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Would you rather marry your kpop bias but be in a polygyny, or marry someone average but be their only one?

  • Bias and share him in a polygyny
  • Average guy who is yours alone

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Hi there! I have written both one-shots and chaptered fics, both M-rated and general fics. If you like EXO or BTS, you've found an author worth discovering! I have received comments that I am creative, a cliff-hanger, and have well-articulated writing (boasting boasting). However, the worst thing about being my reader is that you must have patience. I am the slowest and busiest turtle on Earth and often go weeks without updating. If you can put up with me, please check out my stories!

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I'm pretty old and my soul is probably +5 years my biological age. Not very good at expressing myself to people who I don't feel close to. Will warm up to you pretty quickly if I sense you have a sweet soul. 

Happy to chat about... Bangtan ...these days!

Plagiarism of my writing is prohibited! All rights reserved ^.^