Chapter 1.0: Sirène

Lost You Once, Lose You Again (LYOLYA)
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Chapter 1: Sirène 



Useless. That’s what my time here in the Philippines ended up: Useless. I don’t want to leave the Philippines since I still have questions that are yet to be answered; but as much as I want to stay… I can’t. The reasons are simple: (1) None of my questions were answered on the place of origin, (2) I am causing consistent rainfall in the country, and (3) I have unfinished business in Korea – for short, taking care of my family and my job as a guardian. 

     My name is Yoo Jeongyeon, but some – and by some, I meant other mythical creatures on Earth – call me by the name Naua. I’m the infamous Bakunawa (a giant sea serpent in Philippine mythology). I can change into different sizes – I can change them in with my own will. My wings can cover planets, and my mouth is the same size as a celestial body which allows me to devour the sun or the moon itself. If I flap my wings whilst in human form, I could destroy a city or two. To avoid such danger, I maintain my human form. It’s a hassle to be in my original form since humans are such curious creatures. They’ll do what it takes just to capture a mythical being and dissect it to discover its secrets.

     To hide my true identity, I have to act like and live like humans; hence, I work like humans. I used to be a college professor who taught advanced literature at one of the universities in the Philippines. Now, I left the job, and I am going back to the country where I was born in this lifetime – the country of South Korea.

     During the past 10 years of my stay in the country, I was hunted by a nightmare – a nightmare that went on and on – a never-ending nightmare. Psychology can’t help, medications, or any human solution. No human can help me from my nightmares, and no creature would. The weather depends on my mood, and because of those nightmares I caused bothering rains – which baffled the meteorologist. 

     The car stopped in front of NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). The driver opened the door for me – and took my luggage out of the car trunk.

     I face Leah, saying, “Don’t cry,” Knowing her, she will cry. She is an emotional person – like a mother. So, I have to give her a reassuring smile. That way, she can be at ease.

     Yaya Leah is the daughter of the man who was my loyal servant. He passed away years ago, and her daughter became my new servant. Her family served me for generations – rather, her family is known to be loyal devotees of the serpent; hence, their loyalty to me.

     Leah wiped her tears away whilst she kept telling her memories about the time serving me. “It’s so hard for me to see you leave, Young Master.” 

     I said my last goodbyes to the two before heading to the entrance. After my luggage was checked by the machine, I proceed to the exclusive check-in counter for the VIPs. As I walk my way to the counter, tourists and other people glanced in my direction. I did mention that I’m the so-called “Bakunawa” – some call me the Giant Sea Serpent, the Moon-Swallower, or the Moon-eating Dragon – but I forgot to say that aside from being a powerful god, the serpent is considered enthralling whenever the goddess is in her human form. Hence, the looks, the attention, and the admiration coming from those looking at me were not in question. After all, humans have a keen eye for beauty.

     While walking to the check-in counter, I met an old friend of mine – an executive member of the airline I am booked in. That friend is one of the VIPs in the whole airline. Meaning, what we say goes. 

     “Miss Yoo!” He bowed to greet me, and I bow back in return. “Flying somewhere?” 

     “I’m flying back to South Korea, director.” 

     “Oh! Going back home. Perfect timing, I was about to go to the lounge. Business trip in Japan. May I join you?” 

     “How can I say no to an old friend?” 

     We both stopped in front of the Philippine Airline’s check-in counter before we proceeded to the Mabuhay Lounge.

     The director and I went to a seat, but he stopped midway while looking at his phone.

     “Is there something wrong?” I ask. 

     He replied while looking at his phone, “My flight to Japan has been moved. I may not be able to join you, Miss Yoo.” 

     All I can say was an oh. He bid his farewell to me and left. I snapped my fingers as I watch him walk away from me. By now, I’m no longer in his memory – rather, all humans who know me (unless they are humans who earned my trust), have no memory of me and that also includes my records in the country. That’s a way for me to move around the world freely. With all the high technology around, I must protect my image and existence. I don’t want humans to discover about us mythical beings.

     I’m alone – sitting on a comfortable chair in the lounge while reading a book by one of my favourite writers: Empire of Lies by Andrew Klavan. This book interests me a lot. All the twists and turns intrigue me. The mystery is so different, and it hooks me to finish the whole book.

     Ten minutes passed… 

     Another ten minutes… 

     And another… 

      And another… 

     I’m neither thirsty nor hungry, but if I won’t do anything my boredom will annoy me. I get bored easily. I like things that entertain me since it distracts me from unwanted thoughts.

     A couple sat on the opposite couch beside the one I’m sitting on. The lady is a Filipina, and the guy is Korean. The two are exchanging sweet words with each other and took pictures with each other. I couldn’t help but smile and feel sad at the same time.  

     Their conversation caught my attention: 

     “Stop it!” The girl giggled while stopping her lover from tickling her, “Or I’ll let the Bakunawa eat you.” 

     “What’s a Bakunawa?” Her lover asked. 

     “Well, here in the Philippines, we have stories that our grandmas and grandpas and ancestors passed from generation to generation. Before, my lola* used to tell me about the story of a giant flying sea dragon eating up the moons. It gives me the creeps before since the dragon is not only known for eating moons but also known for eating humans. Then, as the years go by, I found out that the story that used to give me the creeps was just a story about eclipses.” 

     The intercom announces my plane landing on the ground. I grabbed my luggage and stood up – passing the couple and overhearing them exchange sentences:

     “Well, you don’t need to be afraid now. If the Bakunawa is real I will protect you because I love you!” Said the man.

     “I love you too~” 

     I continued walking – with one thought in mind—

     Love, huh? That troublesome thing. As a god, I gave my blessing to the two humans – a future abundant with love and prosperity until the day the two passed away together. A simple gift for letting me reminisce some old memories and for catching my attention.

     Entering the plane, I was greeted by the flight attendants. I sat in my designated area. A four-hour flight from Manila to Incheon will be a quick flight if I fly using my wings, or in a span of few seconds for me if I teleport using my powers. However, I can neither do both. I stopped flying generations ago ever since an incident from the past happened. As for the teleportation… I don’t want to waste a small portion of my powers on something like this. I’d rather use my abilities for important matters only. 

     While on air, I can see people stealing glances at me, and some are taking stolen pictures. I’m always mistaken as an idol or an actress because of my appearance. There was a time wherein I saw my stolen photos on Facebook and Twitter which gained the attention of the public. Of course, I erased the traces of it and removed the memory of those who had seen it. If I won’t, people will notice that I don’t age, and they will discover a 1300-year-old woman exists. The government and other scientists will come and try to catch me, and they will do everything to know my secrets.

     I decided to close my eyes. Because of the dreams, I barely had enough sleep. I can survive without sleeping; however, my dreams are the only way for me to see her again— 

     Again, I’m in my lair. Only sea creatures in the deep sea are all I can see, and some rocks and sand. They don’t bother me – and they don’t want to bother me. I’m feared by them. I’m huge and powerful. My home is in the deepest part of the entire water. Humans thought the deepest is thousands of meters or feet, but they were wrong. The deepest is far beyond those numbers, and beyond those numbers will be pandora’s box – humans wouldn’t be able to grasp what they will discover.

     The scene changed – I am now standing in

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