Chapter 3.0: Kou's Resemblance

Lost You Once, Lose You Again (LYOLYA)
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Chapter 3.0: Kou's Resemblance




I walked down the halls. Students greeted me with wide smiles on their faces. I entered my designated room, and everyone is in their seats. There are familiar faces in the class – celebrities that I know all because of Dahyun.

     I took a marker and wrote my name on the whiteboard, “My name is Professor Yoo Jeongyeon,” I introduced myself before facing them. “I will be your professor in Drama. Since the previous professor is on the leave due to health problems, I will be your substitute teacher. If you have any questions, please ask so.”

     All of them remained silent. 

     I cleared my throat, “Now before I start my class, let me remind you that I am unlike any other professors here at KNUA. I expect everyone to listen to my lectures, and all your attention only to me whenever I am teaching. What I don’t like the most is arrogance, disobedience, and procrastination. I will also give you two chances if ever I gave you flunk grades. After that, no more chances—even if you kneel or give me something for bribery.” I took out my laptop and opened a document, which is also seen on the whiteboard with the help of the projector. “I won’t take too much of your time so let us start. Today’s class will be about the Fundamental Ways of Acting.” 

     I started my lecture as any other teacher would. I stood there in front explaining and answering their questions.

     “Acting isn’t just pretending to be someone, or the “be yourself” idea, nor any other platitude reasons. Acting is an art on which we expose another part of ourselves; it is a practice to show our masks. It is to express the inner you. It’s not just a “be yourself” statement, it shows more of yourself idea.”

     “But professor,” a student said, “isn’t expressing ourselves more like being ourselves?”

     I shake my head, “No. Because being yourself is just showing what you thought you know about who you are. Expressing ourselves, however, is discovering the other parts within you.” I answered. “Can I continue?”

     The student nodded his head.

     “Why do you think people act?” I continued. Students raised their hands, then I pointed to a student from the back of the class.

     She answered, “People act to portray the characters they’re assigned or choose.”

     I nod my head lightly, “True. One of the common reasons why. But what exactly is the main reason why people act? It’s not just to portray, pretend, show off, reach their dreams, or anything. What is the real reason why famous actresses and actors we see in TV dramas and movies act? We have celebrities in this class, correct? Now tell me, anyone, why do you act?”

     As usual, humans answered me the mediocrity. Of course, I am not surprised – I’ve been through a lot of disappointments in my life, thus, this one is not startling.

     “Truly, your answers are of the norm,” I spoke. “You guys answered: to entertain, to be amazed, and more. Yet there is one specific answer that (in my years of teaching) none had ever answered correctly. Why do you act? Why do people act?”

     The door clam wide open. “It’s to be seen!” someone exclaimed. A girl panted while bowing. My students began to whisper in excitement, “Sorry, I’m late!”

     I excused her and settled the students. “Proceed to your chair, Miss?” 

     “Minatozaki Sana,” she said, sitting on the front row.

     She’s the girl whom I saw Momo with in COEX. I didn’t know she was in my class. And she’s late as well. Since It’s my first day, I’ll excuse her for her tardiness.

     “Miss Minatozaki, your answer is correct. And please refrain from coming late to my class, I will excuse you for today.” I answered. My eyes went back to the students, “People act for them to be seen. Actors and actresses want to act so that they can be seen—to see their masks unfold. In the future, some of you will be an actress or an actor just like Miss Minatozaki here, and to do that you must show the inner you.” 

     “Now, continuing—” I move on with my lecture, it’s just the basics so it didn’t take long I only told them more about the fundamentals and some key points in acting as well.

     “Tomorrow, there will be no surprise quiz from me, unlike from your previous professor,” the students sighed in relief. “However, I will have this thing I call a Mask-Out Demonstration, or MOD for short. It is a test to see what you lack in acting, and with that, I can teach you how to reach the passing score of the drama world—I will teach you to be better. The first week will be a trial run, and my semester exam is you all will act in front of the university president, me, and professional actors and coaches in the acting industry.”

     “Don’t you think it is unfair if students who are already actors and actresses in this class will be joining the inexperienced, professor? They already have the capability.” A student from the middle chairs complained, eyes on Sana. “They will take most of the attention and the points. They’re looking down on us and they have the advantage. I bet before they even start to act the professors will give them a high score.”

     I saw Sana sulk from her chair.

     Does it seem this girl does not get along with the actors and actresses in the Department of Drama? Now, why is that? She is

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