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Jieun’s Point of View

Jackson paced around my small living room, listing off some training I should do to have better control of my wolf. “We should go to the lycan diversion every week. Matter of fact, we should train every week to see what ticks your wolf and figure out why you were able to turn to fight BAP. We could get you mad, get you sad, or whatever else emotion we can get out of you to see what works. Jieun, your wolf is so strong and you should take advantage it! You could have fought off those thieves and protected yourself or -”

Jackson rambled on about other methods to help me turn into my wolf form. After I told him what had happened at the mall, he comforted and coaxed me. After he made sure I was fine he was set on helping me turn into my wolf so I could better protect myself. Now that he knows it’s possible for me to turn, he really wanted to help.

The thought of going to lycan diversion made me extremely nervous though. My first one didn’t go so great and I do not want to embarrass myself again…

“We could do breathing exercises or maybe something to get your blood pumping. We’ll work out the kinks and hold on, Jongin’s calling,” Jackson stopped and picked up the phone to his ear. 

“What’s up you dog? Why are you calling me … Oh, yeah. Thank you for helping Jieun. Yeah, she’s fine… yes, I can ask her… Wait, in 2 days? Is that on Sunday?… Sure. I can text you her number. Are you and the others okay?... That’s good. Bye Jongin,” Jackson said through the phone. I looked at him expectantly since he mentioned my name. I hope nothing bad happened to the boys and hopefully, none of them were injured. 

“How are they? Did any of them get hurt? Did they get in trouble with the humans?” I asked worriedly and sat up straight on the couch. 

He nodded, “They were fine. No injuries. They all ran before any other humans got there. Jongin and Sehun want their clothes back though, especially Jongin. Said there was something important for Bora in his jacket pocket. Could you bring it to him this Sunday at Bora’s birthday party?” 

Something in his pocket? Oh, right! There was something bulky in his pocket, I took it out of the jacket to make sure I didn’t drop it on the way home. It seemed like jewelry so no wonder it was for Bora.

“I’m glad they made it out okay and yeah, I have the gift he was talking about. It’s probably Bora’s birthday present. We already said we didn’t want to go to the party but do you want to come with me to drop it off?” I asked, settling comfortably on my couch. 

Jackson sat closely next to me on the couch, it was so close our shoulders were touching. My shoulders raised a bit and I scooted away, just enough for our shoulders to not touch. 

Jackson was always so intimate and I never got used to it. He’s always been the guy to hug you after every hangout, no matter how well you know him. Heck, I’ve even seen him hug strangers after short conversations in public. He’s always been pretty affectionate and that’s why everyone loves Jackson. He hits it off with anyone.

Meanwhile, I’ve always hated any physical touch from anyone since I

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