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Oh my Sehun!

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness —and call it love— true love.

Unknown Number

  " It's Here again"

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CharactersOh Sehun , Bae Suzy
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12 Wolves and The Beauty.

Main Character : SUZY BAE. "You're my star, the biggest star in the world Shining a light on my darkene

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CharactersSUZY BAE, EXO members
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He's Made For Me

Haejin, is an average girl. She has lots of friends, but she has one bestfriend that will always stick with her no matter what. She is not rich nor is she poor. She's loved one guy for almost three years and never has she gotten a chance to talk to him.  What if one day, fate brought them together?

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CharactersChunji Haejin (You) Suzy Bae Kang Jiyoung
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~* [한번만더 ... One More Time] *~

Suzy Bae, a 17 years old stubborn girl, insisted to find his biological father who she only knew from a photograph inside a diary which she accidentally discovered after her mother passed away. Armed with a passport, plane ticket, the rest of her savings, and her father's name, she courageously went to Korea and was determined to find her true self. Kwon Ji Yong / G-dragon, a 27

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CharactersG-Dragon,Suzy Bae, Im Yoona, ++
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Don't you dare.

Characters: Im Yoona  - She's one of the choosen students for college preparatory a special class of "Soul University", She's a goddess with her natural beauty but everybody calls her "ICE PRINCESS" because her cold attitude towards everyone. nobody dares to talk to her except for her new friend kwon yuri and suzy

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I'm the world's greatest GANGSTER.

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CharactersSuzy Bae + Kim Myungsoo
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Time can Tell

           They choose to seperate ways to follow their own dreams.  but still

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Characterssuzy bae kim myungsoo
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Classic Love

Title : Classic Love Main Cast : Ok Taecyeon, Bae Suzy, Jang Wooyoung Genre : AU, Romance, Hurt Length : Oneshoot Author : Emyuki Disclaimer : The casts belong to themselves, their parents and management. This fanfiction is based on Classic Reebok song, but the plot is mine. Happy reading...!!  

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CharactersOk Taecyeon, Bae Suzy, Jang Wooyoung
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Me Or Her (Tagalog-English)

  (credits to my chinggu 

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CharactersJessica Jung ♥ || Changmin Shim ♥ || Sooyoung Choi ♥ || Jaejoong Kim ♥ || Suzy Bae ♥
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Jekyll Love Hyde


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She Did Not Know

...Disney gave me hope...Fairytales gave me dreams...and Hollywood made me believe...   One day I, Suzy Bae...will find my Knight in Shining Prince, my one true Soulmate...   ...but in the meantime...I'm stuck on shift work with Kim Myung Soo - the most infuriating, disgusting and

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CharactersSuzy Bae, Kim Myung Soo (L), Min, Infinite, MissA
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My husband isn't ordinary.

Arranged marriage is normal.But what if the person you're marrying is out of the ordinary.You and Myungsoo been married for 2 years but you guys been sleeping in separate bed.You and your so called "husband" have a crazy relationship,in every fight there's always a comfort.But what if your beautiful,talented sister  sister came back from the US.Also,what if your sister have a special relationship with your husband? But how hard can it get when his best friend get included? But when you fina

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❁ flaws ❁ || a writing competition

People have flaws. And so do I. But to lessen the flaws we have, we work hard to conceal. We practiced, practiced and practiced. So do writing; our ways of writing may be good at the grammars, but less in the

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CharactersLee Hi , Bae Suzy
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When the last move is done, it’s all going to be over.

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Charactersll Suzy Bae & Kim Myungsoo ll
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You're Trouble

Ever since suzy was little she dreamed of marrying that young boy she met,the son of her father's best friend,she always imagined him to be this kind prince charming but facing the reality he turned to be the guy she hates the most .. what will she do ?

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Charactersmyungzy,suzy,myungsoo,infinite,other will join
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Howling Love

Werewolfs? Ha, they're just a myth.

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CharactersExo Suzy
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F4: Second Generation

  The second generation of F4 that was created 15 years later.... Characters: F4   Lee Hoya: F4 Leader  

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CharactersSistar(Bora&Dasom;) Miss A(Suzy), Infinite(Hoya&L), Super Junior(Donghae) & Cross Gene (Wonho)
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You ! I want You !

Hello, This is my another story. Since my english is not very good.. i hope all of you can understand my stories, <3     Suzy Bae

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CharactersSuzy Bae Song joongki Kim myungsoo Miss A Jiyeon
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THE NOTEBOOK: What is Not Written is Not Done.

A refined man meets and ordinary high school student in a mission so valuable he could not dare to fail. The task is easy: hand her over to his master. But the mission he was bestowed with, which he accepted with pride and honor, will be the key to a distant, well-hidden secret. Before he knew it, his life was turned upside down.

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CharactersSuzy and Ok Taecyeon
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Wait until you're old enough. Wait until its the right time.Wait until you understand everythi

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CharactersSuzy Myungsoo and Kai
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Yaahhhhhhhhh, I LIKE YOU!


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A Video With Love

Hey guys! I hope you love this short story of mine. Fighting!! Aja! Aja!

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CharactersSuzy bae, Myungsoo
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Would Someone Like You Love Me?

Character's:    Mia Chloe Smith  Real name (Victoria Perry)     Abigail Madision Johnson  

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CharactersSandara Park, Kim Ye Won, Suzy Bae, IU, G-dragon, Lee Minhyuk, L and Wooyoung.
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Young love. I cannot live without you.

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CharactersMyungsoo, Suzy, Sungyeol

I Love Suzy :)

Do you know Suzy Bae of Miss A? Well here is a FanFic story about a fan who falls inlove with her.

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CharactersSuzy Min Jia Fei MissA
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