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I'm sorry for one year of hiatus, last year I'm focused on my studies and I was graduate yeayyy... I'm so happy to finish it

Thank you for waiting about this story, stay healthy for everyone and I pray to the frontline team I love you and God bless you..

Sorry for the mistyping...


Jeongyeon calls Jihyo to pick her up at the hospital, Jihyo rushes to the hospital after receiving the call. She parked her car then ran to the emergency room, while in the lobby she saw Mina propping Jeongyeon's hand and she approached them.

Jihyo: "What happens to you?"

Jeongyeon: "When I crossed I was in a hurry not to look left and right and the car crashed and fainted and ended here"

Jihyo: "Are there serious injuries?"

Jeongyeon: "Just blister it in my hand" while showing his hand in the bandage

Jihyo: "Fortunately, I feel relieved. Wait in front of, I take the car"

Jihyo parked her car in front of the lobby opening the door for Jeongyeon, Mina sat in the back seat. Jeongyeon asks Jihyo to take Mina before going to his house.

Jeongyeon: "Do you remember the story of the girl who fought with me after I photographed the maple tree?"

Jihyo: "Of course, the girl you can't forget about it"

Jeongyeon: "That girl is Mina, I know it after reading an article in the newspaper about the incident in Yeouido"

Jihyo: "Oh my god, is that true?" getting shocked

Mina: "Yes, I just realized it at this time. After I got a call from the hospital, I panicked at all. I'm afraid Jeongyeon had a bad accident, luckily he is well”

Jihyo: "It turns out you have been met when you were teenagers and when you were adults by chance you also meet again. What an extraordinary fate, oh my god" feel disbelief 

They arrived at Mina's house, Jeongyeon escorted Mina to the front door. They hugging 

Mina: "Remember the doctor's say that for the next few days you should rest" while his hair, Jeongyeon just muttered ''hmm.."

Jeongyeon: "Thank you for prioritizing me to be the first place" Mina cupped his face

Mina: "I believe that there is always the right one for every soul as there is always the right time for everything" then she kissed him and Jeongyeon kissed her back

Mina: "You have to go home and rest, be careful" let go of his arms

Jeongyeon: "Have a nice dream my princess" held Mina's right cheek and kissed her then went to the car

Jihyo: "Maybe you forgot that I was in the car" teased

Jeongyeon: "I am sorry, I got carried away"

Jihyo: "I know that love bird, let's go home"

They arrive at Jeongyeon house, Jihyo helps Jeongyeon to enter the house. She made sure Jeongyeon went to sleep and then went home. In the morning Jeongyeon saw a note on the dining table that read 'I made some dishes last night, I put everything in the fridge. Don't forget to eat it, tomorrow I will come with Tzuyu to see your condition. Tzuyu is very worried, she wants to see you directly. From Jihyo'. He then opened the fridge and took out the dishes cooked by Jihyo, warming everything up and then having breakfast. His head still felt dizzy and finally he decided to go back to sleep after taking medicine.

During the day Jeongyeon woke up, his head was no longer dizzy. He came out of his room and went to the kitchen to get a drink, he walked into the middle room and the tv. He watched Netflix, he hadn't watched a movie series on that channel for a long time. The door to his house suddenly opens and a girl shouts “Jeongyeon oppa, Jeongyeon oppa”

Jeongyeon: "I'm here" he shouted and the girl ran to him and stood in front of him

Tzuyu: "Does it still hurt?" pointing to the wound in his hand

Jeongyeon: "It's not so painful, come sitting next to me. What do you want to watch?"

Jihyo: "You did not help your sister Tzuyu? Immediately ran to see him. I became wondering if you consider me as your sister?" both hands filled with food and groceries

Tzuyu: "Don't be so jealous unnie, you are my sister that I love after Jeongyeon oppa"

Jihyo: "I brought dishes from my mother, she made you rib soup so you get well soon. Have you had lunch?"

Jeongyeon: "Not yet" his eyes fixed on the tv screen

Jihyo: "Then I will warm this soup. Tzuyu help me take care of all this food and groceries" while putting her luggage on the dining table

Tzuyu: "Yeah, I came unnie" walked into the kitchen and arranged groceries in the fridge

They had lunch together, Tzuyu had just graduated now she was preparing herself to the university. Jeongyeon considers Tzuyu as his younger sister, she is always spoiled when she is nearby. Jeongyeon always accepts Tzuyu's wish and he is always scolded by Jihyo that don't always spoil Tzuyu. Jihyo wants her sister to try hard to fulfill her wish, but Tzuyu will definitely ask Jeongyeon if her wishes are not fulfilled.

