Lost You Once, Lose You Again (LYOLYA)

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Yoo Jeongyeon decided to return to South Korea after being convinced by her sister: Jihyo. In the eyes of humans, Jeongyeon is a normal college professor teaching History and Arts.. But behind her innocent and genteel façade, she is far beyond human. She is known by many other mythical and mystical creatures as the Sea Serpent who devoureed the moons of the past. She is the infamous Bakunawa or the Moon-eating Dragon in the Philippine mythology.

Jeongyeon lived her life searching for answers about her gift and searching for the person whom she loves to end the curse that was bestowed upon her. She travelled the world to search the answers of her questions—but failed. She hoped that going back to Korea will answer things.

But it won’t be that easy.

Secrets and mysteries began to unfold during her search for the Serpent’s bride, and danger will interfere as well.

Come and join Jeongyeon’s journey to her happy ending.



Warning: It's composed of words that are not pleasing to the ears, nesh subject that might upset the readers, and mature scenes (may or may not be explicit) and other mature content such as kissing, biting, and many others. *Note: I won't be using honorifics

Rated M Warning: This story is pictured in a college and adult life setting, hence, there are scenes not suitable for readers under 18 years of age. *Note: This fanfic is not mostly filled with ual content and violence. I can't set up the Rated M warning since there are only scenes THAT ARE NOT suitable for young readers.


Disclaimer: Names and personalities of the characters in this story do not represent the idols on real life; Philippine Airlines, College of Saint Benilde, Korea National University of Arts, Park Central Towers; or any of the people connected to the places/management that are mentioned; or Korean entertainments mentioned in the story. This is purely made with the author's imagination.


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The Sea Serpent is back with a new title: "Lost You Once, Lose You Again"


This story is based on a Philippine mythology, hence, some words used are in the form of Tagalog. However, most of this story is in English. I will put up a Glossary and translations for everyone to understand.

Feel free to ask me questions, and I hope you like another fanfic of the great Trashy-Authornim! You can also read my other 2yeon fanfics such as Under My Possession AND my SeulRene "Regina" You can go and check them on my profile (low-key promoting haha).


     “This is not real. I’m just dreaming. If I close my eyes and open them everything will be back to normal!” Nayeon said frantically while walking from side to side. She closed her eyes and kept repeating her words – convincing herself that everything that had happened was all a joke.

     I released a sigh, “Miss Im, I—”

     Before I can finish my sentence, Nayeon opened her eyes and messed her hair. “For God’s sake! How can I just convince myself that this is not real!? A three-headed dragon attacked me, and a girl bent water like goddamn Katara from Avatar, and a damn lizard arrived and saved me!”

          “I am not a lizard!” I shout - catching Nayeon’s attention. I crossed my arms on my chest, “I am a Sea Serpent—dragon, rather. I eat moons in the past.”

     Nayeon raised her hand at shoulder level out of disbelief. “A serpent that has the power to eat the only ball of light in the sky at night, wowImagine that!” She said, sarcastically. “She’s my professor as well! What the heck is going on with me?! Have I gone mad?! This got to be a dream! Or, maybe this is a new scene from the new movie? I don’t care what the heck is going on, but I know this isn’t real! It has to be. If this is a prank by one of my friends they better be prepared for the consequence. If it is one of my haters I’m suing them. This is not a good prank!”

     Seriously, can this girl shut her blabbering for a minute and let me explain the situation here?! She’s not the only one who is surprised!

     I cleared my throat. “Sorry to disturb you from your… tantrum, but I would like to—”

     Nayeon stared at me with caution and anxiety. “You don’t eat humans… do you?” Jihyo and I glanced at each other and shook our heads no. Nayeon sighed, “That’s relieving. I don’t want to get eaten by a lizard.”

     Seeing her frantic actions, I just cannot say I eat humans when I do… before, that is.

     “I told you I am not a lizard, Nayeon!”

     “Why are you shouting at me?! Lizards don’t shout at humans.”

     “Okay, that-does-it!” I stormed my way toward Nayeon. She took steps back until her back hit the wall. I leaned my face close to her and look into her eyes in full seriousness. “You just got attacked by a Hydra—a dangerous mythical creature. Thankfully I noticed you are being followed by a mythical creature, and because of that we managed to save you—and the reason for you to be alive at this point. If you are wondering why in the world would we do that, it is not because you are an actress, but because you can see mythical creatures in our forms that no one can ever see which is very peculiar. That is why I and my sister had to save your life to seek answers on how! Again, I am not a lizard.”

     “Who are you?”

     “I am the guardian of mythical, mystical, and supernatural creatures—I keep the balance balanced under the name of God. You are someone who can see our secrets and isn’t affected by any magic. I must keep an eye on you and keep you safe until I find answers. Do you understand?”

     “So… does that make you my gorgeous yet strict guardian who keeps an eye on my every move? And you’d do anything for me to be safe?” Nayeon asked, smiling slyly. “If I scream for help one day, you’ll come running? Am I wrong, Professor Yoo-Jeong-yeon?”

     I scoffed with a smirk. I tilted more of my face towards her, “Yes. I am your strict yet strikingly gorgeous professor. And I’m not like the people you act with within a romantic TV drama, Nayeon. Your sweet moves won’t work on a serpent with an armoured heart. I look forward to our lecture later. I hope you are ready.”

     Nayeon smiled, curving up her eyes. “Jeongyeon, my mind, heart, and body are always ready. But are you? Look, you are blushing red and you are sweating. I never saw a lizard blush once in my life.”

     This girl really won’t stop calling me a lizard

     I added, “Watch your mouth, human. I eat girls like you… before.”

     “But d-didn’t you just say you don’t eat humans? Oh wait, you added before. And did I hear you right? You eat girls like me?” Nayeon stammered. She covered in surprise, “ert.”

     I heard Jihyo snicker behind me.

     My face heated up out of embarrassment. “Not in that way!” I defend while shaking my head and pushing my body away from her.

     Im Nayeonthis girl will be the cause of all trouble.

Currently in a SHORT hiatus due to a fully packed schedule in uni. I will still update; however, under serious circumstances, the update would take month/s


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Chapter 20: Jeongyeon is back and ready to continue her work while seeing past memories of her in her dreams, by that making weather turn bad real fast.

Happy to see her reunion with rest of the girls, their bond makes my heart melt. Jeongyeon might be one of the top creatures and a beautiful girl in her humsn form but it is nice to see that power not getting to her head.
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Chapter 19: The concept is very interesting and also introduces to Philippine mythology.

Jeongyeon is missing her lover, having to live centuries with pain, knowing that there will be nothing to ease her pain.
She is also doing harm to people of the Philippines, by making it rain a lot.

Now it will rain in Korea.
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Chapter 29: Я так обожаю эту историю
Chapter 26: The rain…is worrying.
Chapter 23: …..
Chapter 21: Thanks for updating :) love this story so happy it's finally back.you're a Genshin Impact player too. I also play it. I just lost the 50/50 on latest bannner by hard pity.lol hahaha
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Chapter 19: PH Gov't lmao. I DIE
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Chapter 2: Di mo na ba in-edit 'to? Hehez. Naulit yung Kubo kasi marecakes
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NOW WE'RE STARTING ASFGHCJAGAKA Finish this one up pls! hahahhahaha