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It's been two weeks Mina working at the head office, she remembers about her teenage in this town. She spends her teenage years in here because of her father job than when she eighteen she moved to Kyoto when her seventeen she got accident and make her a little bit trauma. Today is friday 'TGIF' in her mind, tomorrow she will laying in her bed watch movie from her laptop and playing games pubg. Chaeyoung approach her table 
Chaeyoung: "Mina, do you have agenda tonight ?"
Mina: "No I don't have, why? Are you need me to work overtime ?"
Chaeyoung: "It is not that, you have to attend an exhibition with me and Nayeon"
Mina: "Oh... I need to go home to change my dress"
Chaeyoung: "You don't need to, I have prepared a dress for you and Nayeon. Because you're the special guest for that event" smirk to her "Well we go there with my car, I'll be waiting at the lobby at 6 pm. Don't be late!" walk back to her office

Mina dressed in white, Nayeon dressed black and white, and Chayeong dressed in black. 'Maybe the theme is black and white' Mina thought. In forty-five minutes they arrived at the venue, all the guests there are famous people. "You must be looking a guy to date, it's your chance to get fabulous handsome men do not waste it" Nayeon told to her. "Good luck unnie, I'm just enjoying this event". Then Nayeon approaching some guys at her front of and chat to them. Mina just looking of the photo gallery, the photos on display are really beautiful, have deep meaning. Photographer is like want to tell the story behind his photo to the viewers. When she comes to the main area, she surprises look some photos over there. That area is full of a photo of her

'Another side of you, admire a whale shark you see for the first time'

'First time I saw you in the snowfall'

'When you looking back at me'

'I was caught by you'

'You write our schedule for tomorrow'

'The day I leave you'

'Dear you, I may be thousands of miles away but you're still the first thing on my mind' 


All of the photos remind he

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