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Himlo (230 himlo fanfics)

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If life is so fair, why do roses have thorns?

Kristine(OC), is beautiful and popular. Everyone loves her but what happens when Eli Kim(U-kiss) doesn't? Kimberly(OC) a shadow behind her popular twin, Kristine. What happens when Kristine dumped Kiseop(U-kiss), a guy who Kimberly have a crush on ?

The Joys of Choi Jun Hong

By KirbylovesToto updated
Characters Choi Jun Hong (Zelo)||Bang Yong Guk||Kim Himchan||Jung Daehyun||Yoo Young Jae||Moon Jong Up
With 9 chapters, 12 votes, 272 subscribers, 3490 views, 25 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

If you have enjoyed torturing Jun Hong in The Pains of Choi Jun Hong   Now, enjoy of making him happy.   Her


By eatramyeon updated
Characters Choi Junhong, Himchan, steaks, appetite and taste buds
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 34 subscribers, 330 views, 11 comments
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

      Junhong had always loved Himchan's cooking.            

Airplane Lights *redux*

By JojoKim updated
With 1 chapters, 12 votes, 8 comments
Status Completed

Zelo talks in riddles but Himchan doesn’t speak his language.  

Everyone Loves Jello

By JelloChan updated
Characters Himchan, Zelo, Daehyun, Various B.A.P members
With 28 chapters, 10 votes, 122 subscribers, 7180 views, 58 comments
Status Completed

    Everyone loves the maknae right? That's usually how life in a Korean pop band went at least. There were the faces of the group, like Himchan himself, the leaders like Yong Guk, the main dancers like Jongup, then the maknaes, like Zelo. Everyone knew their names and faces well, more so the the other members even at times. This was the routine and usually not too many people hated the maknae, being the typically cutest youngest member he was

Whiter Shade Of Pale

By crestrisen updated
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 16 subscribers, 420 views, 3 comments

Chill trickles down his veins; teardrops turn into frosty ice.


By Chocolatewarrior updated
With 28 chapters, 1 votes, 41 subscribers, 2410 views, 36 comments

Zelo and Himchan, that's all I will say~

.Wrong Choices.

By LittleFreakcess updated
Characters Zelo, Bang Yongguk, Himchan, Jongup
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 45 subscribers, 1740 views, 15 comments

Attending school to study huh? Yeah. And dance and sing.   Maybe even finding love. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Castle High is the top elite school in South-Korea. It's flair and it's fame makes a lot of rich parents want their children to go there to study. Built far off the cities, the old castle transformed into private boarding school. The school accepts all types of students as lon


By -inked updated
Characters Himchan || Junhong (Zelo)
With 7 chapters, 6 comments

Himchan meets a boy who can't remember much of about his own life. A lanky young boy with faded pink hair, who goes by the name of Junhong.   “


By bangchans updated
Characters Choi Junhong, Kim Himchan
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 25 subscribers, 650 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

In which Himchan hyung might be a bit cooler than Junhong thinks. This is brotherly!himlo. So, no, not romance.


By Gazeru updated
Characters Himchan, Junhong, Yongguk
With 1 chapters, 13 votes, 27 subscribers, 1100 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

Kim Himchan could be a well composed man, Bang Yongguk was confident about that given that he had known him since their teenage years but when his friend screamed with the highest pitch he had ever heard from him over the phone, Yongguk knew that his day could never get better.  

BAP One Shots

By angel-zelo updated
Characters Himchan, Yongguk, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Zelo/Junhong
With 11 chapters, 6 votes, 22 subscribers, 1980 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

Each one shot will be marked as angst, fluff or pwp and the pairing will be marked at the top of the story. This is purely dedicated to BAP one shots with any pairings ((We also are writing other  groups' one shots here if you wanna check it out http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/740952 ))

Everyone love Zelo!

By ZeloRi updated
Characters Zelo daehyun youngjae jongup himchan yongguk
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 148 subscribers, 1080 views, 9 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Just a oneshot writing by me about b.a.p hyung fighting for baby Zelo. It will be short.

We're going to be Daddy Idol's? (On-Hold)

By japankoreachina updated
Characters B.A.P
With 14 chapters, 18 votes, 199 subscribers, 4950 views, 48 comments

In this day and age, it wasn't rare for men to get pregnant. Infact it was seen as a way out of many thing's in the world. But what happen's when the famous group B.A.P find out their Youngest member is pregnant? How will the fan's react? And who is the father of the un-born child? What happen's when the whole world want's to watch Zelo's every move? So a New program is made Just for this shining m

A Rush Of Blood To The Head

By eatramyeon updated
Characters Junhong, Himchan, Daehyun, all the rush
With 1 chapters, 3 votes, 5 comments
Status Completed

Junhong wanted to fix the past Himchan was living in. All he wanted was to mend themselves.

Killing and Dealing Are The Names Of The Game

By SimplyStrange updated
With 5 chapters, 12 votes, 31 subscribers, 22 comments
Status Completed

Himchan is an assassin and a really good one. He is known throughout the world, yet still no one knows what he looks like. He decides to finally go after a notorious drug lord when he is offered a huge sum of money. Thinking it would be good for both his cred and his wallet, he takes the job, much to his younger brother Youngjae's dislike. Has Himchan finally bitten off more than he can chew? Or will he be able to complete the job and gain an unexcepted reward?   Tumblr/aff re

The Best.Absolute.Pain

By ekushooter updated
Characters Himchan, Zelo, Jongup, Yongguk, Daehyun, Youngjae, Lee Hi
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 24 subscribers, 810 views, 16 comments

Himchan is in love with Junhong. Junhong is in love with Himchan? No, he's straight! Totally.

Coffee Shop

By TaehyunGyu61 updated
Characters Mainly will be Zelo,Himchan n Yongguk
With 1 chapters, 2 comments
Status Completed

Latte   Cappucinno   Mocca    Expresso  Americano   Guatemala   Macchiato   Mild Brand The reason why I can memorize some coffee names Is bec

Moments in the Life

By JojoKim updated
With 2 chapters, 15 votes, 14 comments

These are just drabbles that go along with A Day in the Life.  Instead of one big sequel I wanted to do a bunch of little day to day moments because there's so many cute things baby Jongup and his daddies can get into ^.^

I'm Zero

By kissandcheese updated
Characters Zelo, Bang Yongguk, Himchan, Youngjae, Daehyun, Jongup
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 4 comments

He just no longer wanted to be a zero.

Parent's Love

By hyunnieprincess updated
With 2 chapters, 16 votes, 17 comments
Status Completed

  A father may beat us for disobeying and a mother may love us way too much but they still have something in common. They love us no matter what.    

Strings [Rewritten ver.]

By XiDayah updated
Characters Choi Junhong, Daniel (OC), the B.A.P members. Cameo: BTS
With 2 chapters, 8 votes, 47 subscribers, 2500 views, 18 comments
Status Completed

They're all connected by the same string.

When strangers meet

By Gazeru updated
Characters Himchan and Junhong
With 1 chapters, 6 comments
Status Completed

“A person who is on a quest does not have to have a specific destination.” Junhong explained.  “Touché,” the man raised a brow. “And it is actually none of my business to know where you’re headed to. I am merely a stranger.” Silence fell between them. Soon after, a blue bus came to sight. Both Junhong and the man stood up at the same time and boarded the bus. “Mind if I sit next to you?”