Game Shaker


Jeongyeon POV

Sometimes I skateboarding to the college that near from my home around thirty minutes for arrived and met my friends. Me and Kai are best friends since the first year in college and now we meet 2 other friends that are super crazy people are Daniel and Seongwoo.   
We are in Technology and Programming department and I love playing games so much, but Kai didn't interest with my games. Daniel and Seongwoo just love to build a crazy machine with their crazy idea, another thing they love is flirting new student especially beautiful girl. I'm not interested in girl, I'm just interested in games and the new games that hot topic on internet. My friend in a lot of games is just "SwanPengu", I think that be the very weird name in this world but this is virtual game and it's oke. In the Sudden Attack, DOTA, PB, Worms, and any games multiplayer me and SwanPengu are team. I'm not sure SwanPengu is a girl or boy maybe I will ask later to him or her, but playing games with SwanPengu just make my heart comfortable and energetically.


Mina POV

Oh my gosh, I'm late for the first day in college. It just cause I'm playing games on my phone for break my top score until late night. "Mom, it's He leaving just now ?" I ask about my brother to my mom in the kitchen, "Yes, he was leaving. He waited so long Minari, he just left this notes to you" and my mom gives the notes to me. He write "See you in college my games sister and welcome to the real campus" I just smirk for the notes. "Bye mom, see you later" I leaving my house and run to the subway quickly. I'm one campus with my brother but different department, I in Art and Culture Department and this is my first year in college. I'm very shy in front people, this is my deficiency and because of that i can't quick make some friends. But a girl come to me with bright smile on her bunny teeth and talk to me "Hai, my name is Nayeon. Good to see you", I reply "Hi Nayeon, I'm Mina. Is good to see you too." Me and Nayeon become friends and Nayeon introduce her other friends are Sana and Jihyo in lunch. But their are not interested in games, different with me I'm really love games especially multiplayer games. Only "Skaters01Nov" my virtual friend in any multiplayer game that I play. We are good team in any game, and I really love to be team with Skaters01Nov. I don't know if Skaters01Nov is boy or girl but I hope it is boy, because very comfortable chat and playing with Skaters01Nov. Maybe I should ask later.

This piscture is from jeongmilove tumblr, thank you :)


In cafeteria at lunch break
Kai : "You bring that meal so much"
Jeongyeon : "I'm so starving because of the calculus take my whole energy"
Seongwoo : "You're so lame Jeongyeon" punch Jeongyeon chest
Daniel : "I hope find a girl the one that love me so much this year with new fresh student"
Kai : "If you're not made weird machine again I think a girl will come forward to you" teasing Kai to Daniel
They have chat and laughing with their friendship until someone yell to their chair
Mina : "Ya Oppa, why you leaving me to the campus today ? You was promised to me came the campus together in my first day"
Jeongyeon, Kai, Seongwoo, and Daniel glance to the whining girl.
Kai : "Mianhe Minari, because you wake up late this morning. It's not my fault break my promise, it that's you" teasing Mina in front of his friends and their laughing at her.

Kai and Mina are sibling, their just different one year. Sometimes people think they are a perfect couple, because of their proximity. And now their in same college

Jeongyeon : "Hi Mina, is good to see you in here. Sometime we must see each other in this building, Right ?"
Mina : "Come on Jeongyeon Oppa, you're very often comes to my house for playing with my brother since last year" tease Mina and their laughing hard
Daniel : "Kai you're family is magic, look at you and you're sister visual is no joke"
Seongwoo : "I'm so jealous too" their burst laugh of Daniel and Seongwoo comment
Mina : "Oh, this is my friends Nayeon, Sana, and Jihyo."
Girls : "Hi sunbaenim"
Kai : "Wuahh uri Mina quickly make some friends thats good news."
Mina : "Stop teasing me Oppa, see you in the house." Mina shy so much in front of his brother friends especially Jeongyeon, because she want show her brave and cheerful in front of Jeongyeon. And then she leaving the cafeteria with her friends, Jengyeon stare Mina back and hope he will be close with her someday.

In Jeongyeon house

I need having fun this day is awful, playing game is my solution for this day in Jeongyeon mind. Then Jeongyeon power on his PC in his room and log in to his virtual game world. I hope "SwanPengu" online this time, because these several days it's off. Jeongyeon join to Sudden Attack chating room and hoping that SwanPengu is online, and finally Jeongyeon see green light of ID SwanPengu that's it's online. Quickly Jeongyeon chat it.
Skaters01Nov :Hi friend, long time no see you in this game. Where have you been these several days ?
SwanPengu :I preparing for my college this day and very exhausting :(
Skaters01Nov :Congrats newbie hahaha, i hope you enjoy your new experience in college ;)
SwanPengu :I hope so but my friends don't interest game like me, it's so unfortunate can't play with them
Stkaters01Nov :But you have me in here, in this virtual game not the real world hahha
SwanPengu :You're so funny, I like your joke haha
Skaters01Nov :Thank you, you're the one that likes my joke :)
Skaters01Nov :Today is so awful
SwanPengu :Why ?
Skaters01Nov :My energy loss because the calculus, so tragic hah ? hahhaha
SwanPengu :Hahaha you're so lame but fighting to your that enemy (calculus)
Skaters01Nov :As my friend say that 'so lame' but thank you for spirit :)
SwanPengu is typing...........
Why so long he or she writing in Jeongyeon mind
SwanPengu :Can I have ask someting to you ?
Skaters01Nov :Yes, anything. But don't ask about math ok
SwanPengu :Hahaha it's your weakness, I know about that
SwanPengu :I really like playing games with you
Skaters01Nov :Me too, we have same feeling and we are great team
Mina take the courage about her curious is Skaters01Nov is a boy or a girl
SwanPengu :I'm just curious about you
Skaters01Nov :Me ?? Why ?
Skaters01Nov :It's that your question ?
SwanPengu :You're a boy or a girl ?
Jeongyeon surprisingly about that question to him, in his mind he will ask same question someday but today Swanpengu is fast forward to him. He feel that SwanPengu and him have interested each other, what if SwanPengu is boy ? What should I do ? Please god SwanPengu is a girl Jeongyeon pray in his heart
Skaters01Nov is typing............
What if is a girl ? What should I do ? Oh my god I just think never ask that question to Skaters01Nov. Please a boy a boy a boy pray Mina. Mina waiting for her question over 15 minutes, and in her mind I should be never asking about that is that privacy right ? I must apology.
SwanPengu is typing......
When Mina is writing apology then Jeongyeon answer her question
Skaters01Nov :I'm a boy, what about you ?
Mina read that answer and so excitement about it, other than that Jeongyeon heart is palpitate so hard waiting for Mina answer
SwanPengu :I'm a girl, I'm so glad to know that's you are a boy
Skaters01Nov :Me too, I think we have same feeling each other hehe
Skaters01Nov :I hope we meet each other in real world :)
SwanPengu :Me too, that's my wish :)

Both Jeongyeon and Mina pray for their wish can meet each other in real world, because they have interested each other since they playing games together in virtual world.

P.S : This is my first story and I hope you like it guys :)


This is the final and I hope you like it guys, see you in the next story :)
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