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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?


In a world where demons and humans coexist, all was well as the demons wake when the humans slept and the humans wake when the demons slept. Despite the fear of demons the humans had, they knew the demons did not care for human flesh when t

Byshadowkitsune13 updated
CharactersB.A.P, Infinite, OCs (the rest TBA)
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Secret ~

Song Jieun was a noraml 17 year old teenager who had a loving family and a loving boyfriend, Jung Daehyun. Her life was normal in every way however that was until she met Luhan, a ghost. She doesn't know how and what happened but she's the only person Luhan can communicate with. Plus it doesn't help Luhan only knows his name that's all. But there is more to Luhan than him being just a ghost. Song Jieun unravels a series of secre

ByDonGhAe-LoVeR updated
CharactersSong Jieun, Luhan & Jung Daehyun
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One accident has turned into a story  of two 17 years old students,HyunA and Dongwoon. They hide something from everyone.... "I have new classmate... he's a nice guy, same as everyone else..

ByAniaLun updated
CharactersSon Dongwoon, Kim HyunA, Gikwang, all memebers of BEAST & 4minute
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Have you ever had a secret?........Something you’ve had to keep for a long time because you were scared of what other people might think or how they might react? A secret you can’t tell your best friend, and you’ve known them forever. There has always been that time where it almost slipped out of your mouth, but you were quick enough to catch yourself. You’re to the point where you start to shut people out of your life, there’s no one yo

Bysteph_jz updated
CharactersTaeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Others
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~My Perfect Princess~

Annyeong!!! Tina here!! This is my first fanfic so please don't expect to much! *WARNING!* The Foward is REALLY LONG! Cliques: Athletes:  -ID Color: Red  -Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading, Volleyball, and Track Student Council:

Bytinaloveskpop00 updated
CharactersDaehyun, You, B.A.P, Luhan, ExoK&M
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The Wallflower

Song Hara is a wallflower. She has fashion sense, but decides not to show it. She wears fake thick-framed glasses to hide her ulzzang looks, is the only daughter of Lee Soo Man, the CEO of SM Entertainment, and is the smartest student in Jellyfish Academy. She is from Califorina and speaks and writes in English, Korean, Chinese, Thai, French, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. Cha Hakyeon aka N is the leader of VIXX,

ByPuff_Michelle updated
CharactersHakyeon aka N, Song Hara, Secret, 4Minute, and EXO
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Hayoung fells in love with her childhood bestfriend, Junhong, who has never be in a relationship before. She never tell her feelings before, she just doesn't want if their friendship breaks because she likes Junhong. She thought she better hid it, but unfortunately, Junhong liked someone else, who known as a not-too-good person. To avoid him from falling to a wrong person, she thought she better say it straightly to him that she likes him. But what happened then? Will the condition turns out

Byramyunstealer updated
CharactersHayoung, Zelo, Jieun, + additional characters.
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Rapat Dalam Kejauhan

~kenangi yang lalu tapi hadapi yang baru dengan penuh kesyukuran~   Hujan lebat malam tu,kesejukan malam tu tetap terasa walaupun dah pasang alat pemanas kat dalam rumah. Di hadapan tingkap sliding door ruang tamu,terdapat seorang remaja lelaki sedang duduk di atas kerusi malas sambil memegang sekeping gambar.  Tenggelam dalam dunianya sendiri. Seorang lagi remaja tapi yang ini dia duduk diatas kerusi roda menghampiri remaja te

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Hyosung and Kikwang are in love but how far will her family go to keep them appart?  The two come from completely different worlds.  Please subscribe:)  I will upload chapters soon         .

Bymexicankpoplover updated
CharactersHyosung, Kikwang (Gikwang), Doojoon
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Im Fab than you KAYYY


ByAiyoungie updated
CharactersHyosung (SECRET) , JinYoung (B1A4) and other
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Aren't You......

