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Winter has passed and the beginning of the season begins with warmth in the air. Spring is the season that Mina is looking forward to, because she really likes to see cherry blossoms. Every year her office always gives surprises to the employees and their don't expected, that's Son Chaeyoung who always gives unexpected surprises. In this new season Chaeyoung gathers all of her employees in the hall and she will announce something very important.


Chaeyoung: "Hi everyone, our fashion brand is in a very good marketing period. For the past two years sales have increased drastically and business expansion plans are planned. This is very important for our company, so some of you will have move to the head office."


Chayeoung told his secretary to distribute envelopes in accordance with the each employee's name, after all received an envelope she ordered the employees to open the envelope. Inside the envelope there is the inscription "congratulation you are chosen" for those who will be moved to the head office and the inscription "good job for your hard work" for those who remain at the branch office.


Chaeyoung: "I am very grateful for your hard work, and please raise your hand for the chosen ones?


The first to raise her hand is Nayeon, then the next is Sejeong, and the last one is Mina. The three of them who will move to the head office, Chaeyoung chooses them because their credibility is truly extraordinary. She congratulated them and she said next month they were already working at the head office. After the announcement Son Chaeyoung had ordered some food for her employees' lunches, and invited them to take it all as a token of appreciation for their hard work. The staff took gifts and tasted sweet foods with various preparations of strawberry. They know that the boss really likes strawberries, so named her a strawberry princess. Mina is seen gathering with Nayeon and Sejeong


Nayeon: "Finally my dream was achieved to work at the head office" Nayeon seems so excited

Sejeong: "Congratulations unnie for achieving your dream, effort never disappoints result" Sejeong while hug her favorite unnie

Nayeon: "You have worked hard too and I hear we will got some bonus every month at the head office"

Sejeong: "Oh my god oh my god, finally my salary goes up" shouted cheerfully

Mina: "I am grateful to work in this office"

Sejeong: "Yeah that's true, we got lucky to work here"

Nayeon: "You don't look excited to hear this news Mina, why ?"

Mina: "No unnie, I'm fine"

Nayeon: "But your face didn't say that, you can tell me about your worries"


Nayeon and Sejeong looking to Mina, her face was very tense like thinking a lot of things


Nayeon: "I am worried about you, what happened ? It is about your trauma ?" holding Mina's shoulder and staring at her face

Mina: "Yes unnie, I'm still afraid to remember the moment" biting her lower lip and holding both hands anxiously, then Nayeon cupped her face

Nayeon: "Hey look at me Mina, even though the head office is far away from your house I promise to you, I will protecting you no matter what happens" looked at Mina's face seriously and lovingly

Sejeong: "Don't worry Mina, you have us" calming

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