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Royalty + ChanBaek, possibly…?

By JinYouKnow posted
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lf: long term roleplay partners

By xlonelysoul posted
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A Must Read!

By AFFOfficialAhjumma posted
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[AD] Serendipity

By LayZfeeLit posted
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HELP! Unknown yunjae fanfic!

By hjonghyun posted
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Writing a new fic *UPDATE*

By AnnPark posted
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Recommend me some arranged marriage fics!

By MelodyYingLim posted
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I thought I should share this with you~

By KoreaLover25 posted
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Does 'Arranged Marriage' Tag is Everything?

By windspirit posted
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Their Magnetic Marriag

By creamcoloured- posted
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New Fanfic: My Little Bride [Luhan's]

By blossmeow posted
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The Imposter

By creationsofthemind posted
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For not updating.

By Hangook143 posted
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Any story recommends?

By Amsiyluy posted
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1000 Subscribers :') and poll...

By Ideal_Realist posted
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i'm obsessed...

By loveyouIII posted
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I need your help~!

By miyocca posted
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Kai fanfic :3

By i_love_me posted
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Arranged marriage fics--- it's near impossible to find a good one

By deadbodies posted
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Arranged Marriage Fics: Your Thoughts?

By ChaoticDarkAngel posted
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New Story! [featuring Taemin and Gongchan]

By sherinahime posted
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