Tzuyu: "Jeongyeon oppa, I saw a nice flower dress at the mall. I think the dress is suitable for summer like this"

Jeongyeon: "I'll buy it for you, just consider this as a gift from your graduation" smile to her

Jihyo: "Yoo Jeongyeon! You gave her a bag when you returned from Japan. And you said it was her graduation gift" yell to Jeongyeon, Jeongyeon just laughed

Jeongyeon: "It's okay Jihyo, just once in a while. After all, I haven't seen Tzuyu for a long time" Tzuyu's hair

Jihyo: “Gosh”

After they eat, Jihyo and Tzuyu clean the table. They reminded Jeongyeon to take the medicine. Then they played VR, Jeongyeon didn't take part in the game, he was busy looking at his phone.

Tzuyu: "Ahh ... I lost again" grumbled

Jihyo: "You can't beat me on this game" proudly

They didn't feel they were at Jeongyeon's house until evening before they went home to have dinner together. At 9 pm they went home, Jihyo reminded Jeongyeon not to think about work first so he would take care of everything. Tzuyu hugs Jeongyeon and says to get well soon

Jeongyeon: "Bye, be careful" waved his hand

After Jihyo and Tzuyu came home, Jeongyeon sat back on the couch to watch TV. Then the door opened, Mina entered the house. Mina approached Jeongyeon, then he stood up and hugged her tightly. "I miss you" he whispered to Mina's ear, after that Mina went into the kitchen and opened the fridge surprised by the contents of Jeongyeon's fridge

Mina: "Wow ... This fridge is exactly not like Yoo Jeongyeon" while entering the groceries then sat next to Jeongyeon by hugging his waist and leaning her head against his chest

Jeongyeon: "How is it in the office?" while her head

Mina: "Maybe for the next few months I will be very busy because I'm working on a megaproject. You know a new business partner from Japan right? I'll work on the project with them" her finger formed a circle above his chest. Mina didn't tell him about the day that she met her ex and that her ex will be the team leader of her for the new project 

Jeongyeon: "Don't force yourself too much, you have to take care of your health too" kissed her crown, Mina just nodded

They lay on the bed, Jeongyeon felt so nervous that he couldn't sleep. He looked up while Mina looked at him beside her

Mina: "Do you want me to pat you to sleep?" Jeongyeon just glanced at her "Or shall I sing you a lullaby?" Jeongyeon only clears his throat to reduce his nervousness

Mina: "This is why you can't sleep? You are staring blankly at the ceiling. I told you that I will help you to sleep, are you going to stay up all night like that?"

Jeongyeon: "Stop acting up" still look at the ceiling

Mina: "What? What is it? Why are you so shy?" while shaking her hand with a small laugh, Jeongyeon suddenly turned around to Mina so they faced each other. They stared at each other with small smiles

Jeongyeon: "Can I hold your hand?" Mina nodded and gave her left hand then he held it by putting their hands near his chest and close his eyes

Mina: "Goodnight"

In the morning Mina taking out food from the fridge to heating up, after that she walking to her boyfriend room sat in the bed beside him. Looking at his face her hand his hair.

Mina: "Hei.. wake up, I'll be waiting outside"

Jeongyeon wakes up and takes a shower and goes to the dining room for breakfast, Mina is waiting for him. He approached Mina and kissed her forehead, then sat in front of her. They had breakfast together, Mina reminded Jeongyeon to take the medicine before she left.

Mina: "Just rest, are you going to get back the office the day after tomorrow don't you ?"

Jeongyeon: "Yup, I think tomorrow my energy will be back as usual. Don't be tempted by the seduction of other men as long as I'm not beside you, and stop smiling in front of men, don't look cute in any way."

Mina just laughed at Jeongyeon's words

Mina: "Why do you mean ? Are you jealous ? They only give me chocolate and my favorite drink"

Jeongyeon: "If they keep giving you then I will eat it" Mina laughing and looking her watch

After the breakfast Mina need to going work

Mina: "I need to go now, you go inside first"

Jeongyeon: "No, you go first. I want to look your beautiful back” Mina leave first when she walk away then she turns around and flip her hair, show her gummy smile and saying something to him. He waving his hand and say "I love you too" to her. 

Jeongyeon started working again after few days, Chaeyoung gave him the new project and had to finish before the end of the year. The project team with Nayeon and Jihyo.

Jeongyeon: "Where is Mina?"

Chaeyoung: "She is in a meeting with a Japanese company partner, oh yeah I will introduce them to you at lunch. So don't make another appointment at lunch ok ?"

Jeongyeon: "Yes mam! See you later Chae" he returned to work walking to his office

At lunch they gather at the company restaurant

Chaeyoung: "Momo and Sana, this is Yoo Jeongyeon he is the creative director that I rely on for the progress of the company

Momo: "Nice to meet you"

Sana: "Hi, my pleasure to meet you, Mr. Yoo"

Jeongyeon: "Nice to meet you both"

Momo is looking at him from head to toe because Jeongyeon is sitting next to Mina. Several times Jeongyeon cut a steak for Mina and he joked too, which made only Mina laugh the other just smirk to him saying that jokes are so lame.

Momo: "I think I'

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