Mystery Arc: Prologue

Lost You Once, Lose You Again (LYOLYA)
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The thunder claps. Dancing bolts of flashing lights from the sky illuminate the city; temperature flunks; the angry sound of thunder shakes the ground; raindrops race down from heaven to earth. There was no storm, nor a weather phenomenon but sooner or later the city will be engulfed with flood if the rain won’t stop.

     So, what is the cause of the storm-like rain?

     An image of a girl flashes alongside the lightning. She is sleeping on her bed – grunting and sweating. She turns her head to the left, then to her right – in sync with the light of the bolt that passes through the window.

     She’s in her dream – too busy to be disturbed by the ranging rain—

     Why do I hear thundering sounds in broad daylight? Is there a storm coming? I hope there won’t be. I wonder if the goddess of rain is weeping again. If not, mayhap furious.

     I open my eyes, and I am surrounded by cold, eerie darkness. I’m in my dark cavern – sleeping a few seconds ago – with the creatures of the depths, alongside pure darkness and silence. That’s it, nothing else. There used to be light in here, but the light was swallowed whole. Now? It’s just a void. Who would enjoy themselves to be in this kind of domain? The silence is deafening, and the darkness is depressing. No one would dare set their domain in a place like this.

     Unless one was (is) given divine punishment or one is a guardian ordered by God himself.

     I am that god – a god that was ordered by the Almighty to rule this place.

     I lift my body upwards in an undulating manner. She is waiting for me. I must not keep her from waiting.

     Going out of my lair was something I had no interest in before. I want peace and silence and leaving my lair will only disrupt it. However, to be surrounded by eerie darkness for eons wasn’t entirely likable. Whenever I leave, I can see colours other than nothingness, I can hear the music of the whales and the dolphins – I can see the sun!

     I can see light.

     My head touched the surface of the water upon arriving at my destination. I see clear skies, a bright sun above me, and the sweet smell of spring in the air.

     The place where I am is a forbidden area. It is filled with eerie stories of the tongue that brings fear to those who dare reach this land. Since it is infamous for its background, no human would dare to step on these lands – a perfect area for my rendezvous.

     When my skin touched the ground, my body changed into a form of a human – my scales into clothes, my slithering body into hands and feet. Gods can take any form and shape. That way we can wander on earth in a form people won’t fear or suspect us. This is our way to blend in with humans.

     Upon reaching a kubo*, I saw a girl picking out bananas from a banana tree a few steps away from the hut – humming a familiar tune while picking out the ripe fruits.

     My lips couldn’t help but curve into a smile whenever I lay my eyes on her. Indeed, her beauty surpasses the loveliness of the evening stars—even the moons themselves. 

     I want to stay where I am standing just to admire her beauty, however, my yearning for her is far stronger. After all, it’s been so long since I last saw her.

     My footsteps must have disrupted her from fruit picking the moment she turned her head toward my direction. She immediately placed the basket on the ground before running towards me to give me a tight embrace. I hugged her back while lifting her.

     “Naua!” She exclaims, giggling.

     “One is glad to see thee after three suns’ time. It felt like an eternity without thee by one’s side.” I place her down on the ground and kiss her forehead, “Thy beloved is home.” 

     We strolled inside the forest while our hands are locked together. She’s not supposed to walk barefoot, let alone touch the ground, without escorts since she is the daughter of a Datu* – she is the princess of their tribe. It is part of the human tradition – the feet of maidens are sacred and shouldn’t be impure until they get married. However, her tribe is different from the others, hence, she is allowed to walk on her own two feet.

     We discovered new things as we continue to stroll deep into the forest. This area is close to the forbidden borderline, and if one of her tribe members sees her here, they will force her to stop coming, and I don’t want that to happen. Thus, we must be careful. 

     My beloved is considered a princess, yet she is free to do things as she wants. Not only she is an important figure in their tribe, but she is also a warrior – a woman capable of fighting. Maybe because of that, her father is letting her venture into the forest.

     I can only see her after three days and after that, I must go back to my domain, that’s why I treasure all the passing time with her. Everything, every moment (whether big or small), is important to us. I cannot stay long and be with her for more than a day since I am a godly being – and I don’t want her to be in danger. She is still human – she can get hurt and die.

     The sound of the thunder caught my attention again. I raise my head – only to see the clear blue sky and sensed the sweetness of spring. 

