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Momo and Sana sit opposite, Momo plays the glass he holds and Sana looks at him. Momo had remembered all the incidents when they were drunk, and she remembered kissing Sana that she thought Mina. Sana is her best friend since high school, they are so close. They both always tell each other's personal problems and give each other advice. Because so close the relationship both of them many people who mistakenly think that they are lovers.

Momo: "Ehmm .." awkwardly "Forgive me that I have kissed you while drunk"

Sana actually remembered all the events that night during the break, she focused on the roof of the office to remember the incident. But she chose not to tell Momo about it, she wanted Momo to remember by herself. She assumes so for fear of misunderstanding. After she remembered kissing Momo, she felt something strange inside her heart. Feelings she did not know yet.

Sana: "I'm sorry too, that's my habit while sleeping not using a bra" Momo was relieved that it was not him who had let go of Sana's bra
Sana: "I do not want any mischief between us, I want our friendship to stay as usual, please do not be awkward among us" looked at Momo with hopeful eyes. Then Momo grabs Sana's head and caresses it
Momo: "You are my partner in crime in my life" smiling broadly
Sana: "And you are my drinking partner" laughing

They chatted as usual no more awkwardness between them. Momo also tells Sana he remembered because he was drinking with Dahyun, also already explained to Dahyun what really happened. Sana was relieved at that. Sana is also a wonder whether Momo regrets having broken up with Mina, with a relationship for three years that they have build, even they have been engaged and prepare for marriage.

Sana: "Don't you regret ending your relationship with Mina?" I saw that same smile on Momo face, it's kind of smile that hides sadness. At that moment I think he probably needed a friend she thought.
Momo: "I've tried to ask myself, should I get her back ? I wish I knew the answer"
Sana: "Are you alright ?"
Momo: "I don't have the answer" he started to cry "Why can't I talk myself the way I want? I can't make excuse or blame anyone. I wanna turn back time to when it was okay."

Then Sana took Momo's hand and held it, Momo lowered her head and cried. Sana waits for him to calm down, 'So far he's hiding his feelings, you're so hurt. Does it hurt? Why do not you share that pain with me? ' in her mind. They sat on the couch, Momo wiped the snot in his nose with a tissue. Sana then gave him a tissue again

Sana: "Done with crying ? Your nose get red " then she touched Momo's chest "It should hurt bad" looked at Momo's chest with teary eyes, hugged him and pat his shoulder.
Sana: "The worst kind of pain is when you're smiling just to stop the tears from falling. Do you still love her ?"
Momo: "Life isn't very long, and it's hard to find someone who really loves you. So I can't give her up"
Sana: "Then take her back, take her heart back to you. No matter what happen I will always support you" patting his shoulder then release it.
Sana: "Pain and sadness can also become path. Be happy and the reasons will come along"
Momo: "Thank you for console me" caressing her palm
Sana: "We're friend, don't mention it. Do you want sleep here ?"
Momo: "Thanks, I must go home because I got meeting tommorrow. Wish me luck for getting back Mina again". Leaving Sana house and waving to her. Sana sit in the couch, thinking about Momo and find the reason why she kiss him.
Sana: "It's because I find your lips so kissable, and your kiss unmissable. Your fingertips so touchable, I think I start to loving you Hirai Momo" while looking at the picture of her and Momo in her phone.

After work Momo decide go to Mina's office, when he arrived at the lobby he meet with Chaeyoung.
Momo: "Hi Chae, how are you ?"
Chaeyoung: "Momo... long time to see you. I'm good, what brings you here by the way ? It must be about Minari right ?" smirk to him then Momo smile to her
Momo: "You know me so well Chae. Is Mina in here ?"
Chaeyoung: "Mina was in Osaka become guide to Yoo Jeongyeon my colleague, I thought she informs you about that because she take a leave for few days and I disturb her leave for work"
Momo: "Why she take a leave this week ?"
Chaeyoung: "She want to visit her parents, just it. You're her fiancee, you must be know about that" smack Momo shoulder

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