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Well, I'm not really a fan when it comes to K-drama. I only watch very few popular K-dramas in my life, just say Boys Over Flowers, Full House, Descendants of the Sun. I never even watch My Love from the Star LOL. But right now what I'm going to write is not about K-drama, but about our Iconic Hallyu Couple, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo (even though they haven't announced their relationship, I'm quite sure that they are not just mere best friends/brother-sister/sunbae-hoobae relationship).


At first, I didn't even know who Song Joong Ki is (because I never watch Running Man as well LOL). But all of my friends were always talking about him and DOTS at the college. This is the first time I heard a non-stop talking about Korean drama since Boys Over Flowers back in 2009. And that made me really curious. What's so special about this drama? (and Song Joong Ki, of course). So I decided to watch DOTS. At that time when I decided to watch this drama, I didn't even know that Song Hye Kyo was the lead female (because all of my friends were only talking and talking and talking about how handsome SJK is). Well, I've known SHK since Full House (and as for me she is extremely beautiful, even me as a woman acknowledge her beauty), but that's all. I don't know about her personality, I don't know about her latest project, etc.


For short, when I watched DOTS, I knew I fell in love with either DOTS and SJK (I have even watched this drama for more than 10 times if I'm not mistaken). And I got enchanted by SJK and SHK's chemistry in DOTS. Since then, I became a shipper of Song Song Couple. Once I became a shipper, I didn't really expect that the two of them are THAT close. SHK even became the guest star for SJK's FM in Chengdu back in June 2016, they came together holding hands in BAA, they got caught having dinner together (with Yoo Ah In). At that time, I thought that it is quite common for co-stars. But when I know SHK's personality (based on reviews from Kyonatics), my perceptions about SJK and SHK being best friends have changed.


Based on some reviews, SHK would disappear for months once she finished her drama (to avoid rumours with her co-star). No one would know where she is. SHK never does any skinships with her co-stars, even in KDA 2004, she got no skinships with Rain. She is just as cold as ice (maybe that's why many people called her "queen of iceberg"). Once she got involved into a rumour, she will deny it ASAP. She never gives vogue answers in interviews. She would never show up with her co-star. She never shows up on any variety shows (I think that's why she never become a guest star in RM). Not to mention, having dinner together and becoming a guest star at her co-star's FM are big NO for SHK.


But with SJK, she's totally different. She came together with him at BAA (while holding hands as well). She became a guest star at SJK's FM in Chengdu. She was in San Fransisco while SJK was in Los Angeles (hmm, what kind of coincidence was that???) Both of them got caught holding hands as well in New York in February 2016 (Agencies confirmed that they were COINCIDENTLLY met, and I was like "What?? Coincidence?"). SJK secretly flew to Sweden when SHK was there for photoshoot (What? Another coincidence?) SHK held her first FM in 20 years, and SJK became her guest star (along with YAI). Even some rumour said that SJK was the initiator for her FM, and was the head comitte as well. SHK brought food truck when SJK was busy filming Battleship Island. They sent a food truck together to Park Bo Gum's filming site. Fans acoount said that the two of them having midnight dinner together. SHK was in Japan when SJK also had a filming there (too many coincidences, huh?). We all know they both use iPhone 6/6S Plus, with couple shell (SJK has black shell while SHK using white, what? another coincidence?) Even though they didn't come together at KDA 2016, but SHK came RIGHT AFTER SJK (Punch me if that was another coincidence). In January 2017, some people told that they were both seen in Tokyo, Japan. 


I mean, looking from SHK's personality, there's no way if SJK is nothing for her. And, what kind of brother/sister relationship when a guy flew to Sweden just to visit a woman for one day?? Even though she said in recent interview that she is like a noona for SJK, that might be true as well, since SHK is almost 4 years older than SJK, right? She even mentioned SJK by herself even though the interviewer didn't ask anything about SJK (Based from Kyonatics, she never did this before). She even said she wants to get married ASAP. Either her or UAA didn't give any confirmation or denial towards Shilla and Laneige's posts that mentioning her getting married. She even posted a picture on her Instagram that clearly shows her IWC watch, when everybody is talking about SJK never changes his watch (even some people joke that he is the BA for IWC LOL).


My opinion and perception might be biased since I'm one of many many shippers of Song Song Couple. But, who knows? 


So shippers, just wait and see the truth :):)

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