Characters; Han Miyok/ Xiah Me Lie(you)  age: 16 nationtilty: Korean,Chinese Personatilty: Cryable; caring;Hugable; Smart(but act dumb); loves dying her hair; etc. known as: dumb blonde, kiddo(you look like a kid) etc.  friends with Lay,Chen,&Tao(kingkas)   Suho/Kim JoonMyeon (Kingka) age:1

CharactersHan Miyok Suho Luhan EXO Secret SHINee
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Fate - can we change it?

“Seeing someone’s fate isn’t something to be proud. Moreover, if we see fate of someone we love. One day, we want to run from that fate. But, we are not Gods. We are just ordinary people”   Casts: - Bang Yongguk (BAP) - Song Jieun (Secret) - Bang Yong Nam (Yongguk's Twin)  

Bycasty_byspirit updated
Charactersbangyongguk, song jieun
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Love Is All There Is

Sunhwa, a normal average girl meets her complete opposite Sehun a gangster who lives with his gang EXO  

Bybomkyeopta updated
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High School Horror

Yoon Bomi is a new student in Pink Crystal High. Although the name sounded cute enough, the school isn't what you would have expected it to be...

Byparkchohyun updated
CharactersApink, EXO, BTS, Girls' Day, Secret, Sistar
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Words and Meter

We all have our own paths as people, that is a universal fact. However, it is not an opportunity that will be offered to us on a silver platter. It is up to the person himself to find out what exactly it is, it maybe something that is completely out of your league or something

Byfluffyballoons updated
CharactersShim Changmin and Han Sunhwa
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Melody of Love

I like you and I want you..   And I will fight to make you mine..   Either it will end up to be  sweet  and fascinating, or either it will end up to be sour an

ByFeyFan updated
CharactersHyosung, Zinger, JiEun, Sunhwa
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supermassive black hole

Wolfau! where Jongin is a lone wolf after his pack brothers die and Hana and her pack decide to take him in.

Bycagedcircuslion updated
CharactersJung Hana (Zinger) and Kim Jongin (Kai)
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On Snowy Days

Kikwang, the guy who is full of smiles & always smile through the day. Kikwang isn't going to school right now because he doesn't have enough money to go to college, he is now 24 years old, old enough to get a job, so he is working right now. He works in a coffee shop called, "Ch

Byadurrrh94 updated
CharactersLee Kikwang and Jeon Hyosung
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Daehyun X Jieun [One Shots]

Jung Daehyun Song Ji Eun

ByDonGhAe-LoVeR updated
CharactersSong Jieun and Jung Daehyun
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10 Types of Drunk People

B.A.P and Secret go a bit crazy when celebrating B.A.P's 500th day since their debut.  

Bylol-i-dont-even updated
CharactersB.A.P, Secret, You
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Byjeonjungkookies updated
Charactersyou and everyone omgggg
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Your Majesty

Her name is Song Jieun; she's just your everyday female high school student that you would see in the halls. His name is Xi Luhan, an unordinary male high school student with an icy masquerade.   These two attend the famous Seoul Academy of the Arts where those from wealthy families with artistic inter

ByItonamiKanmi updated
CharactersSong Jieun, Xi Luhan, Song Seorin (OC), Secret, EXO, etc.
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sunshine on rainy days

on rainy days, he'd notice her.  a simple oneshot featuring Bang Yongguk and Song Jieun   

ByEksoow updated
CharactersBang Yongguk & Song Jieun
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"Jung Daehyun. The biggest jerk in the history of ever. He was rich, handsome, tall, well-built, smart and had ‘tolerable’ manners but was just too big for his freaking ego."   Kang Saemi. A strong-willed, independent-minded young girl. Pretty, outgoing, smart, friendly and nice but she develops a prejudice for one of the kingkas. Can two totally different people possibly bond together? Probably yes, because that's what

Bylast-sowon updated
CharactersKang Saemi (oc), Jung Daehyun, Lee Minhyuk, B.A.P. Secret, A Pink, Kikwang etc.
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