     She must have noticed the change in my expression – which alarmed her. I don’t want to ruin the time with her, so I only gave her a reassuring smile. My answer eased her at the end, and we proceed to amble through the forbidden area. 

     The area is only notorious because of its make-believe stories – stories of monsters, wandering souls, and man-eating demons. Other humans even say that there is a valuable cave filled with treasures; thus, the dark and eerie atmosphere protects it. In reality, this area has a different type of weather. A rainforest that never ceases to stay humid and moist – resulting in fog during spring and summer. One of the stories, however, states that it is a gateway to the lair of the sea dragon. They’re not wrong but not entirely correct as well. This land isn’t just a gateway, more like a waypoint for gods to hide their real identity as they change into human form whenever they come to visit their worshippers. 

     “Naua,” she calls. We both stop walking. She grabs both of my hands and her lips curve into a smile while looking directly into my eyes. “I love you.”

     Like glass, her image shattered into pieces after hearing her words. I turn my head around to find out what’s happening – but everything is black and quiet.  

     My heart began to thump rapidly, and fear is filling my veins. I am a god who doesn’t fear anything except for Bathala alone, but when it comes to her… fear will envelop me.

     What’s going on?

     Everything is pitch black and quiet. Unlike my domain, this one is different. I cannot sense any sign of life other than me – it is as if I am alone, and I fear that. I don’t know why I am alone, and I don’t know where my beloved is.

     I heard her voice shouting at a distance, “Naua!”

     I searched for the source even though there is nothing but void.

     Where are you?

     “Naua! Help!”

     Where? Where? Where are you?


     I turn my body to the right, and light flashed before my eyes like lightning – revealing a man holding a light. He was grinning maliciously and laughing – his laugh sounding like roaring thunder. Then another light flashed – this time I saw her under captive by the man (struggling to break free from his grasp), and the clear picture of the object he is holding: a torch.


     I ran towards them both (hoping to reach them) but the more I run, the distance between me and them got bigger, wider, farther. They’re getting farther and farther away.

     No… stop! Stop! Stop it!

     The man lowered the torch right above her head.

     Stop! Don’t do it! Please stop it! Don’t do it! Not her! Anyone but her!

     She is crying, scared even, yet she still smiled at me. “I love you, Naua.” She spoke before burning light surround her body. The colours of red, yellow, and orange flames burned her to ashes – not leaving a single detail in a matter of seconds.


     —Lighting strikes. “Kou!” The girl opens her eyes in unison. She huffs and gasps for breath – sweat forming on her forehead, while some drop down from her face despite the cold weather. She swallows a lump in and continues to pant.

     She sat on her bed – leaning her head against her left hand, while her right rubbed her nose bridge gently.

     “Kou…” she mumbles, eyes closed. She slides her fingers through her golden hair with a sigh.

     Another lighting struct – catching her attention. Water droplets hit her windows – allowing her to be aware of the situation outside her home. The drapes magically slide towards each other when her eyes avert on them. It was as if she used some sort of magic for an inanimate object to have the ability to move on its own.

     “No wonder I heard thunder and all those flashing lights. It’s raining… again.” She mumbles. “I hate waking up at dawn…”

     She stood up from her bed while stretching her slender body, and the cushions and sheets moved on their own as the girl walked out of her room.

     The moment she stepped out, her wide yet empty home greeted her – the silence and lack of human presence indicate that she is living alone. It doesn’t bother her – she is used to silence and loneliness.

     After her bath, the girl immediately prepared herself for another day of work. A white button-up, a black blazer, and black slacks came out of the closet and flew toward her. While she wore her garments, a few of her make-up tools applied colorants on her face and lips, while a comb and hairdryer fixed her gold hair. If a normal person encountered such a scene, they would think a group of ghosts helped the latter. Ghosts and spirits are real, but all those tools working were caused by the latter’s powers alone.

     When she finished, she proceeded to the dining area where kitchen tools and utensils settle her breakfast: two floating pans and spatulas placed a stir-fried rice omelet, two sausages, and an egg on a plate; and a flying coffee jug filled her mug.

     She turned the TV on – wanting to hear the news while she indulges herself with breakfast.

     “At ang news para sa panahon natin ngayon,” the reporter says. [And the news for our weather today,]

     The scene changes to where one can see the movement of weather and the weather reporter. “Magandang umaga mga kababayan! Mukhang magiging maulap at maulanin pa rin ang ating panahon sa susunod na mga ar

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