Lost You Once, Lose You Again (LYOLYA)
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Chapter 1.1: Sirène 



I told my stories to Chaeyoung and Tzuyu and managed to answer their questions about the past 10 years. Tzuyu and Chaeyoung grew a lot. Before Chaeyoung wouldn’t even allow me to leave them behind (crying while telling me not to go), Tzuyu, on the other hand, may have an aloof demeanour to others but her emotions will always give way when it comes to her family (tearing up as well when I was leaving). The crybabies from before have grown.

     I rarely drink alcoholic beverages, but my return is something to be celebrated so I went to the counter and ordered a glass of wine. This celebration is not only to welcome me back but also a reassurance to the mythic that whatever problem is going on their way, the goddess is there to help.

     After grabbing my drink, I saw no sign of my sister at our table. I asked Tzuyu where Jihyo is and she replied, “Jihyo left a while ago because a friend called her.”

     I nodded my head. I sat on my chair, “I heard you have trouble with your transformation, Chaeyoung.” I mentioned, before sipping my drink. “Jihyo told me. Seems like there was no progress in the past 10 years.” 

     Chaeyoung sighed and rest her head on her knuckles. She replied, “Well, yeah. You taught me how to suppress it, but quelling the urge is not enough.” 

Son Chaeyoung (Non-Human). A werewolf that I met back here in South Korea. She was roaming around in the forest, hungry, alone, and wounded. I was a hunter at that time and it was open season, so hunting is evident. I saw her unconscious in the snow (she was too weak to move) and took her in. At first, she still had her guard up but soon got comfortable with my presence. I introduced her to Jihyo and Tzuyu and then she became a part of my family. Chaeyoung easily learns the ways of humanity and such. However, her transformation is a problem. Every full moon, she would transform into a wolf and go on a rampage, as if she is fighting someone who is not there – searching for someone who is long gone but, in her head, still exists. We have to restrain her because of that; however, she’s wild and powerful (really powerful), so restraining her had always been a difficult process. Despite all the known treatments, no improvements were made. Not even my powers can help her, which baffled me. So, we had an alternate plan: for every full moon, Jihyo will have to restrain her with magical shackles to keep her suppressed and lock her in a magical chamber where she can scream and throw a rampage until the moon disappears. 

     Tzuyu pats Chaeyoung’s head, “Don’t worry, Chaeng. Jeongyeon is already here to help. Right?” 

     I nodded my head.

     Knowing Chaeyoung is having a hard time controlling her power, I realized that a lot needed my help. I feel guilty for leaving because of my selfishness in searching for answers about this gift of mine – not even considering the situation of those who are under my guidance and protection.

     My attention transferred to Tzuyu, “How about you Tzuyu? Nothing serious?” I asked.

     “Jihyo and Chaeyoung are managing the amount of my consumption. One cup of blood (which is half of a pack to fill the cup) each month.” She answered. She placed her index and thumb finger under her chin in a pensive gesture before continuing, “As for the blood bank, 50 packs of blood are reserved for me this year. 6 packs are enough for a year, so I have enough.”

     “Good. That is an improvement. You used to drink a pack or two. Keep up the good work, Tzuyu.” 

Chou Tzuyu (Non-Human). Tzuyu was the heir of their kingdom – exiled monarch. The rest of her family had died and she was the only one who can protect her people, but she decided not to go back because of the grudge she cannot let go of. Years before I saw Chaeyoung in the woods, I encountered Tzuyu in a town of old Korea – alone and thirsty for blood and war. I was expecting her to come and attack me, but she didn’t, which made me question why she didn’t attack. The emptiness I saw in her eyes, the lifelessness and hopelessness evident on her face, was the same look I had before so I understood what she was going through—Tzuyu lost someone special to her. I did not waste any moment and I persuade her to join me and be part of the family with Jihyo. Jihyo and I decided to do something that can help her hunger, so we implemented a strict diet for her so that she can control her desire for blood.

     Speaking of Jihyo, my sister came.

     “Where have you been?” I asked. 

     “Went out. And… I know this is sudden, but we rarely have cases like this.” She answered. “This is a serious case, Jeongyeon.” 

     “What is it?” 

     “I saw this girl and decided to bring her here. She needs help. In fact, she’s waiting outside.” 

     “Outside? It’s cold outside! Let her in.” 

     Jihyo left to accommodate the upcoming guest.

     “I smell something weird,” Chaeyoung said while sniffing the air. Her nose is catching a scent but cannot quite identify it. It is either it is the first time she encountered it, or she is confused about how to determine the smell.

     “Can’t smell anything,” Tzuyu added while imitating the same gesture of the latter.

     “Well duh? You’re a bloodsucking vampire, how can you smell a scent if you don’t have any strong sense of smell like us wolves? Use your head, bloodsucker.” 

     “I’m using my head! Vampires have a strong sense of smell as well, just so you know. And you’re talking to an heir! Learn to respect me.” 

     “What if I don’t?”

     Ah, of course. I’m stuck here while listening to their arguments… I sighed. Tzuyu and Chaeyoung get along, but there are times they don’t. I don’t know why they have to start bickering at each other over trivial things. They are hard to control—sometimes. Especially when they argue. 

     “Stop it you two!” Jihyo reprimanded, arriving at the table, “This is the reason why humans think that vampires and werewolves are enemies. And even made movies and books about it. Save your complaints and bickering for later. Let me introduce to you my friend, Dahyun.”

     A girl, standing behind my sister bowed. 

     “H-Hello. My name is Dahyun.” She shyly greeted. 

     Jihyo placed both of her hands on the girl’s shoulder, and said, “I saw her walking around the streets of Seoul—no weapons or anything to protect her. I was surprised to see her kind on land.” 

     Chaeyoung pointed her finger at Dahyun, “You smell like fish!” Tzuyu slapped her on the shoulders in return. Chaeyoung rubbed her shoulders gently while sticking out her tongue to the latter. Her attention averted back to Dahyun, “What kind of mythical creature are you?” h

     Dahyun smiled shyly while she sat on the vacant chair, “I’m a sirène.” She replied. 


     “It’s French for mermaid, Chaeng. But they are different with mermaids—generally.” Tzuyu corrected. “They work and live in colonies and are far more vicious than any mermaid races. Their existence is traced back to ancient times. To put it simply, they are the oldest and most respected race in the water kingdom.” 

     A sirène coming to land is extremely rare. Sirènes never leave their territory (and are territorial) and have strict rules when it comes to leaving their domain. So, for this young mermaid to leave just like that is a brave thing to do… or a death wish. Dahyun’s race is the rarest mermaid race ever – only 2 were discovered by the mortals, and humans are not aware of that. Sirène tears can not only form pearls but diamonds and crystals as well; their scales are stronger and have high durability than any metal, as well as it is more profitable. Just like the description of mermaids, they have a unique beauty and voice – if one is tempted, no one can ever remove themselves from the alluring beauty.

     Jihyo introduced us one by one to Dahyun. “—And the girl in front of you is Yoo Jeongyeon, or sometimes we call Naua—the Goddess. Also known as t

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