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It was a spur of moment but it will remain a memory forever!

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They filed for divorce and I'm--

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Song Joong Ki talks about his close friendship with EXO's D.O. + comments on BTS

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The effect of the song2 couple's wedding to my bestfriend

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The Battleship Island

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A Werewolf Boy

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The Battleship Island, a short review

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Please help, fellow fans of DotS!

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a yoo si jin/captain argus fic

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Song Joongki

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Oops Joong Ki dropped a hint (again)

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Running Man EP 342 - Of friends and signatures

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Just An Opinion

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Finding Time to Write Again

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I noticed something...

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Poster #04

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Descendants of the Sun (aka. the series I fell in love with even before I finished watching the first episode!)

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