Chappiesoo 4

Puppy Soo!
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“Eomma, when will appa be back?” She asked and sat next to her mother at the living room with Soo in her arms. 

“Appa will be back next two weeks.” She smiled while reaching for Soo. Soo gladly went to her arms and snuggled closer to her. Mother loves me!—wait. Who didn’t, Kyungsoo? You’re a puppy! Duhh.

Her dad went overseas for a business. And he rarely went home because of so much works but he tried to be the best dad for her, and she glad for that. He always spent time with her in any free minutes he have. Hyejung knows her father and sometimes she felt disappointed but then she knew her father did this for his family. He went home looking exhausted as always and that worried mom and herself. 

“Will appa just stay here and not go again?” She asked before sighing. 

“I’m not sure, dear. But, I hope he will.” She smiled encouragingly at her daughter. While Soo was just hearing the conversation between the mother and the daughter. My Hyejung is sad. Soo was trying hard not to just transform into Kyungsoo and comfort both of them. Seeing this, broke his heart. But, he can’t do anything since he was just a… puppy. 

“Soo, come play with me!” Hyejung tried to brighten the mood and Soo gladly oblige, wanting his love to smile always. Hyejung ran upstairs and Soo came running behind her leaving her mother chuckling at both of them. 

As she arrived at her bedroom she flung herself on the bed followed by Soo jumping on her stomach. Giggling, Hyejung sat up and put Soo down on her bed. “Hm, what can you do, Soo?” Her eyes went up, thinking of something. 

Soo barked, I can do anything.

Hyejung then showed her palm towards him and said, “Hand?”

He scoffed in his head, that’s easy. He said matter of factly and put his dog hand on her palm. “Wahh! Your hand is so adorable!” She squealed ruffling his fur. “And now…” She think of something and suddenly she made a “Bang!” sound and her hand as a gun. Soo was not aware of it and startled and jumped a bit. Yo, girl. You shocked me. 

“Yah, Soo. You should rolling and pretend to be dead.” She pouted. 

I’m not doing it. I have freaking same age with you! He said, ignoring the girl next ‘Bang!’

“Yah! You should do it.” She scolded him. “Make me laugh.” She suddenly frowned and that make Soo panicked as he bark asking her to do it again. When he think of it, he’s a puppy. It’s not childish to play this kind of thing, right? Why not when his owner –his love—wanted it. In fact, dog always make their owner happy. 

“Bang!” She tried again and this time Soo rolled over and pretended to be dead. She laughed while clapping her hands as she try it again. 

When she knows I’m a fully grown guy, this would be very embarrassing. He cursed himself in his head and pretended to be dead again when Hyejung shot him with her imaginary gun continuously. But, at least he made her smile again. Yeah, just smile, Hyejung-ah.

Few minutes passed, they were both lying on the bed, exhausted. Soo with his head on her back while Hyejung lying on her stomach because of laughing too much. No one dare to move as they just drifted with that position. 


It was Saturday and it means outing with the girls. So she called Sunmi and her other friends at different schools. She really needs new clothes this time since it was a long time she didn’t buy any pretty clothes and she needs her girl friends to accompany her. She’s not being a brat here with all branded clothes and scared of going alone. I mean, she haven’t went out with her other girl friends except for Sunmi and that was also rarely. Let the girl have they girls time!

“Haru, let’s shopping today!” She called her friends who studied at Kirin Arts through phone. 

“Set!” Haru answered through the other line. 

“And please inform Lotus and Hurangi too! Tell Lotus, I’ll treat her today. So, don’t worry.” She said, and Lotus and Hurangi studied at the same school as Haru. Lotus real name is Meeyon but her friends called her Lotus sometimes because her name in English is a lotus flower and also her personality is just like a lotus flower—even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the lotus struggles to make it’s way through the mud and to bloom. Despite her poor family, she still manage to be strong. While Hurangi resembles a tiger like her friends said. She’s fierce but also have a soft side inside.

She hung up and dialed her other friends from Shinhwa High School and lastly her classmate, Sunmi. Having a thought of how Hyejung have so many friends at different schools? Simple, she’s friendly and people are easy to approach her. 

And now, they were standing in front of the entrance of the biggest shopping mall in Seoul. They felt overwhelmed at the smell of delicious food and pretty clothes calling them. 

“Kaja!” Hyejung shouted as she running in the mall like a kid with her friends following behind. 

“Let’s go eat first!” Haru said earning an annoy looked from her friends because they know Haru with her for food. Surprisingly, she still look thin and petite.   

“No! Do you want to go to toilet when we’re still shopping? That will totally ruin the mood!”  Ara who was known as Hurangi scolded her. 

“But, I’m hungry!” She whined. 

“No and it’s final! We’ll go after we finish shopping.” She said sternly, as expected she’s the tiger here. Her other friends just ignore Haru’s whining and one by one left her. “Yah, wait for me!” She shouted as she followed them behind with a heavy heart. “I want food.” She mumbled. 

Hyejung ran beside Meeyon who was just silent since the arrived. She nudged the girl lightly at her side and the girl gasp in shock. “Hey, something wrong? You are so quite.” Hyejung said as she slung her arms around her shoulder. Meeyon shook her head and smiled. 

“Lotus, let’s just enj

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This is really nice! I'm enjoying how the characters interact with each other :)
Chapter 4: I love this!

And for your views to get higher, you need to change your tags, instead of fluffy, you should add fluff instead and make sure to add romance too since its one of the most popular right now. Make sure your tag box is full too. And lastly, update a new chapter :) it will feature in the latest in your chosen tags and people will see it and get interested.

This is so cute too! I love the plot <3