights decorate the atmosphere. Mina is ashamed of Jeongyeon, she still covers her face with both hands. Jeongyeon pulls out his handkerchief from the inside of his pocket.
Jeongyeon: "Take this, your snot out a lot" Jeongyeon taunts to Mina. Mina took her handkerchief shyly, then wiped her nose.
Mina: "I will return it after washing it, I promise to be fragrant as before"
Jeongyeon: "Relax, after all I still have a lot"
Jeongyeon is still paying attention to Mina, he actually wants to ask Mina why she cried to hear the answer to the question she asked to him. Until finally the silence was lost with Mina's voice.
Mina: "I just broke up with my fiancee, I think your words are right about the bound between humans, it hurts to let go but sometimes it hurts more to hold on. It may be the best way for both of us. Life goes on, better to look ahead than backwards, for in the future there will be many unexpected things "with a gummy smile
Jeongyeon: "Now I'll be your guide, come with me Mina" while holding out his hand waiting for Mina to respond to hold his hand and Mina holds Jeongyeon's hand then Jeongyeon grabs Mina's hand and they run to the place Jeongyeon wants. After half an hour they finally reached the destination.
Jeongyeon: "Let's have fun inside, I'll challenge you in all the games you want" challenge Jeongyeon
Mina: "Are you sure?"
Jeongyeon: "Let's prove it inside, let's go in!"
The place that Jeongyeon and Mina went to is a game bar, where it provides a variety of games also comes with a drink because of it is called a game bar. Shortly before Jeongyeon went to Tokyo Station Chaeyoung had phoned him first. Chaeyoung says that Mina is currently on leave, and Chaeyoung has interrupted her day off. She told Jeongyeon to have a good time with Mina, make her day off mean and as long as you know that Mina really loves the game. Therefore Jeongyeon took Mina to the game bar. After they play some kind of game, Mina always win from Jeongyeon. Jeongyeon sees Mina so very concentrated and enthusiastic in every round of the game, and when she wins she is so happy but still calm. Unlike Jeongyeon when he loses he will grumble and blame that the tool must be experiencing a nuisance or damage. Jeongyeon admits his defeat of Mina instead he will pay for everything.
Mina: "This is the result that you have dared to challenge me" while jeering Jeongyeon with her little laugh
Jeongyen: "I admit it, I was wrong to have challenged a pro gamer"
After that they continue to talk, unnoticed time already showed 12 o'clock.
Jeongyeon: "It's late at night, we'd better go home and rest"
Mina: "Right" then she remembered something and was surprised "I'm sorry Jeongyeon, I forgot to book a hotel for both of us"
Jeongyeon: "No worries, I have ordered it and it is near your house" Mina suddenly surprised to hear the answer from Jeongyeon
Jeongyeon: "Come on, I do not want you to get home more late" entice Mina out of the game bar and ordering a taxi to get to Mina's house. Arriving at Mina's house, Jeongyeon gets out of the taxi first and then protects Mina's head with his hands afraid of her head about the taxi roof. They both stood in front of Mina's parents' house.
Jeongyeon: "So, have a nice dream. I'll pick you up day after tomorrow, enjoy your leave with your family. Tomorrow is a free time for both of us"
Mina: "How do you know my house?"
Jeongyeon: "I know from your boss and I heard you have taken leave" Mina has been misunderstood to her boss that she has ruined her vacation time, apparently her boss has told Jeongyeon to give Mina free time with her family. That sort of thing made her think twice about stopping working with Son Chaeyoung with her attitude and concern for her.
Mina: "Thank you so much for today"
Jeongyeon: "I'm the one who needs to thank you, without you I can not get good pictures"
Mina: "I thank you not for that, thank you for being beside me when I need warmth" Jeongyeon smiled and grabbed Mina's shoulder and

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