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The Ghost Whisperer

Kwon Haneul has a gift. She can see the spirits of those who have died - both good and bad. When a newly deceased spirit approaches her, he only asks for one thing. To look after his little brother, Myungsoo.

Staying with EXO?! Are you kidding me?!

You were scrolling through sm's website,when something caught your eye. A trip to Korea,or well maybe,a short stay in Korea for 2 months! You were curious about it as you got into the contest and wrote essay about why should you be chosen! Haha,lucky you,you were the chosen one as you sqeauled the whole day in your room. But what happens if,sm forgotten to rent an apartment for you? And you were unknowingly brought to EXO's dorm to stay with them! What if,one of

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CharactersOC,EXO,other people you might know.
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I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

I Fell In Love With My Best Friend Kris YunHee(you) exo   Kris and I were best friends since  childhood. I loved him as a big brother. He was awesome because he can do many great tricks with the basketball and he's very smart.   We always played a lot at his or my house playing games. We were also bad kids because sometime we would go to people's house and knock the door and run home, or we would draw happy faces on their cement wit

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I love you, you you you.

A pure fiction inspired by WGM season 4, Kris awsomeness and I Love You,2NE1.   I change the theme from Kissing U,SNSD to I Love You,2NE1 because I think this song will suits them better. Plus, she aka You from coughYGcough.

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Perfect Crime

Isnt it a perfect crime? When he steals your heart and you steal his? Wu YiFan the popular kingka who has a crush on you. You the normal girl with alot of friends and has  crush on the kingka. Unexpectedly he ask you a question. Wanna know? Read to find out!!

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CharactersYou/Oc, Wu Yifan/Kris, Exom,
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You're a Rubix Cube - Luhan

You had a plan: All you wanted to do was continue to be invisible, study hard and graduate out of this God-forsaken school you were transferred to in China.  But of course It's difficult remaining invisible when the whole part of growing up involves...complications.... Luhan, the most popular boy in school with a cracked mask chooses you as his last targ

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CharactersLuhan You Exo Kris Tao Chanyeol
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Life As An Animator

She said achieving your dreams isn't easy, you have to climb many obstacles in order to get what you want..    

Bylisaa_23 updated
CharactersWu Yi Fan | Yoo Ga Heun(OC)
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I Just Want To Forget About You...

Why.. Why did you lead me on.. Why did you ignore me.. My heart.. It hurts.. Without knowing the truth.. I just want to know why... Why..           Hi reader, this is my first ever one shot story so please forgive me if it isn't great.. ><

Bylisaa_23 updated
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EXO PROJECT: Saving Kris

    EXO has another plan about Kris' condition. They decided to brought Kris all the way to New York with Chen's cousin, Son Nara (You). So, right after their showcase at Korea Kris flew to New York. Well, for they who don't know they'll think Kris is missing. But, what will happend with you and Kris?

ByDoMinho updated
CharactersKris, Son Nara(OC), EXO, and other characters
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Shoulder to Cry On

You knock on the door to the hotel room, praying that this was the right place.  Every other member agreed that this was where he was staying for now.  They told you that he wanted to be alone while all this was going on, but there was no way you were just sitting still. Once you heard the news, you were on the first flight to China to be there for him.  You didn’t know what you were going to do exactly, but you know you had to be there.  If he didn’t want to talk, at least you could

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CharactersKris and You
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Winter Coffee

  "Sometimes, the person we hate before is the person that we love the most in the future."     Choi Ha Na, a cashier at Coco Blanc Cafe, Seoul, South Korea.

Bykimjong-dae updated
CharactersKris Wu , OC / Choi Ha Na , and extras.
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Strangers, again.

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CharactersKris, Jihee, EXO, Changmin, Tania, Taeyong
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5 more minutes

Kris fluffy scenarios for all of you :) It's a little bit cliche, I know I know. but, I hope all of you will enjoy reading this one. Happy reading! :D   by the way, I'm so sorry for making so many grammatical errors T^T *cries a river*

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Characterskris, you
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A Beauty and A Beast (Hiatus- Writers Block)

She's a beauty and he's a beast. She's kind and he's cold. What happens when these two very different people collide? Will they be able to get along? Will they be able to become friends? Or will they become something much more?

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CharactersJung Rose, Kris/ Wu Yifan, Xiumin, Luhan, Sehun, Siwon, EXO, etc.
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Our Soul

    His pale face with sharp bones which are clearly visible. His red lips, blood red lips, which are perfectly curved. His hair. Brown and shiny, falling like the rainbow on a sunny day. His black eyes which normally would scare the hell out of me, have someth

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CharactersYou, Kris
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Cruel Little Witch

    WU YI FAN          Money, Beauty, everything that describe the classic fairy tale´s prince and of course he has to have a palace, Dubets University in this case. But be the most popular between so many VIP cause him a “king syndrome” t

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CharactersKris and You EXO and some other characters maybe some OCs

Oops! Sorry, I’m a girl

I should've never accepted this mission! If it's not for the 50% money I'll get when the mission is complete I would never do this!! If it was spying about Mafia traveling across countries to sell illegal drugs I wouldn't whine a bit

Byilovekpop9339 updated
CharactersWu Yi Fan( Kris ) ,Seo Eun ji( You), Seo Eun jo, EXO
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East meets South

Characters Ari (You) Spunky, balanced, street smart college graduate who is in Korea for research Kris Wu Hot, responsible Chinese Canadian kpop idol with unbeilievable mood swings ranging from adorably sweet

Byscribbler0621 updated
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Sleepy Time

We were supposed to be up studying his script for the upcoming movie, but our bodies have other thoughts.

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Characterswu yi fan and OC (Gabby)
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Don't Be To Far

Being a tour guide for sometime for a friend from your friend. Total stranger. The same age as you but the height is so much different from you. You're Korean and he is Chinese, thank God he can speak Korean and English really well.  Character Wu Yi Fan a.k.a Kris

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CharactersKris Suho OC
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I Love You till My Last Breath

"I hate boys since I'm breakup with my ex - boyfriend..People may thinks I'm immature, but this is my life.." " Why she becomes cuter and cuter these days? I'm falling in love! " Park Soo Jung (you) always updates diary wh

ByTPanda updated
CharactersYou and Kris (Wu Yi Fan)
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These Roses Are for You

You and Kris finally go on your long awaited date night while some friends babysit Minwoo.  Three- shot

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CharactersJu Liang (you) Kris Wu Minwoo(oc child) exo members
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Always You

  Hi! I'm Martina Zhang or Zhang Mei- zhen in Chinese. Yup that's right i'm the sister of Zhang Yi Xing or Lay. So this is the story of how I got into this tangled relationship with these two young men, namely, Kris Wu and Kim Joon Myun or Suho. Have you ever been in a situation where in your life is controlled by your parents? My life has been like that, and because I am an obedient daughter, I follow them. But they've already crossed the line, my whole life since I w

Bymyungdae103 updated
CharactersYou/ Martina Zhang, Wu Fan (Kris), Kim Joon Myun (Suho), Zhang Yi Xing (Lay), and the rest of EXO
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